Week 2 of Half Marathon Training

Good Evening all my lovely friends and family.

I am so bad that I have been posting this so late, but geez work has been so busy and by the time I sit down the last thing I am doing is my computer, but I wanted to update how week 2 in my half marathon training went.

It went sooo well. And the main reason was because I had a nice and calm week at work. Things Remembered gave us 3 days off last week and it was glorious. It seriously was exactly what I needed. Just having one extra day goes such a long way. I kicked off the week enjoying two rest days in a row.

I spent my Sunday, just kicking back and relaxing. I literally spent the day being lazy and cozy. Monday I used as a rest day because I worked and then really wanted to go and see the new Hunger Games movie, which was fantastic. I recommend seeing a movie on a Monday night. Just push all responsibilty aside and just go with the night. I went to Panera before hand and got popcorn and had an awesome night. James stayed home and I just went by myself.

Tuesday was my second day off, so I took my run downtown in hopes of seeing all the Christmas light, which weren't up yet but I had a fantastic run. Seriously my favorite place to run always. The water looked gorgeous and it was windy and just great. My body felt awesome, I had a Spark before and it made a world of difference. It was just one of those runs I had a runners high well after. I got  my long run in that day, which was 4 miles.

Wednesday called for a cross train which I did on the bike and got my 30 minutes and then some in.

Thursday was Thanksgiving and it was the Turkey Trot!! I had a blast that morning seeing my friend Nancy and my boss Jen and her family. I even dressed up and got into the spirit. So proud of how it came out because I made it myself.

Friday, I used as my rest day because it was so busy at work and  wanted to just to come home and unwind. Black Friday isn't too crazy at my store but it is busier than what we are used too.

Saturday morning I had planned to get my 3rd run in for the week in the morning. But because on Friday we were so busy I literally had no time to drink water and felt it the next morning being dehydrated and needed water to settle my headache. So I had to AGAIN run when I got home from work. This time I was not going to go on the tredmil, so I sucked it up and hit the dark. It was not bad at all though. Running at 8 at night is tough for sure, but I got it done and celebrated with some wine and chicken.

Week 2 was great success!

I am half way through week 3 and I do like the idea of having 3 rest days, just with work it works really nicely. It makes my legs stronger.

Hope everyone is having a great week also!!


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