Running Races Is Much More Than The Bling

Okay there is no greater feeling for me, than this moment. The moment you cross that finish line and they hand you your medal. The feeling you get is something, sometimes I can not put into words. You have this rush of emotion, joy, sadness, happiness, pain, relief. I swear it comes in stages and mainly all at once. It is something very special. And you look at that medal and it makes it all worth it. Because YOU EARNED that medal. You did the work, you put in the fire and ice, you made it across that finish line.

But sometimes the race isn't about the medal for me. Yes, I love the BLING. I love collecting the bling and each one of mine tell a different story.

I don't know where this is from but I love it!!!!

I can tell you about every single one of my medals and how I felt that day, who I ran it with. What made that race so much more special than the last, etc.

But it is the miles and moments that lead up to the medals that make it so much more for me. The race its self is special and that is why I love running races. I love finish lines and the atmosphere and the bling but it s the unity and the emotion and the runners that make me want to keep signing up more and more.

When you are covering some longer miles you tend to focus on things that make you get through the miles. I focus on my music, taking in the surroundings,  I think about work and life and my friends. But I also focus on those running beside me. I look at how they are feeling. I look at how hard they are trying and how determined and focused they are.

I look at how proud they look that they are out there getting this done, no matter what. The happiness on their face when they see a water station, or the last mile mark. The speed that comes over them when that finish line is insight. I love watching them look at whoever they are running next too and smiling that they are doing this together.

I love when there are turn around points in races and  you can see the ones leading the pack. They have a look all their own for sure. I love when family members are off to the side and you can see them cheering on the loved ones. I love looking around at races and seeing so many walks of life. Young people and older people, those running the whole race, those running and walking with Galloway, those just power walking the whole thing.

In the Gasparilla race, there was a man, power walking the whole thing in my pace group. He had to be in his 80's, didn't look like he was breaking a sweat, but he was giving it everything he had. It gave me chills. I have been seeing a lot of older generations out there running now and it just gives me such hope that I will be one of them one day. Still in my 80's out running races, not for the accomplishment but because I can still do it.

I love seeing  those who are working towards a fitness goal and not letting their weight or disability get them down. It is amazing to see and seriously brings tears to my face. I hope when people pass me or see me in a race, I hope they can see how much I truly love it. Not because of the end, but because of what goes on in these miles when we are all together as one big running group.

So the next time you are at a race, running the race, think about those around you. Look at all the runners and take it all in. Believe me it will make that finish line and medal feel and look so much more sweeter!!


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