Iron Girl 2016 Recap

Good Morning!!!

I have been up super early this morning wanting to get some stuff done on my day off and of course my computer decided to take its sweet time, so I am finally now sitting down with my second cup of coffee in hand to get this going.

Well and I might have been on Etsy ordering some new stuff for my planner haha. It is an obsession!! Thankful for the shops that offer discounts also.

Okay, so on Sunday I ran the Iron Girl Half Marathon. My 3rd IG Half and my 5th race with them, I ran the 5k twice. AND my 9th overall Half Marathon.

I was pretty pumped and ready to go for this run. I wasn't nervous or anxious at all, which before races I tend to be. I spent the day before getting my packet pick up with Nanci and Corinna. We checked out the Pierce Street Market and had a nice afternoon, the weather was perfect, which was promising for the next morning.

I spent the rest of the day, just relaxing. I went to the pool for an hour and then got in my sweats and made it a couch  night. James ordered me pasta from CD Romas, which was always my go to place for my Carb night dinner. It was DELICIOUS. I always have spaghetti and meatballs and a breadstick with a small side salad, and I had two fried mozzerella sticks. It is my cheat meal and I have no regrets, knowing I will be burning that bad boy off soon!

My tummy was full and I was exhausted. I got up super early Saturday morning, hoping it would help me sleep later on. The day before a race, I always have a hard time getting sleep. Not this time, I went to bed at 9, hello fun and exciting Saturday  night.

My alarm went off at 4:30 and I was ready to go. I made my cup of coffee, which is new for me to do before a race, but it has surprisingly helped a ton. I had a banana bread English Muffin with peanut butter and a banana on top.

I taped my knee and left calve in KT Tape and sprayed StopPain on it. Which that combination with some Pain Reliever did the trick, I swear. I headed over to Clearwater and  was running a bit  behind, trying to find a place to park. I brought some Spark with me and drank it as I walked to the starting line. I, of course had to pee right away and well other things were moving through, if you get my drift. Which I was super happy about, yes pooping makes me happy the morning of the race, especially since my stomach was being a little off.

I made it to the starting line and entered in the back. I wasn't looking for a pace group or anything. I was going into this race with just the mindset of having a blast. And honestly I did!!!

How could you not have a good race, when you have views like this!!!

I had a nice pace throughout the whole 13.1 miles. I did walk the bridges a bit more, just because I wanted to conserve my energy to finish strong. I had no shame whats so ever. Those bridges suck and ladies around me felt the same way BUT despite we were all getting over those things and making it to the other side. The weather was unreal and beyond perfect. My body felt great the whole time.

There were some aches and pains just me getting used to it again, but I didn't feel discouraged or beaten like I did two months prior at Best Damn Race. I had a bit of a runners high at mile 9 and I knew I would make it strong to the end. I used Cliff Blocks through out the whole race and they made a difference. I usually took them every 3 miles and at water stations, where I drank water at every one and Gatorade.

I took pictures throughout the race and just had a fun time. I was really enjoying myself and not treating it like a race but just a long run and that mindset made a world of a difference.

And I was an Iron Girl Again!! The medal was awesome year, so detailed and the charm on the bottom you can wear as a necklace. I finished under 3 hours, like I secreatly hoped and did 6 minutes better than Best Damn Race!! While it was not a PR in any means for me, I started and completed and felt so great again.

Bonefish, Carrabbas and Outback were all there at the finish line for food. While it looked amazing, I could only do one bite of each. Not my kind of food post race, at 9 in the morning. I wanted a bagel sandwich from DD and a Big Iced Coffee and that is what I went and got.

I had to take a picture of my polka dot pants when I got home lol. They were so comfy and 100% me type of pants!!

2016 Iron Girl was a great success. I loved being an ambassador this year and be apart of such a great message and race event. I can't wait to run this race again next year.

While I know I have some work to do, to continue to get back to where I was, I am not striving for progress not perfection. I have ran 2 half marathons, 1 15k, a 5k beach race, 2 virtual 5k's and a 4 mile race on a golf course. I would say 2016 is turning out to be very successful so far!!!

Here is to continuing to making it great!!!


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