March Goals

Lets march right into this month....

hehe see what I did there!!!

Holy crap it is March already, I mean seriously I felt like I blinked it and was January 1. Anyway a new month with new goals and new excitements.

The one nice thing this month is I am keeping everything from last month. I am continuing to track my food through My Fitness Pal and my work outs. My FitBit game has been amping up a lot more lately with the help of my mini doggie day care I provide. We love to go on walks and adventures.

I use my Endomono, a running app to track my running and track my mileage. My goal this month is to do at least 3 runs per week. This week has been a bit tough because I didn't start off the beginning of the week with a run, I did yoga and a 3 mile walk with the pup. And I only ran yesterday, 4 miles and then a 2.5 mile walk with the pup. The 4 miles hurt yesterday a lot. I am having some serious knee pain, not sure where it has come from. It started last Friday when I did the 6 miles.

And I have been foam rolling, icing and resting the best I can. Injury messes with your brain so much, it is unfair. It makes me feel less than a runner, when I know damn well I am not that. So my goal is to do a high week of miles and then the next week, a smaller week of miles.

I do have a race this weekend, Race For the Cupcake. It is a morning race on the beach. I LOVE it. I never do beach running, because I honestly forget it is something to do. I know Florida problems when the beach is right around the corner from your house and you never go. It is a 5k race and at the end you get a pretty awesome medal and a cupcake, hello like best race ever!!! It was a cooler morning last year and a month earlier, so I am hoping to have the same results. I never go into these races expecting to have a PR, I just want to finish and earn that bling and be surrounded by the same amazing people, who have the same interests.

March is also going to be the month I work on my arms and upper body. My arms have been really bothering me lately with the extra skin and I need to do better with those, so in my gym routine, I am amping that up a lot more than I have in the past. Starting off small and simple and taking it from there.

March I am also planning on doing more for me. Not things that cost money, like shopping or anything to that nature, but taking time for me to enjoy time with friends, if I want to enjoy some wine or beer and not worry about calories, then I am going to do so. Also time to read more. I have been seriously slacking on that a lot lately. I just couldn't get into the groove of it. Now I am ready to read a book a week.

Plus taking time to sit out by the pool, get back to loving the Florida weather and just relax. I do not do that enough. I need to just take time to go off the grid for a bit.

And probably the most exciting thing about this month is I am going home for vacation!!!  A full week home in New York. March 13-19, spending time with my family, especially my Poppy. It is my favorite month, for that alone.

Hoping to make some more progress this month too with my weight loss. Even though that dang scale is the devil. I am seeing some difference in my legs, in my mid section and in my eating habits. I am not constantly hungry all the time. That is a nice change of pace for sure.

What are some goals you are planning for March??


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