Perfectly Imperfect

Hey Friends!

So yesterday I had kind of realization, I am not perfect!

Wow shocker right!!!

Duh no one is perfect. Believe me, NO MATTER what Instagram shows, no one is perfect. Despite how many awesome fitness food and work out posts are out there, NO ONE IS PERFECT.

Heck I am lucky to have my shit together 50% of the day. Umm lets limit that 25% of the day and that is being generous to myself. Gotta pat my back sometime.

And you know what that is okay.

 I am imperfect. I make mistakes. I fall down a lot. I pick myself up and I continue on. Sometimes I make bad choices and sometimes I make really great one. Sometimes I sneak a piece of garlic bread and then have carrots as a snack. Sometimes I order the margarita, with the salt and I lick the whole rim of the glass and then wave the bartender down and order another.

Sometimes I lay on the work out mat and just lay there for a good 5 minutes, with no motivation to continue on with my work out and walk out of the gym. Yup that happened on Saturday. I did a lot work out on the bike and went to do a plank and just laid there. I had no motivation to continue, I was distracted and let emotions take over me.

I didn't give up because at least I was there. But I did call it early.

I am being honest and real with that one.

And that is okay.

I also binged watched the new Orange Is The New Black in 2.5 days. I let a sinus infection/migraine take over my life and leave me feeling funky and blue. I took rest to a whole other level and just did that all weekend.

Then last night when I got home from work, I put on my running shoes and banged out a mile and did the ABS I didn't do the night before. And killed my work out.

I am not perfect. I am far from it. I make a plan most weeks and really try to stick to it.


But I try every day to be better. I try every day to pick myself up. I continue on even if I have a bad day or a bad meal or didn't get my work out or run.

I understand and recognize when I am not perfect. I recognize and work hard to change it and be better.

In point I am Perfectly Imperfect....

& I love that about me.


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