I Am Still Here

Holy Moly has it been awhile since I have actually sat down and wrote something. Life has been a roller coaster ride of a little bit of everything. Seriously all kinds of stuff going on.

The last time I wrote was back in June.

Life has been great actually.

I have joined a gym with Planet Fitness and absolutely love it. I try to get there 2-3 days a week and then run or do a walk or something the other 2-3 days. I try to take 2-3 rest days, depending what I have going on that week.

Work has been okay. My DM and mentor Jen, left the company and it was really sad for me. She has molded me into the SM and person I am today and it was really sad to see her leave our enviorment BUT she is and went on to bigger and amazing things. I am so happy and proud of her.

Social life has been amazing too. I have made some new friends at work and really found a great group of people in my life with James's friends and friends I have made. I have been living in FL for 8 years now and FINALLY have a close knit family of friends.

My best friend Erica, took me to see Sam Hunt on my birthday and it was amazing. Seriously the best concert. He really only has like one full CD, but he rocked the heck out of it and threw in some other awesome hits and it was truly a great concert. As was Dierks Bentley the month prior.

I turned 32 and I have to say 32 has been great so far. I mean really great!! Getting older really isn't all that bad and I am feeling better than ever!!!

Okay so let me get back to blogging...for some reason blogging has taken a back seat for me. A lot has been taken a back seat, such as curling up with a book and relaxing. BUT I need to get back to it.

I promise I will get back to it. I need to get back to it. I miss sitting down and just explaining my life and what I have going on with running, life and food.

So I am not done with my little blog just yet, just taking a little break for a few weeks to make sure I can make this better than ever!!!

Thank you for continuing to follow along and reading!!!


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