Welcome Back from the Last 3 Years!

Well Hello!!! 

Wow it has been a really long time since I have logged into my Blog.

Remember when I used to write about food and running and the little extras of my life that I refer to as Sparkle...

Yeah...it has been awhile.

And the only thing I can say, is LIFE got in the way, boy oh boy did it ever. Sitting down and doing my blog and posts and all the joy and fun I got from it, had to sit on the very back burner. Heck it wasn't even on the stove.

But back in January I was at Rise Ft. Myers with Rachel Hollis and the idea to getting back to posting on my blog has come back in my life. I really missed writing and explaining my life and doing fun things, but Gosh Instagram and Instagram Stories, made it much more easier, so that is where I have been following along with my life and what I have going on.

My blog, this blog, was all about me expressing who I am and what I love and I am sad I got away from that. So many times, I thought I should just sit down and just right a post and I just didn't, no other explanation other than I just didn't.

And I want too. I am not sure how many posts I will do, or when I will post or what, but I am going to go back to this often that is for sure.

So the last 3 years from my last post, well actually 2 years, since it was New Year's Eve.

 Run portion of my life...

Running took a nice back seat a lot for a bit AND then I got back in the groove. I started signing up for my races, 5k's and fun runs and I started planning runs on my day off and bringing some friends along with me to do them. It feels amazing to get back to the roads and wait for it... I am getting better and Faster!!!! A couple of weeks ago, I ran a 5k, the whole time on the beach, without Stopping!! As you may remember, I follow Jeff Galloways, run-walk-run, which translates into Running for so many minutes, walk a minute then run those minutes again. Over and Over.

I highly recommend this practice of running, it not only eliminates injury BUT it helps build your endurance and stamina and without that process there was no way I would stick with being a runner for the last 8 years. Anyway, running has still been a part of my life, as we know it is my therapy, it is who I stay close to the memory of my Dad and it just makes me feel like a Badass every time I cross that finish line, so I am sticking to it.

I have even signed up for a Half Marathon in October, it will be my 11th. And I have set a goal, which if accomplished will be a Personal Best for me. I am shooting for a 2:15 Half Marathon, my best was 2:25, so I am pushing it even harder and really want to smash some goals. I will start a training plan for this around June or July, hello Summer running again.

Under the run portion I have to bring up the fact that I have joined OrangeTheory Fitness. One thing to start with is I tried a Gym, I tried Planet Fitness, but every time I went, I was scared because I honestly had NO IDEA what I was doing. I always went to the treadmill, where I would walk, not run, because I thought I could never run on a treadmill, I was a pavement runner, so the treadmill seemed below me, yes those were actually thoughts of mine, silly I know.

So last year year, a friend and I went to a Health and Fitness Expo, and OTF had a booth. I had recently made a list of activities I wanted to try, classes I wanted to take and experience and they were on my list, because a lot of my online people I followed were posting their workout experiences and seemed to love it. So I put my name in the hat thing and signed up for a free class. AND I BOOKED THE CLASS. Ya'll that was a huge step for me.

I knew very very little about OTF, I mean I think I understood the concept, but when I walked in, I had no dang clue. I took the first class, I almost died, I mean I didn't but I totally threw up. It was intense and I was sore and I was out of my comfort zone, which as we know that is where Growth Truly happens....so I was hooked.

I signed up for a membership and it was is expensive BUT it is an investment on my life and I needed that more than ever. And since that free class I have been obsessed, I got 3-4 times a week, which works very well with my schedule, the staff and the coaches are what makes it even more special. The workouts challenge me and inspire me at the same time. Every class is different and everyone in the class is different. I am not scared anymore of group fitness, I actually LOVE IT. I embrace it and want more of it. I am so grateful I signed up for that free class, because I can't imagine my life now without it. I am pushed so much with each class and my body is changing in so many ways.

My waist is smaller, my face is thinner, my arms are getting stronger and my legs are getting toner. All the things I wanted to do before, I am able to accomplish now and my energy, my happiness and sleeping is even better.

Chew Portion of my life....

Drum Roll... I am down 37 pounds from the last year and went down 3 pant size and a shirt size and I rejoined WW!!! Remember when I was so successful with WW way back when, I had lost 80 pounds and I was the lowest weight I had ever been. And then I ran a marathon and everything changed and I was sick of tracking and sick of WW and just burnt out, so I let it go and tried something new. I tried Flexable Dieting and Macros and just tracking my calories, and I weighed myself at home and lied about it every day to myself. I was gaining it all back!

And I gained 70 pounds back. Yup, it all came back in the corse of 5 years basically. I was lying to myself every day saying I was fine and it was okay. Last year I knew I needed to make a change and WW works for me and it has been so successful. Sure I am not losing weight the same way I did years ago and it isn't coming off as quickly BUT that is okay because thats not what matters. What matter is changing my habits and being a better version of myself. I love my workshops and my Leader and I love how it has gotten me back into a structure and routine.

Sparkle Part of my life....

Things are so good. Well currently not great, since we are on a Social Distancing and CoronaVirus Lockdown basically but life is great. James and I are stronger than ever. He quit drinking 14 months ago and it has changed his whole life and mine at that.  I am so dang proud of him. We went through a really bad patch a few years ago, but I am so glad we came out stronger and better on the other side. He is my best friend and the only person I want to go through this life with.

Work at Bath and Body Works has been awesome. Challenging, fun, amazing, growth, all the things in one. I have learned so much about business in the last two years with them, then I did with TR for 8 and I am brought all my Leadership Skills I learned from TR and I wouldn't have it any other way. I work with and for some pretty amazing people and it is true pleasure.

I am still on my journey of Personal Development and Personal Growth to just be a better human and it is changing my life.

Okay, so where am I going to go with this and my posts...who the heck knows lol. I want and will be posting more, simple things, catch up life type and talking about any and everything. Some things, I type and write how I talk, so words might be crazy, I will have run on sentences, I will ramble and things won't make sense and if you know me a lot of this will be the same haha.

But I am back and here we goooo...!!!!!


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