My Successful First Week Of Half Training

Okay so I survived my first week of Half Marathon Training and what a week it has been.

My life is all over the place right now with work. I am putting in a ton of hours, usually my days can go between 8-10 and then some. Then by the time I get home it takes on another 1/2 hour, believe me the last thing i really want to do is work out or run But I am trying my absolute best.

This week was a bit different than the rests because I have only had one day off, which was yesterday. See life is out of control.

But per schedule it gives you 2 rest days, 2 cross train days and 3 run days. Out of all of those days, I know that the run days are the most important and I should never miss them. Now because my work is crazy, I will take an extra rest day and miss a cross train day because running around the store is defintley a cross train day for sure.

And that is how this week panned out.

Sunday- Rest Day
Monday- 3 miles after work in the dark. Stayed around a 13 minute mile. My legs were tired but I got it done, I stayed with in the 3:1's too.
Tuesday- Per schedule rest day and it was great. Had a half day at work, came home and napped and then just unwind the rest of the night
Wednesday- After work, I got my 30 minutes of cross training in. I went to the gym and used the bike and the elliptical.
Thursday- Used as another rest night. Long week and day and I just wanted a night to have fun. James and I went out to dinner, and I ended up going to bed early and sleeping amazing.
Friday- Finally my day off!!!! Had a perfect day off. Went to Walmart and got Adele's new cd ( amazing by the way) Returned library books, went to lunch with Bubba, went to Target and spent way to much, but it was so nice to treat myself. AND got my 3 mile run and the best run I had in a long time. Since technically I was suppose to run on Thursday and cross train today, I did the run instead. It felt really good and I felt super rested.
Saturday- I had planned since I was working 11-7, I was going to run before work. That way I didn't have to worry about it when I got home. Wellllll see my bed was so comfy this morning and it was the first time I could sleep in forever, I mean I really wanted to take advantage. So I hit snooze, well really turned off the alarm and vowed when I got home from work, that is when I would run and it would have to be the treadmill, which as you know, I hate more than anything BUT I wasn't going to give up. So I got out of work late, of course, and I came home, changed quickly and went straight to the gym. Despite the fact James already had dinner made for himself and I wanted to sit down. I hit up the dreadmill and watched the newest Grey's, which is also finally getting good. The 3 miles were tough because I am constantly looking at the how far I have gone, next time I need to bring a towel to cover with it. The only thing I liked was controlling my speed, but I got the 3 miles over and done with.

The main thing is I didn't give up and believe me every day I wanted too. I just wanted to say I do not care and I am done and I could figure it out. But I didn't and I wont. I know the next couple of weeks will be tough, but I can adjust and move on.

So here is to another successful week of craziness.


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