Think Positively & Positive Things Will Happen

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I love this meaning. I love the meaning behind stay positive and upbeat and handling every little thing that life can throw at you.

Around this time last year, at my job we were notified that training managers were going to be able to go to the big sales meeting that they present 1 or 2 a year.

I was not chosen to go because of my sales performance in my location. I was hurt, I was sad, I was mad and I literally cried.

I lashed out and got really angry. My emotions rushed over me like something I had never experienced before and that was Jealousy. Pure jealousy. I hated the feeling. I didn't like that. I didn't want to be that person. I called my friend and vented, I mean I VENTED. I explained why I was so upset and hurt. I work so hard but someone else was going to be recognized. I got the idea of why they were recognizing those who performed better, it made 100% sense. Those who make it SHOULD be able to go, but I was being caddy.

That lasted for a couple of hours. I let those emotions wash over me and haunt me.

Haunt me in a good way because I was determined I would get to go to that meeting this year.

I am sure you can imagine what I am going to say next..


I get to go to our sales meeting this year and I am beyond excited. I get to meet people I have only ever talked to on the phone in our company and finally put faces to names. I get to get my name out there also and learn and grow with a company I am in. It really is exciting.

But it took for me to feel that pain and hurt to really kick myself in the butt.

From that moment last year, I started really diving into the Positivity aspects of life. Growing my knowledge and fighting a little bit harder than I normal did. I started reading Your A Bad Ass and other growth books and expanding my world. I searched on Pinterest for positivity quotes and surrounded myself with those who will grow me and not keep me bogged down.

I made changes in my work environment and really buckled down to the process and growing my team to be better and do better. I switched stores and I didn't think great I am going to have to start over again because of this location. I brought that fire with me and making me stand out above the rest.

It feels really good, knowing how hard I have worked and it is paying off. Sure it is something silly like getting to go to a sales meeting but in my world, it is a big deal.

So if you are struggling right now...

or something doesn't go your way as planned...

Don't jump ship, get mad a moment, cry, scream, doing everything you can...


⇜✧≪∘∙✦♡✦∙∘≫✧⇝ .:


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