Week 3 & Week 4 Progress & Feb. Goals

Welp the year is officially starting to fly on by....it is February 1st already. I have given up on the fact that just like last year this year is going to be slower, not a dang chance.

Okay so before I jump into some new goals for this month, lets chat a bit about the last two weeks. Beginning with my weight did stay the same and I am okay with that BUT I am starting to see some changes in my stomach for sure and in my legs again. They are starting to shape up a bit more and I don't feel as bloated.

The last two weeks have been good. Nothing too crazy to report. My work outs have been great and I am staying really active, especially when I am babysitting our friends dog, Sherman. He keeps me on my toes and we are constantly going on walks together. He loves to be outside and so do I, so it is a win-win for sure.

My running has gotten sooooo much better. I am still having some hip pain at times but I am working through it. Yesterday after work, I went out for a run, I figured I would go out for just a quick run, nothing too special or crazy, just two miles. Well at my mile turn around, I was like you know what I am going to keep going. I have a straight away, and down is 2 miles already. So I was like I am going for 4 today. Typically I don't because I have so much to do or I complain or whatever. But last night I was in the groove and I just wanted to run.

The weather was amazing. I felt amazing. The Spark I had drank, kicked in beautifully and my play list was hitting some really great songs. I was ready to take on a random 4 miles and do it. And I did. I felt great after. I know coming from someone who loves long distance running, 4 miles isn't all that crazy but I haven't done it for the fun of it in FOREVER.

My eating has been on point too these last two weeks. Sure I have my sweet tooth and I have been eating just 100 calorie snacks for that or Halo Top ice cream. I am not snacking in between crazy as much and when I am eating dinner, I am slowing down some also. I have been eating and adding in lots of protein too.

Still needing to get back to veggies to eat as snacks at time too and more water. Fruit has not been a big thing in my world either lately. Blueberries, yes and grapes but that's about it. I bring my lunch and breakfast to work every day. And I actually meal prepped some breakfast this week, which turned out amazing. One was a pancake bites and the other was a egg white bake. Recipes for both of those, I will post by the weekend. They make perfect meal prep easiness.

While I have been doing more running than anything else lately. YouTube still has been my go to for my at home work outs and they have been great. I really work up a pretty great sweat with them for sure. Fitness Blender on YouTube is amazing by the way.

So I am doing really great. January was a great start to the year. I feel really good. I am starting to see I look good and more importantly I am not discouraged at all and still living my life.

Okay some February Goals are going to be a bit simpler. I am going to be running more. I am starting my Half Marathon training next week for my Half Marathon in April in Nashville. So implanting that training is going to be key. I NEED to drink more water at work. I am so bad about bring it in my Yeti or bringing bottles with me and that stops today. And toning more. More work outs with my arms. Pretty simple and achievable!!


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