Book Review: Szen Zone

Most recently I was given the opportunity to review a really fantastic book by the author Gary Szenderski called the Szen Zone. I was given the book for review all opinions are my own.

I am not familiar with Gary Szenderski but when I was contacted to read his book about finding and reaching a positive change, I knew it was something I really wanted to read.

In the last year alone, I have really been getting into books that reflect living a happy, healthy and positive life. I have been reading books that help you achieve a positive outlook on life and how to make your own life more rich and fulfilling in a positive state.

I could not wait to read this book. I was ready to feel inspired and take some really good positive moments. The book is broken into 8 Chapters and each chapter is touching on a particular topic. Inside of the chapters are short stories within and then a meaning behind it.

It sort of reminded me of Fables. In the sense we read the story and then there is meaning to it right after. Rather than a fable there is Szenippets which round up the story or paragraph or meaning.

I loved this idea. It made the story come to life and I found myself highlighting and dog-earing page after page. Some of the stories were taken from Gary's book files and other were his accounts.

I found many stories and meanings that related to my life and one in particular was, The Human Baton. I was so moved by not only the story but the meaning it gave, I used this story on my Friday morning conference call in our district meeting because I just felt I had to pass it on.

To sum it up and not give away the story was it was about how the energy we bring into our lives, the lives of others is perceived and  how our body language and attitude reflects our lives, even if we don't see it. The story was about a woman who was driving so in her rear-view mirror a girl singing and dancing in the car. It made her laugh and smile and she loved how happy and joyous the person behind her was. So at her next red light she did the same.

I related this to my own experience at my job. I work in retail and I am a store manager. My energy and positive has a huge impact on my day, not just with giving the customer a really awesome experience but making sure that my team does the same. My energy reflects if they want to do good also. The story rang so true that when we bring really great energy then really great things will come from that.

I am going to to quote the book....

It is taken from Chapter 7 Taking Chances on page 170-171

Szenippet: What's in our heart always bubbles up to influence the way we act, look and are perceived. There is no denying the power or promise to turn any moment into a new journey.

I took that and read it over and over and it couldn't have been more true. When I am ALL IN, and all into the day and making the sales goal and passionate about our process then my whole team feels and feeds after that. When I come in with a goal in mind and high energy and having fun, then they find it easy to get after it and do well too.

I feel like this rang true with anything in life. In friendships and relationships and even just bringing that same mind frame into doing well in working out and running for me too.

This book was really great and so many great ways to achieve and keep a positive state of mind. I highly recommend it and it is a great book to pay it forward with because when you create your own positive state of mind, others should too, pass on the knowledge you learn and let's all grow and be better together.

I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars on Good Reads and you can check out more about Gary Szenderski and his other books, which I have been requesting at the library now too.



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