Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite Races

Good Tuesday Morning!!!

This Top Ten Tuesday we are talking about our Top 10 Running Races.

Man this one is a tough one because I have loved every race I have run and have found some special and unique in each and every one.

But let's give this a shot

Iron Girl Race Series Half Marathon and 5k, Clearwater
I have ran each of these two race events when they came to Florida. I have done the Half Marathon 3 times and the 5k twice. The 5K was my first ever 5k race I had ran back in 2012, it is actually my first ever race. I love both races so very much, each very challenging as you are going over bridges and it is always hot, but regardless always such a great time

9. Gasparilla Race Series, Tampa FL.
Gasparilla Distance Classic is a today event. On Saturday you have a 15k and then a 5k. On Sunday you have 13.1 and then a 8k. I love this race series, it comes around every February. I have been attending it since 2013, in some race form or another. This year I ran the 15k. The year prior I wasn't able to attend because I twisted my ankle at work but I had planned to run the 8k. The year prior I ran one of the challenges. I did the Saturday races back to back and then on Sunday ran the half. It was the most rewarding challenge. I got 4 medals, 4 shirts and a jacket and miles and miles of memories. And the year before that I ran the half. This year I am hoping to do all four races, if I make it off the waiting list and my hip feels better.



8. Rock and Roll Half Marathon St. Pete
This one was extra special because it was my first ever half marathon and it was practically in my back yard. You will never forget your first half marathon and this was the race that gave me the bug to push myself further and further...

7. Women's Running Half Marathon, St. Pete Fl
This run was amazing. It was my best half marathon and I just made it at 2:30. I had a great race, great training and loved everything about this run. I still strive to have this great of a half again. It was an all woman's run and right in downtown St. Pete where I train for all of my runs. They didn't come back again and I really wish they would have.

6. Color Me Rad.
The Color Me Rad race series are such a fun, non competitive type of 5k race. You run or walk at your own pace and get colored powder thrown at you. It is so much fun and you are laughing and just enjoying the time while doing it. I have done this race 3 time and each time was more and more fun, and even better when you do it with a friend.

5. Turkey Trot, Clearwater Fl
I run the Turkey Trot every year. It is probably my most favorite race. There is no medal, you get a shirt and bib and the best run of the year. I run it just to be around 1000's of people, seriously the place is a mob zone and just so much fun. And what a great way to kick off Thanksgiving and for me in retail the most crazy time of the year. I try to get festive each year running it. My friends run it also and it is just a great time, some years it is super cold and others hot, but despite the early morning and all that jazz, best race.

4. Hippie Run, Gulfport FL
This was my first time running this race, but it was in an area by me I really like and wanted to run the race. It supported the Goodwill and this race turned out to be a great race for me, I ran the whole thing without any walk breaks. WOOHOO. I usually follow the Jeff Galloway method and I decided to say the heck with it and just went for a run and had an amazing time.

3. Best Damn Race Series, Safety Harbor, Fl
Best Damn Race is so much fun because I get to run with my friends, especially Nanci and Jen. I ran two of these races this year alone. I ran the half marathon in February, which was not a good race for me, I had a lot of issues with my legs and my mind and then ran a 5k in June, which was a fun one with Nanci. BDR does races right, huge, blingy medals, awesome finish line parties and just a great positive upbeat environment. I am hooked on this race series and will be doing one every year now.

2, Race For The Cupcake 5k- St. Pete Beach
This was a race held by a local running store called St. Pete Running Company. This race was so much fun because you were running on the beach in the middle of February. I mean what could be better than that. It was a little chilly but I mean running on the sand with the water right there, sun shining, it was magical AND you got a medal and a CUPCAKE at the end with fruit on the side. The most perfect race!!

1. Steamtown Marathon, Forest City-Scranton, PA
It was my first marathon, enough said :0)

What is your favorite race you have ran or walked or participated in???


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