Beginning of a new Season

Yay for the First Day of Fall!! I seriously love, LOVE Fall, but Fall here in Florida is way different then Fall back home. The weather doesn't start cooling down for a couple of more weeks here, but who the heck cares, I can pretend it is cool indoors with lots of sweats on. I love this time of year because it is a new beginning. With each season, something new always begins as the old trickles out.

Fall and Winter for me, are super crazy because of work. Fall usually brings me all the prep for Winter and the Christmas holiday season. This Fall will be much different, mainly because I am not training for a marathon and then trying to get my life back after the marathon, which be honest, has been an all year event, due to the fact I twisted my ankle in the beginning.

But fall here also brings some also festivals to go to, MORE running, More races and more nights I want to outside and more running anytime of the day, not just morning or night.

So I am I super happy for Fall to begin again and I will be taking more advantage of all it has to offer.

Okay and now a little bit of Real Talk. This past week has been a bit tough for me. I have been working every day, and not just typical hours, longer hours and travel days in between too. And it has been exhausting. Sunday after work, I literally came home and just crashed. I just wanted my sweats and a night of relaxation, a good nights sleep really is what I wanted. Monday, after work, I got right into my running clothes and went for a great two mile run and a mile cool down.

While running, I realized how much I have missed a training plan and missed having a goal or race in mind. I love running but I also love running with a plan because it seriously holds me accountable. So I have decided I will Definitely being running a half marathon in February and training during December,  because what a better way to combat the craziness of the holiday then with a race.

I have a bunch of my running magazines that I haven't cracked open in awhile and using one of their training plans. I am so excited to get started but for now, I am loving  my little runs here and there. Like on Saturday, I won an entry into the Thin Mint Sprint 5k in Safety Harbor. Should be a great time.

Other than Monday, that is all the scheduled exercise I have done. Yesterday was a long day at work and by the time I got home after running some errands and getting a birthday gift from someone, which I will post because it is Pinterest Like, it was almost 8pm and I just wanted to sit down.

And today I close, so my closing shifts, I just like to do stuff before, so I can relax before the craziness and watch some shows, blog to you awesome people.

But tomorrow and the rest of the week will be filled with the gym, running and walking for sure. I just need some rest, which I highly plan on doing on Friday for sure and a mid afternoon walk!

My eating has been on point too this week. No big cheats at all, only limiting myself to going over my points at least 4-5 a day, because seriously 26 points is so hard, 4 points over is the magic number for me!

Hope everyone is having a great week thus far and enjoying the first day of Fall!!


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