FriYAY Loving!

Good Friday Morning. Hope everyone is having a pretty fantastic week. Hard to believe that the 3rd week of September is a day away from being over. I mean holy crap where is this month and year going!!!!

I woke up to not my alarm this morning for work, I tossed and turned and then just let go and put my feet on the ground and said the heck with it. I, of course am working this morning and all weekend and week actually. I do not have a day off until next Friday, a long stretch for no real reason actually lol.

So I figured with my Coffee poured, I would sit down really quickly and tell ya what I have been saying YAY to this week....

Each of these bad boys are 4pp. Make sure to MEASURE those cashews because they are DANGEROUS!!! The Dill Pickle ones are now my new Fav!! And I LOVE the Pumpkin Spice English Muffin, I use a little spray Butter and then sprinkle some Pumpkin Spice on top, LOVELY!!

Loving my all new sneakers. Only problem, I obsess about keeping them clean now  and I can not wear them all day. I wore them at work yesterday and man did my ankle hurt after. Cute for anything else, not work.

A little high in points. 5pp for 3 cups, which by the way, so hard to measure out. But the flavors and add ins are super Yummy!!

My new Obsession for night time sweetness. You know I have to have a sweet treat at night. 2 Chocolate rice cakes, topped with strawberries and drizzled with one tablespoon of Cookie Butter. HEAVEN and 5pp, so worth it.

I got to see my BFF on Tuesday, her and her fiance were vacationing in Fort Myers and I took off her birthday so we could meet for a few hours, have lunch and drinks and go to the beach in Siesta Key. Gosh I love seeing her so happy and got to celebrate some of her Dirty Thirty with her. We only get to see each other like twice a year, so this was a true treat.

And how sweet is this bracelet she gave me for my 30th. She seriously is My Person!!

I love Starbucks Rewards. I got this 4pp of Delicious for Free. I have to say I haven't been to my Starbucks in quite some time. I brought my old Keurig to work and well, it has been great. But my BFF also gave gift card to there, so I am coming back Starbucks!!

I picked these up at the Dollar Tree of all places!!! Warning it is quite sweet, but man is it tasty. I LOVE IT. It gives me that sweet taste and then I don't over do it. Plus it really helps me get my water in. And I think this would be great to add to some Rum and make a super low calorie Pina Colada.

Best COMBO of coffee!! It is like fall and Autumn in my life always. Coffee Creamer for 1 tablespoon is only 0pp :0)

I put jeans on for the first time in forever yesterday. I had not worn jeans in a very long time. I was having struggle moments with them, yeah not fun, but because I have lost a little bit of weight, damn slow and steady, then fit again, some struggle but  hell I got them up!!! Here is too a victory and more goals ahead.

Coming home last night after a long day of inventory and scanning and numbers, to James ordering Chipotle with extra Guac, he knows its extra :0)

And my Ollie Marie lounge pants came in. These pants are too die for!!!! I seriously can not wait to get back from my run tonight and put these on. I made the mistake this morning of putting them on and they are Hello Comfy!!!

What are you loving this week????


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