My Love Letter to Coffee

Let me tell you about my best friend...

It comes from a plant..

It is brown, little bean...

When roasted with water, it transforms into this magical liquid called...'

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Coffee is my best friend and today we celebrate it on National Coffee Day!!

Yup, today is National Coffee Day, so like any other Holiday, lets celebrate a bit of my favorite thing in the world, well besides running.

Dear Coffee...

My favorite cup of a coffee is one where I can sit down and just relax, most of the time, I am running out the door with my cup of coffee in my hand, or I am getting to work and ordering it from Starbucks or DD. So the mornings when I can just unwind and take small sips they are my favorite.

Other times I love coffee, after a run. Something about that sip, really wakes you up and gives you that perfect jolt to go along with your runners high. And it is my favorite way to enjoy coffee with my bestie after we have completed some miles.

Coffee is my favorite way to meet up with people and friends. "Lets go for a cup of coffee" My cousin actually had his first date with his future wife over a cup of coffee, a pumpkin spice latte to be exact.

Coffee is the morning is the nice way to welcome the day. At home, when I visit, it is my favorite moments with my Uncle, as he is getting ready for work, we talk and chat over a cup of coffee. It is a great way to bond.

I remember growing up watching my mom and grandparents all talk over coffee, coffee was brought out at dessert for a night cap with some cake or pie or cookies. I never understood then, but now I get it.

I enjoy coffee hot or iced, depends honestly on the day or mood I am in. I can drink iced coffee year round with the joys of living in Florida, but in the morning that first cup, should be hot.

I drink my coffee home, usually flavored. I LOVE flavored coffee and I love seasonal or limited edition flavors too. I love buying those different kind of flavors too. I will try any flavor for sure, right now I am of course loving pumpkin spice. I love having a flavored creamer at home. I tend to buy sugar free or fat free, but the regular ones, if they have a fun flavor, I will pick that up too. I use Splenda and I don't want to hear anything about it.

I used to drink my coffee with milk and sugar, light and sweet or Extra Extra, depending where you lived and how to order it. Then I lost weight and wanted to keep it off, so my ordering became different, but my love of coffee still the same, if not more.

I prefer, Dunkin Donuts over Starbucks, mainly because that is what I was brought up on. Dunkin Donuts was in my home town and I have found memories of getting coffee or going there with my mom, etc.

I collect coffee mugs! Seriously I try to get one from every where I go. I have NO room for them in our kitchen but I still love them and pick it up all the time, it drives James crazy, but I can't help it. I probably use the same one over and over, but it doesn't matter, they each reflect who I am.

Growing up I always wanted to get to that stage in life where you drank coffee, from seeing it portrayed on T.V. like on Dawson's Creek, which at the time, showing them drinking coffee was a big deal. Then I wanted a coffee shop life like on Friends, I think everyone wanted that. Or I wanted those big moments, little moments, diner moments like in Gilmore Girls.

I, basically, 100% have a love affair with coffee and the beauty is you can find it everywhere and never be without it. I can have it in the morning, a mid afternoon pick me up, it helps me survive Christmas Craziness and I can even enjoy a cup at night and still get to sleep.

Call me crazy, or obsessed but I am okay with my love of coffee!!

Thank you coffee, for making me sane, happy and for being the one thing in my life that I can control and always know is there and I promise to continue to give you the love and respect you deserve!

Love, your highly caffeinated lover,



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