Pain Free

So I have some pretty awesome and good news!!

I have been struggling for a good month now, I have been having a lot of hip issues. Some at times not so bad and other times it is so bad, I could barely move.

When I was sleeping, sitting, walking, getting out of my car and especially when I was running on both sides it hurt like heck. Two weeks ago, I decided or not really decided, kind of had too, make myself stop running for a bit and do some other work outs instead.

The other work outs have been great. I love the idea of switching up my work outs and it has been improving my legs and arms and oh man were my abs burning this morning.

Okay, now to the awesome part...I went for a 2.5 mile run today, in the middle of the afternoon none the less, and had NO PAIN. I mean no hip pain at all. Even when I was doing the walk breaks, I was really feeling back to normal. I was a lot slower than I usually was, but NO PAIN. The speed will get better I know that, but no pain. That is a HUGE thing!!

I have never really had a runners type of injury before. I had my ankle injury from work, but a runners injury was new. I hate that I was hurting from something I really, really loved.

So I am so pleased to feel better with running. While now I had no pan running, I don't want to get too excited. So I will continue to do my 3 days of working out and 2 running days and 2 rest days and see if I can get my pace back up again or even better than before.

But for now, I am enjoying this Pain Free!!!


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