A Race In Pictures...

As much as I would love to recap the race right now, I am exhausted. I mean really exhausted, I didn't take a nap today because we really wanted to go to the movies. I closed my eyes for 20 minutes and then bam we were out and about but it was so worth it, Catching Fire was fantastic and I can not wait for Mocking Jay.

My friend Stacy ran the half today too and she did amazing! She finished in 1:55, how freaking awesome is that, under 2 hours! And she was sweet enough to hang around and watch me cross the finish line and had her friends take pictures for me. So a lot of these pictures are from her, which I am so thankful for. My Boyfriend took the rest and he has a video to send me. For right now I am just going to post the pictures and tomorrow I will recap, when I am refreshed and ready to go. But for right now I need more food and a nice long sleep. I am beat, Beat in a freaking awesome way!

Pictures are in no particular order...


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