Turkey Trotting

This post is a little out of order to my previous one, but realized I did take pictures and of course I have to post about the turkey trot this morning. My work BFF was also participating in this event and she has two small children, so I told her I would hang back with her and jog and mostly walk to help her out with the kids. This event is a huge, 1000's of people attend this race and it is so packed you cant move around and if you stop, your tampled. I don't count this race for pace or time, I just do it to have fun.

We mainly walked the 3.1 miles, and ran a bit, maybe 1/2 of the first mile but we got out there this morning and did it and we finished. It was fun to run with her kids, she has the most adorable 3 year old, who was having the time of her life and cracking me up left and right. She kept telling everyone she was going to win and go runners go. She lite up my morning. It was freezing and her making me laugh warmed me from the inside out. We finished in about 53 minutes, James came and was not all too pleased to have waited that long in the freezing cold, oh the things we do for those we love.

But we had a blast and I love this new tradition we started!

Here are some pics from this morning...

My awesomely festive sweaty band headband!

Bundled up and ready to go!

Not too pleased with how cold it was but he went anyway. Could I get any luckier??

My work BFF and myself!

Me and my two Jens! 

Wearing my race tee all day today!

And my headband still!

We are stuffed!!!


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