Weekly Weigh In: After Half Marathon

Every time I weigh in after a long run, or long race, I always seem to gain some sort of weight. Not sure why or how, I mean I ran 13.1 miles!! But I know muscle has a lot to do it and drinking tons of tons of water and just the fact that my body is adjusting to all of this, I had a slight gain. Now this gain was a small one, compared to the others I have had, I only gained .8. And the attack of the snack monster happened the night before too, so I am okay with that.

Actually when I ran Iron Girl back in April, when I went to weigh in the next day, I had gained 3 pounds, so this is a HUGE win. I am finally getting down what I should be eating and how I should be eating for the activity that I have going on. I do have a problem with snacks, but I am learning to have them in moderation and maybe one or two a day, not at every meal. And snacks I mean those 100 calorie or portioned out snack items, not candy, cookies and cake. I am really trying to stick to one a day, maybe just at night.

I understand that weight loss is journey and yes there is a destination, being the weight land I would like to be at, but I have to look back and see how far I have come. I have made huge adjustments to my life, that I NEVER had before. I would never think twice about eating a whole bag of Chex Mix, now I use measuring tools and tricks to make sure I take in the right amount, it is crazy.

Do I have my slip ups, not track everything all the time and enjoy a piece of candy here and there, of course I do, I am human. I am not on Weight Watchers to expect to drop major pounds, I am using it to hold myself accountable, to have a system that works for and to see continued results. I am learning to live again!


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