What I am Thankful For....

As stated before there has been lots of post, statues and pictures of what everyone is thankful for, especially on Facebook, every day posting a new thankful status. I figured I would wait and do mine on Thanksgiving. I probably wont make it to 28 items, I am thankful for a lot of things, but this is going to be random and in no particular order...

1. I am thankful for my family. Seriously, I really am. Living in Florida with no family around me, I am thankful I can call, face time and heck even write to them to let them know how much I love them. I am an only child, so my family means the world to me, on both sides! I am equally, 100% loved by both sides of my family. My Aunts, Uncles and cousins are so supportive and have been huge rocks and beacons in my life, each an every one of them I love in a there own special way. Being I lost my dad just a year ago, the importance of family to me has sky rocketed. I cant imagine losing anymore of them. My mother and my Poppy are 110% my heart and soul. I look to them so much for love and support and they give it back to me unconditionally.

2. I am thankful for James. We have been together officially 4 years, unofficially 7 years and we have had our good times and some really bad times. At least once a week we want to kill each other, even this morning matter of fact, haha, but we make up and love each other even more. I cant imagine anyone else in this world I would want to spend my crazy life with. We may never get married because we choose not too, but I know we will be old and in our rocking or beach chairs forever.

3. I am thankful for my handful of friends from back home, even though we never see each other, each of us live in very different places, we are all still connected. Whether it be through facebook or text messages, when one is happy, hurt, sad or a big event happens, good or bad in their life, we are all there for each other. It has always been that way and forever it will stay.

4. I am thankful for the friends I have made in college and those I have made living here in Florida. It is never a bad idea to have many friends. And as I get older I realize how important companionship and relationships are and how different they can be. And I am thankful for the ones I have made now, they are the ones I know I will treasure for a life time.

5. I am thankful for my job. Even though this time of year, it makes me stressed, crazy and I cry about it at least once a week, sometimes once a day, I really love it. I have an amazing Boss, who has helped me grow into such a great manager, leader and trainer. She continually pushes me to be a better person and she is a phenomenal leader. I am thankful for my staff, even though it has changed drastically throughout the last 3 1/2 years, each year around this time I find those precious few who make it through and I am so thankful for the hours and dedication they put in. And my fellow managers, whom I can call throughout the day to encourage and vent too, some of them have become my very best friends. And there is nothing more special then to wake up every day and truly enjoy what you do. I get to make someones day special with an engraved gift, its kind of cool.

6. I am thankful that even though I didn't get many years with my father, I got the years I had. Some years were better than the rest and those are the ones I am forever thankful for, I am going to always remember those years, not the bad. I am thankful for his love, support, guidance, hugs, kisses, his pride, his eyes, sense of humor, emotion, sympathy and empathy, because I got the very best of him. I am thankful that my father was not perfect, he was flawed and that is what made him extra special to me. I was blessed to have a father with character and grace and everything good about him I got, heck I even got some of the bad. I am thankful that I spread his ashes this year and let him fly, because now I know he is everywhere I am. I am thankful he went peacefully and as much as it hurts, on his own terms. He was always a rebel. I am thankful for the phone calls I shared with him, the memories, the moments, the tears, the laughs, the music he loved and passed down to me. I am thankful I can still see his face in my dreams and to have him forever tattooed on my foot, running with me, and also tattooed on my heart. Some people never get a chance to have a dad, or spend any moments with him, I am thankful I got millions of moments and 26 years.

7. I am thankful for having the courage, motivation and dedication to change my life. I often think what my life would have been like if I went down the path my parents had taken, not that it was a bad path at all, I am far from saying that, but a rocky one. My path was not paved in gold, there were boulders, damns, bridges to get over, road blocks, walls, and every obstacle you can imagine, but I took the other road, the one that was clear. That road was clear but of course paved with hidden trap doors, ones that you never knew what you were going to find behind them. But this path was paved by me and it continues to be, a never ending road.

8. I am thankful for running and Weight Watchers. These two combinations together have shaped and molded me into a person I never knew I could be, but always knew I had it. Weight Watchers has given me rules, stability, accountability and a way of controlling my life, in an easy, doable way. It has helped me shed 85 pounds thus far, but allowing me to live, but live in the right way, showing me the correct way to lose weigh AND keep it off for over 2 years now. Do I hate it at times, YES! Do I hate tracking at times, YES! Do I hate the consent up and down, up and down of my weight while it works out this plateu, YOU BETCHA! But I am sticking to it and I know it works, and it works for me. Running has changed my life even more. I am thankful I took those first steps and literally has never looked back. Running allows me to be me, to let loose, unwind and find a deeper person in myself. I am not a spiritual person, but running allows me to find an inner love and respect for a higher power. I have seen some sunsets and sunrises that make me a believer. I am thankful I can get up everyday and run, some cant, and well right now I can and I will! I am thankful for running has given me a new life, a new love, new friends and a new habit. It has helped me pave my road, and now I am just flying down it.

9. I am thankful for those simple things in life. Such as a good cup of coffee, rainy nights, sunrises, sunsets, sitting on the beach, holding hands, still snuggling with a stuffed animal from when I was younger, coupons, good food, healthy food, headbands, Quest Bars, naps, the smell of candles, a good run, cooler weather, hot days, the sand between my toes, smiles, hugs, an encouraging message, a good book, a funny moment, music, memories, movies, pictures, smelly lotion, make up, a good pair of shoes, a good sale, my phone, my favorite shows, DVR so I can catch up on then, the gift of time, and the ability to know all of these things are silly but make my life wonderful.

10. And mainly I am thankful to just be here, in this moment, writing this blog. I am thankful I live a happy, filled with love, joy, sometimes sadness and heartache life, but it is mine. I make my own journey and destination, I am thankful I have that choice, to live how ever I want, make my own rules and learn from my own mistakes. I am thankful for never giving up and never being shy to try something new. I am thankful for who I am and who I will continue to be.


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