Twas The Night Before The Race...

Tomorrow is the day!! After countless runs, very early mornings, EXTREMELY hot, humid weather, giving up sleeping in every day off, did I mention sweating to no end, running after having a crazy day at work, giving up nights of fun so I can do a long run in the morning. I have trained for all my races, but this one I put a lot of long runs in and lots of dedication and I feel ready, very ready. I am very excited and just want to run and be in the atmosphere. I am not thinking about a pace or time, I just want to finish and earn that accomplishment.

Today at work we were sort of steady, so it was hard for me to concentrate on fueling and refueling. I brought my sandwich and water and almonds and snacks and got them in when I could. I really wanted a large iced green tea but I couldn't leave the store to get one.

 After work James and I went to CD Roma's and I got a side salad with Italian dressing and had 3 pieces of bread. I know 3 pieces, but I did track it and hey I needed the carbs. Then for the main course, I had my all time favorite, whole wheat pasta with meatballs and sauce. It is the absolute the best dinner of all time for my 13.1 race, and yes I eat the whole thing. This restaurant does a great job at food.

We do this every time and each time I have to take a picture with my dinner...its become a cute tradition. Plus, it is fun to look back at all the different pictures, each race.

From left to right
Day before first ever half, Rock and Roll Half Marathon- February 9th
Day before 2nd half-Gasparilla Half Marathon- Feb. 24th
Day before 3rd half-Iron Girl Half Marathon-April 13

And this year:

I was really excited to eat this...

And now my outfit is all laid out and my breakfast is ready to go...

And my little snack and hydration favorite...

And probably having a protein bar to just keep me a bit full until morning. Setting my alarm for 4:15 AM, bed very soon!

I found this little gem too, which was super cute, I will make sure to post tomorrow on the race!!!

'Twas The Night Before The Race

'Twas the night before the race and all through the state, 
Runners were carb loading hoping for a great pace.
Their race day clothes were hung with care,
Along with the gels, watches and bibs all there.

The many weeks of training were not very fun,
Hill repeats, fartleks and long runs were done.
Hydration intake has all been perfected,
Thankfully no major pains were detected.

When race day arrives runners fill the streets,
And into their corrals they eagerly retreat.
Setting their watches as they run through the start,
We bid them all a good race admiring their dedication and heart.

As miles pass by they run with all their might,
Water and fuel stations were a very welcome site.
The crowds were all cheering and having a good time,
Giving the runners high fives all down the line.

When what to their wondering eyes should appear?
But the finish line with gleaming medals ever so near.
Endorphins are dancing all around in their heads,
It's time for celebrations and then straight to bed.

May your running always be such a wonderful delight,
Happy running to all and to all a good night!



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