Thanksgiving Eve

I have to say it is amazing how much time changes. I remember that Thanksgiving Eve would be the best night to go out, the biggest night to go. Everyone you went to school with was home, you can all drink together, it was a huge reunion. I loved it, and coming from a small town, it was great because you saw anyone and everyone. But when you move away, having those moments aren't the same anymore.

My Thanksgiving Eve is being spent on the couch, curling up with a cup of tea, freezing ( Florida is getting in the 30's tonight) and resting because tomorrow morning I am getting up at the turkey crack of dawn and running a 5k race in the morning. Its amazing how you change your life, how it really does change your life. And I am fully aware that made no sense whats so ever.

I just think it is funny how we grow. I would normally being taking back some drinks, maybe some shots and what not and my happiness and the perfect evening is now, quite, warm and bed at a reasonable hour. All so I can wake up and run.

I have to say I am liking this and I know it fits my life perfectly. Pretty excited about the Turkey Trot. It is a 5K race around here, very kid and family friendly. I bought a turkey headband to wear in the morning and I am bundling up with a long sleeved jacket and ready to go. I am running with a friend of mine and her two kids, so this will not be a run about pace or time, I am not even bringing my interval timer. I am just running, having fun and kicking off the holiday right, so I can eat a bit. I mean I do get 49 extra points of course.

Oh and here is a cool thing, tonight I went for a run to loosen up my legs and finally I didn't feel sore, I ran 3.1 miles the whole time with out having any walks. 3.1 miles and no walks!! I felt great doing it too. My next goal is to do the whole 13.1 with even more minimal walking. I love my splits, but I am ready to push myself.

So now that this post is all over the place, bare with me, I never said I would be good at this, hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving Eve.


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