Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Currently In August

Good Morning!!!

Well you know I love a good Currently Post and because it is almost the end of the month, figured a good time to do so.

Here ya go...


Book: Well I have been turning pages like crazy lately and you know I have a joint post with Nanci and have an update coming the beginning of the month in September, but I just finished 3 books and literally started the book ROOM. I will dive into the other 3 in a couple of days!

I pretty much listen to my playlist, which needs some serious updating and more music added to it. But I am loving...

Such a Fun SONG!!! And I finally just downloaded it and this one too...

Guilty Pleasure...
I really don't have one at the moment BUT online shopping and looking at stuff like that is really creeping up there haha

Been drinking a ton of water and coffee lately. I am seriously loving on my coffee and now that Pumpkin Season is getting back in Action, well there you go. Pumpkin drinks all around. Dunkin Donuts has their Pumpkin Iced Coffee out again, I nearly jumped over the counter and kissed the guy when he told me he had it available!!! I am on the look out for some Banana Bread Beer I have been seeing on Instagram too. Stay tuned.

Pretty much all food haha. Yogurt is back up there again with major obsession because they just keep coming out with awesome flavors, I just cant pass up. And HELLO Pumpkin ones too!!

James and I started another series on Netflix
Another show I didn't think I would like and I have ended up falling in LOVE with it. And Gosh Damn is Denis Leary sexy in that show. I love myself some bad boy, messed up men for sure. We are into Season 6 and have the rest of that one and Season 7 to go. The best Season so far was Season 5. The shows storylines and people are fantastic. Another Series we will  be over with and I will be heartbroken again. 

Oh you know more money,, etc. But really nothing big going on. Oh maybe winning the Diet Bet I am in.

Sticking to a work out schedule this week and last week. I set up my two rest days and then do 2 runs a week, some walks and gym time. It has been working out amazing for me. The scale is even moving down a bit, slowly but I am getting there.

Back to my online shopping addiction, 2 stores I am LOVING, LOVING...

Which is the store from Skinny Meg. God the clothes are perfect and so cute and fit even better. And she is running FREE SHIPPING until the end of August. I have been buying something every day practically.

Another amazing store. I am actually a new Brand Rep for them for 8 weeks and hopefully more. There clothes are stylish and beautiful and feel confident wearing them. Since I am a Brand Rep  you can earn 20% off y our FIRST order by using the code RCSPARKLE20. You deserve something new.

AC in my car...the struggle is real and real bad.

Probably flavored beers. I love this time of year  because fall ones come out and fun football foods and flavors. I just have to use and enjoy them in balance. 

Splash Tanks - All Colors
I just bought a BLUE one too. I have the yellow one already...

It is so stinking cute. Fits great and I LOVE IT. I got from OllieMarie. 
I can not wait to start posting more outfit pictures so soon.

I have off today, going for coffee and walk along the beach with a friend and spend the day with Bubba. My BFF is visiting Florida next month, during her 30th Birthday and my mom is coming in October!!

Happy as a Clam!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Better Skin Challenge with Maybelline

Hey Everyone!!!

I was given a free, full, size sample of Maybelline's new make up foundation, called Superstay Better Skin. It is a long wearing foundation, that will help, clear up and better your skin in just 3 weeks of wearing.

I was a little indifferent at first because sometimes foundations and make up make my skin feel very heavy and caked on. And I don't have AC in my car, and well I live in Florida and my make up seems to just come right off with sweat. But I figured I would give it try, and praying anything would work. Because there is nothing worse than going into work looking like a Hot Mess.

I used the foundation for 3 weeks and did indeed see a difference. My face was less red and blotchy. I tend to get that way around this time of year. Plus due to the sun my face is uneven, especially around my cheeks. But the foundation actually even out my skin tone!!

Heck Yes!!!

The foundation was light, but I do admit it wasn't smooth going on. A make up applicator could be used, I just used my fingers and rubbed it in. My skin never felt heavy and that make up lasted all day long. Sometimes I even would forget to take it off at night, not even realizing I had make up on.

Morning until Night

It is a liquid application BUT I bet this would be great as a mousse one too.

I will be using the rest of this because I really have seen great results and will be buying once the bottle is done.

Check it out yourself!!!!

Even though I received this product for free through Influenster and Maybelline, my opinions are all my own.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hump Day Chats

Good Wednesday Morning!!! Or Hump Day!

Gosh remember the camel from the Geico commercial. Still probably one of my favorite commercials of all time.

I don't have much to report so far this week. I was sitting at my desk, eating some Honey Dew melon and drinking coffee, so I figured, I'll update my life this week so far.

Sunday was a pretty fantastic day. I got up suppperr early and headed out to Clearwater to meet up with Nanci and her Hubs for a 4 mile run. I hadn't seen Nanci since April, we stay in touch through social media and texting :0), so when she let me know she was running and I was off that day, I was game, despite the early wake up call.

The run was a lot of fun, some of her friends joined us too. We were our own little running club. The views were beautiful, despite the bridges we had to run. But hey if its a Challenge, I am up for it. We completed a little over 4 miles and then had coffee. My favorite part of running. We said our goodbyes and I then I headed onto my day off of grocery shopping and napping. Oh and laying out at the pool for a little bit.

And I am not kidding about the  napping. I got some serious nap time in, being up early and being I had my period, man it made for a day of snack attacks and sleeps. But I'll take it.

Monday was back to work and after work, I went for a nice long walk. I love my FitBit so much because it really motivates me to get out there and do work. But it annoys me when it messes up and it wasn't tracking my Active Minutes. So I did get an hour of walking in, but not seeing it drives me nuts haha. Anywho!

Yesterday, was a bit rough, I tried to get up in the morning to get to the gym, but my energy level was shot. Thanks Aunt Flow. So I slept in and got to the gym after work. I did some mileage on the elliptical and then the treadmill and did some legs and cardio from a work out I had seen online. Everything was great and then I stepped down or up, cant remember wrong and I got a sharp pain in my left knee. My lower back was also hurting so I know I pulled and twisted something wrong.

Sure enough, I iced and heated both areas last night, this morning I had set my alarm to get a nice 4 mile run in this morning since it is my day off. Well I could feel my knee hurting from the moment I woke up and I tried to bend it and nothing but pain, so a rest day is in order.

I am so bummed, I was moving along so nicely and I was going to get some serious steps in. I am hoping it is just sore and nothing serious. I can not stand the idea of another injury. But I could just be overracting, fingers crossed.

And that is where I am at today. James and I are both off, we were suppose to head to a brewery from a Groupon I had gotten, but not sure, either way, Hope everyone has a great day!!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Hello Fresh Review

Back in June I ordered a Groupon for w great deal on the meal delivery service, Hello Fresh.

I'm sure on Facebook and even commercials you have seen the company Blue Apron, this is very similar! The idea is they will ship you 3 meals for 2-4 people depending on the package you choose. You can choose the meals you want, or by chance let them do it for you.  You can choose with meat items or with just veggies and herbs. We went with meat and one veggie item, well kind of two.

I choose 2 meals and then they sent me a 3rd. It comes shipped and packed all to go for you. I was nervous since we work during the day, to have it sitting outside for hours at our apartment, so I scheduled myself off.

They were packaged around a ton of dry ice! It was definitely well chilled!! And packaged perfectly by each meal. I was highly impressed.

Each meal came with a rec. card with very detailed instructions on how to prepare and the measurements of what you were receiving! Everything was pre weighed out for you..

I made this one first, Pan Seared Mahi Mahi and citrus herb salad with couscous and bell peppers

Everything was fresh and smelled amazing! I felt like I was real chef!!!

I was scared to cook fish BUT James loves it and I wanted to really give it a try.

I even used my grill pan!

Look how awesome!!!!!

It was perfect! James was so happy and loved it and even took a picture because he was so impressed!! Puffy hearts and all!

I didn't take pictures of the sweet potato one, I completely forgot! So bad of me!

The third was the beef pasta dish! And this one was no way for 2 people! We had tons of leftovers and it was sooo cheesy and good! 

What I loved about this service was it got me cooking with ingredients I don't normall cook with and herbs! It awakened my senses and I wasn't afraid to cook with onions or different things.

I didn't order more for financial reasons but I will again on Groupn! I highly recommended it to everyone I know! Have fun with it and enjoy cooking!!

Real Talk!!!

Alright people lets get to some real talk today. I am a bit bummed out with myself this morning. I had planned from last Saturday I was going to get up early and go to the Free Yoga they have in downtown St. Pete. I have never done a yoga class before, it was outside and I thought it would be something neat and cool to do before work today.

Well then my alarm went off and I went back to sleep. I slept horrible last night, tossing and turning at every chance. I woke up in cold sweats and my throat was a bit sore. I just felt out of it. My body even felt sore. It was strange and I laid there for awhile and then finally decided I wanted to go back to sleep.

I haven't been sleeping all that great and the last 3 days, since Thursday, my motivation and ambition has flown out the window when it comes to working out. I just feel blah. Its funny last week when I was healing from my wisdom teeth, I was bummed out I wasn't working out and couldn't wait too. These past 3 days, I just wasn't into it. I did do an AB work out on Thursday night and I am still feeling it today, which is great, but honestly that isn't going to burn calories or anything

I just haven't been giving it my all at all on the working out front, I have been trying my best, but not my hardest by far. And I need too. I know sometimes I am too hard on myself, I am not going to be like other women who work out. I am not a consistent 5:00 am work out person. I did that every Sunday for weeks and weeks, months and months with marathon training and it burned me out. And I think I just haven't got away from that.

I feel like this before my time of the month, I know that is what is going on this weekend. Also before the beginning of it. I know these are the reasons and I shouldn't beat myself up, but I do because it is frustrating because I feel like I am letting myself down and I know I can do better. Damn hormones!!!

So this is the deal, I am not going to give my best but I am going do my hardest. I am going to switch it up. I am going to take 2 rest days. Yes, I will take 2 rest days. And if I want to take one more that week I will. I will run two days a week, then maybe one day just a walk day and the other days the gym. I can do that. I will be consistent with that. But I will not beat myself up for it. Hell I will not stop forever, the first step is admitting it and I am admitting it, I haven't given 100%, just about 80%.

So starting tomorrow, which I already have a run planned with Nanci, god I am so excited. That is a 4:30 wake up call, I do not mind at all!!!

Okay, and on the eating front. I have been doing good, that I have been doing my hardest. I have been eating over my points but it works for me. My water intake has been great, but what has thrown me off was for the last week, I have had hardly any veggies or fruit because of my wisdom teeth, so tomorrow is a grocery haul. And I can not wait to dive into those deliciousness.

My whole real talk is Shit happens. You can have some bad days, but don't make it a bad month, bad week because before you know it, its a bad year and you just cant seem to dig yourself out. I had to face it and move on.

So I am ready to have a schedule and a plan and way to get it done!!!

Have an awesome weekend!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Ultimate Fitness Fashion Touchdown Giveaway with Fit & Flirty


Woohooo!!!! I know I am!!!!

 Living in a household with a man who was born and raised in the Maryland/D.C. Area, it is impossible to not get caught up in all the hype, the fun, the loudness and get swept away in the sport.

We are Redskins fans by the way ;0).

I honestly have no choice.

Believe me there is no room to be a fan to any other team here lol. But before meeting James, I never was a huge football fan, I didn't understand the game, he tells me it is so easy to get, and with constant push, I  now love the sport, I love what it does to my household on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays. I love getting swept up in it all.

But if I am being truly Honest, I love that I can get all decked out in cute clothes and help cheer my man's, now my team also, on to a touchdown. And secretly praying for multiple ones.

Back to the looking cute idea. Have you noticed and this is to ladies, how awesome the female population of female fans is growing??!! It is pretty fantastic. I went to a Bucs game a year ago and I was so pleased and amazed how many female fans there were, decked out head to toe and going just as crazy and having just as an awesome time as the men were. I mean you have to join in on this fun!!!

Okay, so while we are watching the game, eating our awesome snack foods, cheering on our favorite teams, enjoying some drinks and just having a great time, we want to look good right??!! I mean our favorite Quaterback is playing and he only scores when we are looking our finest ;0).

So here is an AMAZING GIVEAWAY you have to ENTER with and even more AMAZING online store Fit & Flirty

Fit & Flirty is an online boutique for all those ladies who love to look their best, feel their and be their best while working out, running, walking, etc or who just want to look good and feel good in really cute clothes. I mean you have to check out the cute shirts alone, like this one Coffee & Gym.

Hello, if that isn't life, well I don't know what else is.

The owner of Fit & Flirty , Anna Dalarie's is a fitness, fashion and football fanatic just like myself. And she is passionate about selling clothes that make females feel good, but look good while they are working out. She is a pretty fantastic female and has this AMAZING GIVEAWAY, remember I mentioned this above, before I got sidetracked telling you all about her awesome online store.. :0)

Okay so here is the Deets...

Just so you know that is not a typo, yup you can WIN a $300 Shopping Spree at Fit & Flirty AND $75 Gift Card from NFL Shop!!!!!!!!!!

OH wait there is more.. You also get FREE SHIPPING from today August 11-September 9th,  

UMM Free Shipping is a win all its own because it means you can add more to the Gym Bag, am I right??

Okay so how you are going to enter is very simple...

Giveaway Details:

  • Giveaway opens Today, Tuesday, August 11, 2015
  • Last chance to enter is Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 at 11:59 pm (PDT)
  • 1 winner, selected randomly
  • The winner will be annouced within 48 hours of the close
  • The Fit & Flirty $300 gift card and $75 NFL Shop Gift Card will be sent individually to the Winner
  • Eligible to USA and CANADA residents (excluding the residents of the province of Quebec)
  • Must be 18 years of age at the time of entry

Alright all my Fashion, Fierce, Football Fan loving Females, head on over and Enter to win, so come the start of Football, you are looking FINE!!!

Here is the link again, you know in case you overlooked it with excitement 

Good Luck and Let the Countdown Begin to Football!!!!!!

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sunday Morning Reflections

Good Sunday Morning!!!

It is a glorious one here in Florida too. And what made it even better, I got to sleep in with no alarm set and nothing to worry about. I could wake up, go pee and go right back to bed. Come on, you know you love that feeling.

I did wake up with a slight headache this morning. I think it was my sinuses. The Dentist said I might experience something like that and my stomach a little funky, due to the Penicillin. But all in all I have to say this wisdom teeth pulling was not at all what I thought it was going to be.

I had heard so many bad stories from friends and family how much it hurt. How long I was going to be pain for, etc. And honestly I have had some pain but more discomfort than anything. My swelling was nothing what I expected it to be. Again I thought I would have these big old chipmunk cheeks. And actually just one side of my face has been swollen and it is the side they had to put stitches in.

I had a bit of a fever but that was the extent of the majorness of it. I do admit I am scared to eat anything hard right now too. So I am still on the soft food train. I have been having soup, mashed potatoes, yogurt, jell-o, applesauce and protein shakes. I did try some pasta, but I didn't even bother chewing, I just had it whole.

I have been moving from the couch to the bed a lot and it has been great. I have gotten a lot of rest and relaxation. I haven't even turned on the TV in two days. I have just been reading and I plan on doing the same today. The instructions said to not do any exercise for the couple of days on the pills and I am glad I have listened because the one does make me a bit tired and the other rumbles my stomach.

Tomorrow I am gonna try walking again on then by Wednesday I will run a bit. This has forced me to stay still a lot and I feel okay with it. Another great thing is my cravings  have gone down a whole lot.  I am not hungry at night and looking for snacks and if so it is applesauce or Jell-o or yogurt. And I lost 1.2 pounds too. So I am hoping this is helping me jump that hurdle and get over the plateau I was on.

The only crappy thing is I really miss veggies and fruit, like I could really go for some carrots and hummus. Hahah, honestly who says that. And a good crunchy grape!!

I am gonna pick up some softer fruits today since it has been a few days. James's mom is in town and she spoils the hell out of us when she comes in. I mean she takes out to dinner, breakfast, the whole nine yards and then takes us to Target to get stuff for our apartment. And seriously who am I to argue with that :0) That is my agenda today and then more relaxing since I go back to work tomorrow.

So I survived my first surgery per say with flying colors.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!