Sunday, April 19, 2015

Currently April

Haven't done one of these in a while, nice to catch up.

Current Book:
I purchased a couple of Groupons recently where for 5.00 you get a 10.00 credit through Barnes and Nobles for the Nook. I have a Nook and bought 3 of them. Due to this I have been looking for new books to read, going through lists I have made, etc. My great friend, Nanci and I have a make shift book club lol, not really, but every time we read something good, we let each other know. Nanci is the best at suggesting books, I just finished two recommendations from her...

The Girl on the Train    &  

Both great books and totally different from each other. Sneaking Candy is a fun, guilty pleasure, quick read but VERY entertainging and The Girl On The Train is fast paced, intense and a lot like Gone Girl. Each book, I couldn't put down and read very quickly. Now, I'm startin tomorrow A Dog's Purpose..

Current Music:

This song is on repeat over and over..

I just love the message and everything to this song.

Current Guily Pleasure:

My Brand New Selfie Stick

First selfie Stick picture. I am thrilled, James not so much! It is a plus having him work for Best Buy too.

Current Drink:
I have been really great with keeping up with my water intake, but I have been loving ordering a Trenta sized Unsweet Iced Green Tea with 2 pumps Peach syrup from Starbucks. It is very refreshing.

Current Food:
Everything haha!! I love food, and my taste buds are always changing. Trader Joe's is rigt up there with eveything I love.

 Melt the cookies and creame butter and then pour over a frozen banana and some cut up strawberries.

This salsa is to die for!!!

My favorite thing now is pouring BBQ sauce over a sweet potato. Make sure to try it!

The breakfast's that are most simple to make are the very best.

Current Show:
I am loving Secrets and Lies, The Big Bang Theory, Grey's Anatomy, Young and Hungry, Once Upon A Time, Modern Family, New Girl and The Goldbergs. That's my typical DVR line up. But I just finished this from Netflix, I watched the whole seaons in one day and it was great and hysterical...
Image result for unbreakable kimmy schmidt

Current Wish:
More money, less debt, ankle magically completely fixed and my car would just be brand new lol.

Current Triumphs:
Getting back into running again and completing not one but two 5k's in a week. The Iron Girl 5k was by far my best triumph so far! That finish line felt amazing.

Current links:
Besides loving on all my favorite bloggers and friends through Blog Lovin, I have been using Crowdtap a lot, I love winning gift cards and prizes through them.

Current Need:
My car to have a new A.C. unit. It is hot here in Florida and oh man, does this need to be fixed asap.

Current Indulgence:
Cookie Dough Pedicure treatment I got from a Groupon. They used a milk based water bath and then a brown sugar foot scrub and lotion. Then they serve cookies and milk to you. The tech and I were chatting away the whole time, so I completely forgot about the cookies and milk, but the scrub and experience was well worth it and my feet needed it so bad.

Current Outfit:
I typically can be found in two divisions of clothing, work clothes, which consist of black, white or grey attire or my sweat pants and tee-shirts. But on my days off, such as today, I throw on some spring and color..

Love these shorts from Old Navy. They fit great and are comfy and super cute.
I also picked up this shirt today from Ross for only 4.99

My Chevron Obsession continues. 

Current Excitement:
Really just life in general. Exciting that my ankle is healing quite nicely and I am starting to feel whole again.

Current Mood:
A bit sleepy because it is close to midnight, but in general, just happy. Life is good, my friends and family and James are amazing. I am doing extremely well. So my mood, is very content!!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Color Me Rad 5k 2015: Bigger, Badder & Radder

Today was a colorful, Fun Day!!

My BFF Jen and I won tickets to run the Color Me Rad Tampa 5k race. We ran this race, last year and the year prior. Last year I won tickets and asked her to join me, the same thing happened again. We are lucky and so grateful to participate in this fun race. Normally, the race is in May, this year it was a few weeks earlier, which it really did make a huge difference in temperature wise.

It was a gorgeous day, blue skies and some breeze. With me being still a bit injuired and Jen hasn't ran all that much, we decided to take this race nice and slow. To be honest, it is a not a race you really run, it isn't timed, or is there a medal, it is just about getting together and having a really great time and getting color bombs, gel and spray all over you.

I, started the morning in my typical fashion with a selfie...

Wearing white is always the way to go with this race :0)

Jen and I met at the mall in Tampa and drove together. It is always a great time when you get to see your BFF. We talk to each other every day with work, but hardly get to see each other, so despite everything this was a great way just to get together.

Pre race fun. Color Me Rad was Bigger, Badder and Radder this year.
They had more color bomb areas this year and the pre and after run fun and giveaways were bigger.

VitaCoco had a vendor set up and giving these away. I had the original before and wasn't too happy with it, this one was great, I mean really, good! I will be buying this more often.

Before the color!!!

Huge turn out!

I was in the line of fire, Jen made it out clean the first two colors. They made up for it after 9 other color stations.

We made it through!! We walked the whole race, at a fast pace. It was the best choice for my ankle, since I ran the Iron Girl 5k only a couple of days prior. I wanted to take it nice and easy, so I can cointinue to heal properly, plus I told my PT the same thing hehe.

This really has been a tradition for Jen and I. Each year we have a blast, it is great way for us to meet up and get together with a few thousand other people and do something we don't normally do.

I recommend the Color Me Rad race, its fun, non competitive and a blast of a time.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Pre Weekend Off

Good Friday Morning!!!

I am currently at PT riding the bike for our warm up! Ankle is a bit sore but this week I know did a toll on me. Iron Girl and then doing the floor set knocked me right out this week and then on top of that I got the worst period I have had in a really long time.

I mean really bad, no energy, stomach pains and the only place I could lay was between my bed and couch yesterday. 

Today, thankfully I'm feeling a bit better but my energy level is so different these days! But it's something I'm looking towards.

But this weekend I am looking forward to being off on Saturday and Sunday and some fun things planed..

Color Me Rad 5k
Cookie dough Pedicure
Sleeping in on Sunday morning
Working out on Sunday
laying around
And doing some laundry

Yes, I'm excited to get chores done, after the last few days and how I have been feeling, it will be nice to be human again.

I also read I a Women's Running magazine a back to being a runner work out for 8 weeks that I'm going to try. And because it breaks down things to do, I'm really loving it! I will start it Sunday! And post what it will be looking like.

Hope everyone has a great Friday! Woohoo, I'm actually excited for end of day!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Iron Girl and My Fight Song

Good Tuesday Evening everyone!!!

So the last two days have been quite eventful and awesome all the way around.

Sunday morning was the Iron Girl 5k in Clearwater. I, of course, originally really wanted to run the Half Marathon but the ankle injury happened so I was not able to do that, so I figured the 5k would be just as great.

As you know getting back into running has been fun and with the whirlwind of it all, I was not sure how I was going to do or how my ankle was going to hold up. I ran 3.1 last Tuesday and while it hurt a bit, I felt pretty good. I was just nervous about the bridges because it does take a lot of pressure.

But I didn't care if I walked it, I was going to get that finish line.

I got up super early, which any other day I would have hit snooze a million times, but I got up, bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to go. I did make a cup of coffee, which I never do, because coffee and running does not usually work for me, but I figured I needed it and whats the worst that could happen. Good to know, it had no effect on me in the negative aspect.

I wanted to get there early so I could see Nanci and Corina. They were running the half and it started 30 minutes before the 5k. I am so proud of these ladies, they have been doing races all year, lots of half marathons and having a blast doing it. I really wish I could have ran with them, because it is always an amazing time. But there is always the end of the year and next year.

I watched them take off. It was really awesome to be a spector and I got chills watching them start off on their journey.

If was a beautiful sight. I love, LOVE running races and especially in our area. The views make all the pain worth it. I waited my 30 minutes until our take off. I wasn't nervous but more anxious, I think I just wanted to do it, to do it. I decided I was going to stick to my 2:1's beacuse I felt really comfortable in them.

I ran the first .50 mile without my beeper, to weed out some of the crowds. A lot of ladies were walking and its hard to get into a good spot. Right before the bridge I hit my beeper and got my first routation in. The first bride is always the toughest, who am I kidding, they all are, but it is different and I was not giving up. I made sure to run when I needed and walk my minute. I am stubborn and fought through it.

My ankle was feeling good, not great but not bad. My knee was good too. I taped and braced myself up something special. I didn't want to take any chances. I was really feeling great and like a runner again. I focused on me and my surroundings. I was listening to my music and just getting into the groove. I cant express what a confidence boost it all felt.

I got water at the two water stations. It was a hot and humid morning. Like always. I was heading back to the finish strong. At 3 miles, I just ran it in. I wanted to just finish strong. I didn't look much at my watch, I honestly could care less what the watch said. I was happy. I was feeling great. I was back at it.

I finished!!!

This 5k finish felt truly amazing. I mean I was beaming, as you can tell. It felt so good, that 2 months after an injury, I not only attempted this race but finished and finished strong, not even more hurt or in even more pain. I finished! This felt so good because when I fell, the first thing out of my mouth was will I run again. I was that scared and nervous and well, I am running again!!!

It felt just as good as the marathon, even though I don't believe any finish line will feel as good as that one lol.

Crossing the finish line I downed a bottle of water and got my medal and finally met this lovely lady..

Quiana!! We have finally met, we have been Instagram, Facebook, all of the above friends for awhile now, so it is so nice to meet in real life. She finished also the 5k, under 34 minutes like a Boss, congrats to you girl!!

After, I got my free food, duh of course and headed home because I had to work a floorset that night. I stopped at DD to get a large ice coffee, because nothing makes me happier than running and coffee. I took, a nice long nap and then laid out at the pool before work. Work was a bit rough that night, the soreness and stiffness settled in and I was on my feet at work for 6 hours, so all in all I was exhausted.

But gosh it was a wonderful day!

While, I was running, I decided to listen to Pandora and I came across this song...

Fight Song..

So this song, god this song, spoke right to me. I was coming up over the first bridge and man, it couldn't have come at a better time. I was amazed at how this song, really was my fight song, it was me, all me!!! My theme song for this year and going forward into my 30th birthday.

I think everyone and anyone can relate, it isn't just about fitness, it is about life in general.

I have downloaded it from Itunes and listening to it non-stop, haha!!


Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sometimes Life Just Gets In The Way

To define this week, I would have to say, is sometimes life just gets in the way and sometimes you just have to go with it.

I had full intention these last few days to get some sort of a work out in. Because I closed at work on Wednesday and Thursday, and both being long, busy days, I knew I wanted to rest a bit. Wednesday I did get to PT, so some movement but now cardio. Friday and today, well they just went down the drain.

Yesterday, was a long and busy day. I was at work super early, getting so much accomplished and then immediately right to PT. After PT, I had to drive to Tampa to pick up my Bib and shirt for IronGirl. The ride to Tampa was horrible!! I mean absolutely horrible, I was stuck in traffic for a hour and 20 mintues. My cars AC is on the fritz and well it is hot as balls in Florida again now, so being in 10 mile per hour driving and heat makes me extremly unhappy and miserable.

And very, very hot.

By the time I got to Tampa, I was beat. I picked up my race packet and even got to meet Jessica over at TampaMomRuns. I would have loved to chatted more with her, she recognized me right away and she is so sweet. It is so nice to finally meet some of my Instagram favorites and bloggers. I cant wait and continue to meet more.

The Fit2Run in Tampa is pretty amazing. They have a smoothie bar right in the store and since I was hungry and hot, I decided to get one of their Acai Bowls. They were out of Acai, so I tried the Pitaya. Which honestly I had no clue what it was, but it sounded good. It turns out to be very similar to a dragon fruit. The bowl is mixed with pureed pitaya, organic hemp seeds, organic soymilk, strawberries, pineapple and bananas. It was refreshing and delicious. I am looking for this on menus now more often.

Since that drive took everything out of me, I did not want to drive back home, luckily I got home in a quick manner. It was almost 8 when I got home, I was exhausted and starving so I called James we were going out to dinner. We went to Chilis and I had the best dinner ever.

I ordered their new 6oz sirlion with Grilled Avocado. It came with a side salad and grilled tomoatoes. When I tell you it was amazing, that would be an understatement.

I forgot to take a real picture. But this was a perfect dinner, 410 calories and only 11pp. Allowed me to have two draft Miller Lites and a skinny watermelon margarita. Delicious and turned my mood right around.

Today, I worked all day, my foot was bothering me. So after work, I did a majoy grocery shopping, which broke my budget but we were out of everything and I was sick of not having anything in our house, which had me making bad decisions. So spending tons of money on groceries, is okay with me, if it keeps me on track.

Once I got home I got into cleaning mode, so I can enjoy my time after Iron Girl tomorrow before I have to go into work and then my full day off on Monday. By the time I literally sat down it was 9:00 o'clock. I did beat myself up again for not getting a run in or the gym, but life happened.

I had to do other things. I know I should make more time for working out and I will, but this was just an off week. Plus now I know I have nice rested legs for my fun run tomorrow. I am nervous and excited. My first big run and race since injury. It should be a great time. I am not getting a PR at all, it will be probably my worst time, seriously all I want is that finish line experience. I just love crossing it and overcoming everything that came up with it before that.

I will overcome the pain and frustration, I will fight back against this year.

So my advice this week, let life happen. Sometimes you are going to miss a few days, things will get in the way, don't let it overcome you. Don't stress and get upset or beat yourself up, so put on your big girl panties and make the next week better!!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Catch Up with Coffee

Good Morning!!!

This week has been a bit of a whirlwind. James and I went to Opening Day of the Rays on Monday and we had a blast. The Rays lost but the day was perfect. The weather was great and the draft beer tasted amazing. I have to say a NSV was the fact I knew when to stop and I drank water the rest of the day. I mean I actually craved water. That is something that never happened.

And the rest of week has just been a world of work. We have a lot going on, so my mind and body is there, which is breaking it down a bit. I did get a really great run on Tuesday. I ran for 3.1 miles.  A little test to what Iron Girl will be like on Sunday. I was beating myself up something firece on the run. My legs have been so heavy since my Epic leg day last week, so I was moving like a snail and had some aches and pains. I stuck with my 2:1's which I will be doing for awhile, just to get back in the rythm of it all.

While I was running, I was just mad at my body. Mad at the fact I feel, even made I was running 3 miles and not 10 and training for the half, which I had planned to do months ago. Then as I was turning around at the half way point, I saw a man walking with one leg. He was walking so strong, his head held high, proud. I looked down at myself and I saw two, fully functioning, strong legs. I was running 3 miles, regardless of pace, 2 months after having a major injury. How dare I feel bad for myself or mad I am not moving at a certain pace, when some people might never run at all.

I snapped out of it and vowed to never get mad or petty about running again because I am truly blessed to even be able to run at all.

It was the run that I needed, regardless it was 13:30 pace, I finished and that is something I didn't think would happen months ago and I know I will only continue to get stronger and better. Yesterday and today have been rest days for me. After the run on Tuesday, my legs and ankle were pretty sore.

Last night at work, my legs, heels everything was killing me a bit, we were busy at work, so I didn't get to sit down once. So this morning I woke up in a bit of a funk and my sinus a little whaky, so with a busy running weekend coming up, the two rest days are what I am going for. Tomorrow I have a busy day too, work, PT and then to Tamp to pick up my Iron Girl stuff.

When I get home I plan to get to the gym for just a little bit to sweat out some. I am hoping and really going to push for it. Then Saturday, just a little walk or run to loosen up my legs. I should have sucked it up the last two days, but listening to my body a bit. I am so excited to run Iron Girl and to do the 5k. I hope everything goes smooth, I am gonna stay in the back and just enjoy the views, the run and have fun. Honestly I just want to have a finish line, knowing I did this after an injury and I am working so hard to heal.

Plus I get to see some pretty amazing ladies too, which it has been forever.

Hope everyone is having an awesome week!!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter, Weight Watchers Points, Opening Day and Mad Men

Happy Easter!!!!

It is so hard to believe that it is Easter already. Easter is defintely one of my favorite Holidays. I have a lot of great memories of growing up and making today really special. I used to get the best Easter baskets and amongst other things too, such as a bike one year and roller blades. Those being the biggest ones I can remember. I am shocked though how these Easter baskets have grown, it is almost like a mini Christmas.

Today is a day of just rest for me and the Bubba. We have lunch plans with his grandma in a few hours and then nothing the rest of the day. I have been having some trouble sleeping, which I really never do, but this week, it has been seriously all off. Waking up around 3:30-4:30 and having the worst time falling back to sleep. Such as this morning, so I stopped fighting and got up and cleaned the apartment and then did some stuff on the computer until I finally got really tired around 6 and then only fell asleep until 8:15. And have been up ever since.

I am not sure if it is because I have included working out again into my routine and my body is just not used to it but it is strange. But a nap is on deck at some point today too.

While, I do not have an Easter Basket, I did get James a few things, his favorite candies and I picked up some Peeps and Cadbury Cream Eggs for myself. I can indulge in one today as long as I go to the gym for at least an hour, that is my justification.

I found this online and I thought this would be a good thing to share, the Points Plus Values of some of the most popular Easter Candies...

Brach's Premium Peacock Eggs (41 g or 18 pieces) = 4 PP 
Brach's Classic Jelly Bird Eggs (41 g or 14 pieces) = 4 PP 
Brach's Tiny Jelly Bird Eggs (40 g or 25 pieces) = 4 PP 
Jelly Beans (10 items) = 3 PP 
Jelly Bellies (1 oz) = 3 PP 
Jolly Rancher Jelly Beans (30 pieces) = 3 PP 
Lifesavers Jelly Beans (40 g) = 4 PP 
Starburst Jelly Beans (40 g or 1/4 C) = 4 PP 
Wonka Nerds Bumpy Jelly Beans (40 g or 23 pieces) = 4 PP 
SweeTarts Jelly Beans (40 g or 26 pieces) = 4 PP 
SweeTarts Bunnies Gummies (40 g or 14 pieces) = 4 PP 
Brach's Jelly Chicks & Rabbits (42 g or 4 pieces) = 4 PP 
Cadbury Egg (1.2 oz egg, not the biggest one) = 4 PP 
Cadbury Mini Eggs (12 pieces) = 5 PP 
Dove Coconut Crème Egg (1 piece) = 2 PP 
Gummy Krabby Patties (4 pieces) = 3 PP 
Hershey Mini Robin Eggs (1 box) = 7 PP 
Lindt Mini Lambs (40 g or 4 pieces) = 6 PP 
Lindt Mini Chicks (40 g or 4 pieces) = 6 PP 
Nestle Creamy Caramel Nest Eggs (41 g or 5 pieces) = 5 PP 
Nestle Crunch w/Peanut Butter Nest Eggs (40 g or 5 pieces) = 6 PP 
Peeps (Milk Chocolate Covered Dipped Marshmallow) (1 oz) or 2 Peeps = 3 PP 
Peeps (42 g or 5 Chicks) = 4 PP 
Peeps (32 g or 4 Bunnies) = 3 PP 
Peepsters Bite Size Chocolate w/Marshmallow Crème (40 g or 5 pieces) = 5 PP 
Reese's PB egg (1.2 oz large) = 5 PP 
Reese's PB egg (smaller ones, 17 g) or 1 piece = 2 PP 
Reese's Pieces PB Pastel Eggs (39 g or 12 pieces) = 5 PP 
Russell Stover Assorted Chocolates (2 pieces) = 4 PP 
Whitman's Assorted Sampler (4 pieces) = 6 PP 
Whoppers Mini Robin Eggs (41 g or 24 pieces) = 5 PP 
Whoppers Robin Eggs (40 g or 8 pieces) = 5 PP

Hope everyone has a Happy Easter today, however you are celebrating it!!!

And if you are excited like me for Two Other things today...