Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 93: Appreciating 3 Miles

I completely forgot when I did my transformation post to update my training for the day.

Tuesdays used to be a day I dreaded. I normally have to be to work at 8, which means I have to get up around 5:30-6 to run, which is usually just my 3 miler for the week. After my run, I have to rush around to change, shower and try to either pack a breakfast and lunch to bring to work or just my lunch, etc. It is fast paced morning, with not much of a down time.

To be honest, it took awhile for me to get into the groove with it. Now after 93 days, Tuesday's I look forward to my 3 mile run. I really don't mind getting up early and hitting the pavement. I usually have down pat what I am going to bring for breakfast and lunch and I am ready to go. I don't go all out with my looks on these days and keep things very simple.

I love long distance running, a lot. My favorite mileage is 8. Something about it to me is perfect. I think because it was the mileage when I realized I can really do this. But I appreciate and enjoy my quick and easy miles on Tuesday's. It really has been a great way for me to start my morning. And then when I come home from work, I can just relax and unwind, knowing I put effort in this morning to get it out of the way.

This morning was a bit different because I went it to work a little later than normal, so I got an extra hour of sleep. I got to eat at home and enjoy a cup of coffee before work started. It was nice, which made me realize how much I do enjoy my Tuesday's again.

Transformation Tuesday

That was me, 5 years ago. I had just moved from MA and was home in NY for a couple of days before I was heading down here to Florida to start my new life. See I was very overweight, but I didn't see it. I hid behind make up and cute clothes, tight ones and just assumed the dryer shrunk everything. I didn't exercise and I had just quit smoking a month or so ago. I was happy and I was bubbly but something was missing. I think deep down inside I knew I was not who I was suppose to be, this was not my body. Not the body I wanted. It would take me almost 2 more years from this point to realize that. So here is the thing I was never depressed or hated myself, I was the same person but just not shining how I felt on the inside, outside.

5 years later through dedication, motivation, Weight Watchers and running...

I am still smiling!!

But this smile has way more behind it. There is a sparkle and a spark and satisfaction with it. I am smiling from the deepths of my soul and I feel good inside and out. Even dripping in sweat, I am beaming. That smile is true and fierce!

I still have some ways to go but I know now my smile is genuine and true. I'm not hidden anymore and I have never felt better...

Monday, July 28, 2014

Marathon Medal and Magic Mile

There it is!!!!

It is so funny that this was posted on Facebook tonight because on my long run the other day I was thinking and wondering all about what it would look like.

I am so excited about seeing this. I now have a vision and even more then just the finish line. I will be wearing this bad boy for months, sleeping it with it and I will wear it work for weeks. Oh and engraving the back. 

This is mine I tell ya!!

Oh and I forgot to mention, I did my first mile yesterday with the magic mile of 10:59, thanks to the awesome pace I had with Nanci!! Testing my magic mile again in two weeks. My magic mile was good, I felt strong and it wasn't hard to breathe or talk doing it. Looking to improve and get better.

I will now dream about this around my neck!!!

3 Months and A Day & Media I am loving Lately

Monday is here yet again. I cant believe how time is just flying by and I cant believe that I have been training for the marathon now since April 27, so 3 months and a day to be exact.

I have been determined and set forth at this whole training for 3 months now. WOW! And we have about 2 more to go. Before I know it the training will be over and I will be crossing that finish line.

It gives me chills.

So yesterday I had a fantastic day after my fun morning with Nanci. James and I went out for lunch to Ruby Tuesday's because we were both craving a salad bar. Seriously who craves salad bars???!! Then we spent the afternoon doing some errands, using our gift cards and then a nice 2 hour nap for me and we finished Season 4 of the Sopranos and started season 5.

It was a great day and night of no plans, no laundry, no cleaning and really no thinking. I needed a day off like that and I need to make sure all my days off are like this as much as I can. Nothing but rest and relaxation.

Today, I woke up feeling a little bit more refreshed than normal. It is nuts, yesterday I woke up at 4 and was ready to go, today 7:30 and I hit the snooze a 1,000 times.

Monday's are my walk or XT train day, the last 2 Monday's I have used for rest because of my busy weeks, but today I used it as a walk and got a great 3 miles in and then did 10 minutes of strength training. It felt great to do that after work and clear my head. The whole time, I was thinking about running. But I like to stick to the plan because it has a purpose and it works.

While I was walking though, I was thinking about all the previews of movies and shows I have been loving lately. Oh My Goodness, so much goodness coming up!!
And so much I am loving on T.V. right now...Here ya go..

Yes!!! I read all 3 books and I have a shirt that has a saying from the book, that I will proudly wear when I go and see the movie. I don't care how corny or stupid people think it is, I loved the books and know I will love the movie. Everyone is harping on the character choices, honestly I could care less, it is all about the chemistry that is brought through. And they defintely have it in this trailer. I did want Gabriel Macht to be Christian but come on Jamie Donovan is super sexy, I mean really sexy. I cant wait to see the other characters and how the story unfolds like the book.

Yup, I have read them all and seen each one and loved the one more than the last. I can not wait for Part 1!!! 

Gone Girl!!! Another book I loved and so excited how this is playing so closely to the book. As you can tell, I love reading the books before the movie. Sure it gives everything away, but that is the joy, seeing if it matches up and having the character unfold before your eyes.

I am going to be eating a lot of popcorn this year!!!

Here is what I am loving on T.V. currently, you know for my rest days :0)

This show is super cute. It is on ABC family on Wednesday nights. Love it. It is more adult than what is normally on ABC family, but it is funny and witty.

Fell in love with this show from the start. I loved the whole plot and concept and it keeps getting better and better with each one. Way to go ABC Family.


I am so hooked on this show it isn't even funny!! We have HBO just so we can watch this show. I mean we have been on a roll this year with shows, Breaking Bad, Orange Is The New Black and now this. I have no clue what we are going to watch after. I am in love with all the characters but love the fact that we can watch each one back to back because I could never wait a full week for the next one. We have 2 more seasons left. I am sure the rate we are at, we will have it done in a few weeks lol.

Have a Happy Monday!!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Week 14 begins with 8 miles

Happy Sunday Morning!!

Happy week 14 of training for me and happy whatever week of training you might be embarking on!!

Started my day the best way possible! Running before the sun rise with a new and amazing friend, Nanci and then enjoying an iced coffee after with even better conversation!

Nanci and I set up our run right after we ran two weeks ago. She came to St. Pete this morning and we met downtown around 5:15 am. Yes, it's early but we wanted to cover 8 miles and do it before it got really hot. Don't get me wrong today was not a cool day. It was hot and humid and sticky, just all around yuck.

But we were out there tackling those miles. 8 miles came so quickly when we were talking the whole time. Seriously we have just met two weeks ago in person, but I feel like I have known here forever. It is awesome. We share tons of similarities and already talk about anything and everything. I can't wait for another run date again. And hopefully we can set it up with more of our runner gals!

Having a running community and support system is amazing and makes a HUGE difference. No one knows runners like runners do and I will make to surround myself with them more often.

How can you not see that and love it??!!

It makes the early mornings and heat and miserable humidity all worth it.

Duh of course we have to take a selfie!!

A little Dr. Seuss reference for ya and so how I feel about the run this morning and to everyone who runs in the summer. It really is fun for me.

Now that my run is out of the way and the rest of my day is up in the air. A nap though is of course penciled in!!

Enjoy your Sunday!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Week 13 Pushed my Strength

Good Saturday Morning!!

What a crazy, tiring week this has been.

Literally my mind, emotions and body are just exhausted. I feel like I'm getting enough sleep but my body and mind are craving more. I woke up today sore, legs, arms, hips and just tired oh and with another sinus headache. 

I understand training is going to be difficult at times. It is going to take everything out of me because I work full time also. And not your typical job, I am on my feet all day, never sitting down. So it wears you out and I'm feeling it for sure this week.

Plus Aunt Flo came last week and screwed me all up this week. Funny how all of these things come into play. I am still on plan with my training, which is awesome, I just missed one day of cross training or a walk. 

For awhile I felt like I wasn't pushing myself enough. I felt like it was easy haha. I'm crazy I know!! Then bam and now it is all real. This shitz is tiring but I'm becoming stronger for it. I'm getting my runs in and my XT the best i can and my rest, even though I feel like I'm not.

Today I planned a rest day because I don't have to work until 3. I was going to do lunch with a friend but I woke up this morning out of it. It sucks I really wanted to meet up but I know my body is like please just take the time!

But I feel guilty at times. I feel guilty for resting or not doing anything. Like if I don't work out or run or decide to watch tv instead of reading a book, I have guilt. I guess everyone can relate to that one.

This week was emotional for me becauseI tested the limits I never thought i could. I ran 15 miles!!! 15 miles in 3:08, a long time but oh so rewarding. I worked 6 days this week, 45 hours, and kept up with my social life and house hold. It's a lot but I seriously wouldn't change any of it for the world.

Week 13 holds a special place in my heart. I will always remember this week for the fact I went over the longest mileage I have ever done before. It has begun to test my limits and build my endurance. Sure I feel weak to training at times but I'm stronger then those miles and tougher than my thoughts!!

77 more days to go!!!

I love the lifestyle i am living!!

Week 13

Sunday: 4 miles
Monday: rest and prep
Tuesday: 15 miles!!!!
Wednesday: Recovery, long work day and weigh in: maintained
Thursday: 3 miles
Friday: Weights and 10 miles on the bike
Saturday: Rest from the week!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Journey to 26.2 Day 86 and Friday Favorites Finds and Fun


I can say that today because I only had a half day at work!! I had to sacrifice a second day off so I took some shorter shifts to make it up. Today was nice to get out early. I used my Old Navy gift card I was given for my birthday and went to GNC.

Seriously, who have I become that GNC is a favorite place for me to go haha. 

Today is also a walk or XT day. I opted to do it after work so I could sleep in a bit, which we know i love. I have been so tired. I'm not sure if my body is trying to fight off a sickness or my sinuses are kicking my A or maybe the fact I increased my mileage a whole lot, or the days off but it has put a toll on me for sure.

Any chance I am getting, I am napping. Rest is extremely important to me. I live and work so much better when I have rest. I mean who doesn't??

I did 40 minutes on the bike doing the rolling hills. Have to get those hills in somehow.

Since this is a quick and easy post, I wanted to share some of my new Friday Favorites.

My lunch yesterday haha. 2 white cheddar rice cakes, spicy tuna with roasted chick peas I got in my Bestowed box

Apple sauce and this yoplait light yogurt..

So yummy!! I need to have this combo for lunch more often. I was able to eat a little bit at a time and at work this worked out great for my 8 hours. It was filling and had a nice amount of protein.

Yoplait watermelon light yogurt for 2pp! Limited edition, found it at Walmart and LOVE it. I will be going back and stocking up on these for sure!!

This I got today at GNC. Amaze-balls!!! It is spicy but not too spicy. Settled my hunger strike with 10g of protein. A little high in points and fat but for my lunch and on the go, it was perfect. I also picked up a honey mustard one and BBQ. Can't wait to try. Settled my chips and salty crave.

I got these at Trader Joe's last week and they are delicious. Green tea ice cream inside of a little pocket type of thing. Very different but only 100 calories and 3pp, it is heavenly. They come in other flavors too, like strawberry and chocolate.

The Blendicano! Made famous from Mshell fitness, I follow on Instagram!

4 quad espresso
4 sugar free vanilla pumps
One cup of Venti ice
Then I added a Splenda packet and cinnamon.

Obsessed!! And 1pp. It helps me with Mondays!!

Here are some items I screenshoted from Instagram of things I can not wait to try..

I have the same one but Toasted Hazelnut! I'm on the lookout!!

 Make sure to follow them on Instagram too!!! I find a lot of inspirational and motivational ideas from them too!

Enjoy your Friday!!