Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!!

I hope everyone is having a fun and safe one. Over here in my world it is kind of blahhhhh!! I had a great day off yesterday but it has left me in all sorts of ways today. My stomach is kind of yucky, probably due to the most amazing sangria ever! And my knee was bothering me while I slept last night, so it kept me up.

I didn't sleep great and just woke up exhausted. Like I mentioned before, work is crazy and it just seems to be getting crazier. I am working and traveling all weekend and today it kind of just hit me. I had a plan to run and go to the gym after work, but man I got home and the couch was just calling my name. I knew this week was going to kick me straight in the face.

So I plan to make a great dinner, watch a Scary movie with James and get a good night sleep. I need it. Then tomorrow I plan to double up with a run and a gym work out, which I know my body needs that too.

A nice relaxing night and some serious couch time is what I really need!

Have a fun filled evening and weekend!!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Catch Up on the Week

Good Thursday Morning!!

One I can not believe that it is the end of the month already, one more day to go and October is over with. Geez where did it all go??!! But I have to say October has been my favorite month of the year!! As you can imagine.

I am off from work today, which I am extremely excited about. It has been a rough week and like of course mentioned before, it is only going to get tougher, especially next week. I am traveling for work a bunch next week, which a 8 hour work day, turns into 10 hours, for 3 days straight. I will be really forcing myself to get my runs and work outs in. Which by the way are doing okay.

I rested on Monday, after my overaly stressed day and then Tuesday, I had a long work day and when I got out of work, seriously all I wanted was a nice glass of wine. I tell ya, for going months with very limited drinking occassions, now I am really enjoying a glass of wine after work. Listen, I have no shame in admitting, this might just get me through the holidays.

I met James at CD Roma's for probably the best sangria I have ever had. I mean, I couldn't stop drinking it. It was phenominal. It is 9:00 am and I am wanting one now.

It's 5 o'clock somewhere right?!!

I kid!!

I went to Weight Watchers actually before meeting up with James, so I could weigh in. I have moved my weigh in day back to Tuesday, since that normally is my rest day, since I don't have to run a ton of miles on that day anymore. The meeting time isn't until 7:00 pm. Which kind of sucks, because I usually get out around 5ish and have to wait another 2 hours to weigh in and of course, I am usually starving in that time frame. But I sucked it up and waited.

I lost 2.6 pounds. I can not tell you how happy that makes me feel, considering Aunt Flo was here to visit and my snacking was all over the place at times. I know my metabolism took a distract change when I marathon trained, so it is still hard to keep that snacking at bay. I can say, there are days, I am hungry all the time, like yesterday.

But I will take that 2.6 lost as a huge win. I really just want to loose a little bit each week. I am not looking for huge losses or distract ones, I just want to get back on track. And I am really feeling like I am these days. I have been listening to my body when hungry and saying no, when I really do not need anything. I am slowly getting back into my running and work outs. Well, to be honest, it has just been my running lately, I am going to add more cardio and weights this coming week.

My running has been getting faster and stronger. Last night I ran 3 miles and I actually ran the whole 1.5 without doing any of my walks. Pretty happy with myself with that one. I ran after I got home from work, it got pretty dark quick, but it was nice to run in the twilight, that wasn't a god awful early morning. I love night running, because it gives me a boost in the evening and really helps me sleep.

I am still having some calf pain and strain, but working through it and resting when I can. I went all through marathon training with no injury, no point in hurting myself now. I do have a little bit of a Post Marathon, Post any Race blues. This time last year, I was training for the Women's Running Half Marathon, so I was consumed with that and well we know all the training I did this year. So it is hard for me to not have a goal or race in mind. I do have the back to back Gasparilla distance classic, 4 races, 31 miles in February, it seems far away, but really isn't.

I won't be able to really concentrate on that race until right after Christmas. But I am happy to say I will be doing the Thanksgiving until New Years Runners World Running Streak again. I loved running at least one mile every single day. It really helped with my state of mind and mood and even weight loss. So I guess for now, I can just enjoy it.

I am sure your getting sick of hearing me say that over and over. But believe me, it is weird not having anything going on. I complained that I had too much, now not enough lol.

Also I won a 50.00 gift card to Victoria's Secret through being an Influenster!!! How amazing is that! I got it from the VoxBox of the Victoria's Secret SportsBra one I was in. I can't even explain how awesome that is. I am really hoping I get it before Black Friday, so I can treat myself to a pre Holiday treat.

So that's where I am at this week so far. I am off today with the lover and we are going to see a movie, some grocery shopping and probably an afternoon nap!

Happy Thursday!!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Case of the Monday's

So this is how I felt today after work..

Yup and that's exactly how I felt with zero *beeps* given! And that is how my day started! I woke up late, which just set my whole day off and I just felt very overwhelmed. As much as I tried to catch up, more piled on and in reality it will be like that for the next few months! Sigh, the reality of retail!

I probably should have worked out tonight or ran but I just couldn't wait to just lay on the couch and veg out. Because at work I had so much going on, I didn't eat much, so when I got home, carrots and laughing cow cheese was the best snack and one too many pistachios.

And now enjoying the Monday night football

He is lucky I love him so much. Having him home now and we are watching football, is making my night even better!!

Hope everyone else's Monday is much better.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Best of Me, Panera and Running

Good Sunday Evening!!

Had to post because I had another pretty fantastic day off today and got my mind frame back in action!! 

I hit up Bath and Body Works after my last morning. Darn them and their awesome coupons they send me. I hate to see a coupon not be used ��

Then I went to Panera Bread for lunch. I really wanted the Autumn Squash soup but I looked up the points and it is 7pp for a cup!! While it is delicious, for a lunch 7pp for one item is a bit high, since I wanted a salad too. I had originally pre-tracked my lunch. Woohoo for me getting back into the swings of things.

I had picked the Fiji Apple salad but when I walked in, I saw on the pick 2 you can now have the power chicken hummus bowl as a YPT!!

What!! I was ecstatic! It is one of my favorite salads. The hummus is soooo good! I immediately went with that choice and chicken noodle and an apple.

After I had my love affair with Panera I went across the street and took myself on a date to the movies to see Best of Me. 

I snuck in snacks..

Good tip.. Bring a lollipop!! Way less points and calories and last a long time! My new favorite movie snack. The popcorn was perfect and I measure out 2 cups for 4pp. And my pop for 2pp. I did buy a Diet Coke. 

The movie was great!!! Really, really good!! I read the book awhile ago and it was just like it. I cried, it is a tearjerker!! Bring tissues! I love going to the movies and so glad that there are some really good movies out there AND I have gone twice in a week, that never happens!!

Gone Girl and Best of Me I both amazing movies and books, do yourself a treat and see the movies AND read the books!

After the movie, a tad bit sad from it, I came home and took an afternoon na. Yup, no shame! The. I woke up and ran. I still got my run in.

Each time I'm getting a little bit stronger and faster and feeling better. The marathon two weeks ago has left an imprint on my heart and my life. Every time I ran while training, I visioned what it would be like to cross that finish line.. Now I think back to how amazing it felt.

Those miles changed me in so many ways. It showed me everything is possible and I can get it done. 

I'm forever changed! 

I'm loving these 3 mile runs. I will go further but right now I'm happy with getting back to it. I have the turkey trot next month and would love to do it under 36 minutes, so I'm working towards that goal, I suppose! 

My day off attire! Hope of you were off you enjoyed yours also!  Here's to a good week!

Sunday Smiles

Happy Sunday Morning!!!

It feels amazing again, sleeping in a bit and just brewing a cup of coffee and relaxing in my Pj's! I love my Sunday morning long runs but I am really enjoying these easy Sunday ones too. James and I even sat on our back porch this morning and had coffee together. We have never been able to do that!! It's these little moments that make my heart sing!!

I will get a run in later after I enjoy my afternoon seeing a movie and a little shopping. I vowed to take at least one of my days off a week to just let myself enjoy whatever!!

Some other things that made me happy this week are...

This 5pp dessert. I sautéed some honeycrisp apples in coconut oil and cinnamon and then crumbled 

3 pretzel crips and some cool whip! Heavenly

Putting my magnets on my car! Makes me feel very bad ass!!

Still have my timing chip on my shoe. I think I might leave it on there forever!

Got a free NatureBox code and trying it out!! Those cookie crumble cashews taste awesome, going to give this subscription box a try!

Bath and Body Works have their fall items at 50% off now! Great deals on some awesome scents! 

I won this through a like, share comment post on Facebook! What awesome timing! I can't wait to wear it!

I had James go to Costco to get these for me when I saw someone posted on Instagram! You can find them only at Costco I believe! They are delicious!! I love fall BUT I LOVE the flavors and everything about Christmas!


The fact that the weather is just perfect enough that the sun is warm and I can still wear scarves!! Bring on the awesome Florida weather I love so much!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Got 3 Runs In

Alright I survived my first full week back in the real world.

Meaning, getting off of the cloud 9 of my marathon.

Hahaha. Who am I kidding?? I sat on that cloud all week and then some. My Proof pictures came in, I got frames at work and have been putting up pictures all over the apartment. Thankfully James really doesn't care how I decorate or what I do with the apartment.

I decorated for Halloween and he didn't even notice one bit. So me putting up pictures, here and there, he wont even notice. I am seriously obsessed with the fact that I have ran a marathon. I want everything and anything 26.2. Hint, Hint to all my friends and family reading :0)

I did go back to WW this week. I weighed in on Tuesday, bad idea, it was not the best weigh in. I gained. BUT not as much as I thought I would. I have been working hard this week to get back on track, but good old mother nature invited Aunt Flo over for the week. I mean really??!!!

And Aunt Flo is a total Beeoch!!! I tried to go back running on Wednesday. I made it to a little over 1.50 miles and I started dry heaving, as stated in previous posts. Then Thursday, I had the problem with Subway. So Friday, I woke up with cramps like you wouldn't believe and then bam it all made sense. I always get like this before my period and sure enough. Yesterday, feeling like absolute crap, I mean so bad. I didn't run. I mean I was doubled over in pain and had to get Midol.

This morning the same thing. I woke up out of my sleep with the worst cramps, that I couldn't even fall back to sleep. I couldn't even move out of bed, I just laid there. I wanted to run in the morning because the weather is so nice in the morning. But I just couldn't. The weather has been so nice and cool, so I knew after work, it would still be worth it.

I love being able to run after work now without the heat. The only problem is having the drive to want to do it. I tend to have a little bit of a slower pace at night, but it is nice for me to just unwind and clear my head after a long day of work. I usually get 2-4 miles in, I like to sit in the 3 miles. Today, I got it done. I went out and just took in the weather and ran. I am not using my GymBoss for the time being. I am just running and enjoying it and walking when needed.

It wasn't too bad getting out there again. My legs still feel a bit heavy, but I am getting a bit of speed back, which is throwing off my breathing, but gosh it is so nice to just go. I do love the idea of being to sleep in now and just heading out after work, it just seems to work for me.

My plan this week is to run 4 days and then 3 rest days or 4 run days and one gym day and two rest days. I think the second one will work, but no pressure too it. I am also going to use the gym after my runs too, since it is right on our property.

I can say, I am getting back to normal, slowly but getting there!

Happy Saturday.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Tips For First Time Marathon Runners

Alright so it has been almost two weeks since I ran my first full marathon and to say I am still sitting on cloud 9 is an understatement. I am constantly thinking about it still. It was such an amazing experience and weekend and day for me, I seriously do not think I will ever forget it. And when I look on Instagram, I get all of these warm and fuzzy feelings about it again, because so many people I follow and are friends with are gearing up to run their very own full marathon also soon. Such as the NYC Marathon on November 2 and my dear friend, Nanci, running her full on November 30th. I am so excited for all my friends and cant wait to see how their experience was, hoping it is just as fantastic as mine.

I figured, since I am now a Marathoner, I can give some tips that helped me have a wonderful weekend and even better Marathon experience. Now, again, I am not an expert, these are my opinions, based on what I experienced. They might not work for everyone, just some tips and tricks to have a great 26.2.

1. Clear your mind. Go into the weekend or the few days before hand, just plain excited. There is no reason to be nervous, you did all the hard work for months now, training, practicing, putting in the miles. This is the time to just focus on your self and how much fun you want to have.

2. Have fun at the expo. My expo was small, very small. But we had a blast. We took pictures, shopped at the little tents and I bought all the 26.2 items I wanted to get. Take advantage of any deals they might be having. If for instance there is a change in climate, this is the time to maybe pick up something to help you in the marathon. Such as a long sleeved shirt or gloves. I picked up a hat, but opted to use it a later time, since I didn't train with it. This is also a great time to get any of your fueling options, such as GU or Shot Blocks, in case you forgot them or packed to light. REMEMBER, do not buy anything you haven't trained with. 26.2 is a lot of miles to try and use something new you are unsure of.

3. Carb load all day and HYDRATE. I made sure I had bottles of water every where I went. I didn't care if we had to pull over a million times. I also made sure I was eating every couple of hours and had a big breakfast, lunch and made sure my dinner was what I always ate before my long runs. For me that was bread, salad and spaghetti with sauce. I didn't try anything new or different and it worked out perfect. I started carb loading a couple of days before because since I was traveling, I was out of my element a bit, but adjust to your surroundings. Don't give in to temptation if you are not used to it. Carb loading doesn't mean go crazy with food, you don't want to make your self uncomfortable, you want FUEL your body.

4. Do Not consume alcohol for days before. Unless you are used to that and your stomach can handle it. Believe me, I wanted a pumpkin beer or a glass of wine with dinner so much, I was around family and friends and celebration was so needed, but I knew it would dehydrate me, so I opted out. That's what the after party is for anyway :0)

5. REST!!!! This one was hard for me, because my mind and body were going a million miles a minute, but even if I wasn't sleeping, at least I was laying down and that is all that mattered to me. I just let my body unwind. Take a bath, read a book, have a cup of tea or watch a movie in bed. I did all of those things, and I can say it really made me feel great. Especially the night before, I turned off my phone and all social media for the hour before bed, I just took a nice bath, with Epsom salt and unwounded, didn't turn on the tv and just laid in bed, it was heavenly.

6. Lay out your "flat" self the night before. So in the morning, all you have to do is do what you normally do. If staying at a hotel, ask the front desk what time is breakfast, that way you can get your fuel and have it ready to go. Ours was at 6, but because I had to leave before then, they gave us to go bags and let me sneak in for a bagel and peanut butter. I should have grabbed something else too, because 2 hours later at the start I started to feel a bit hunger.

7. That lead to this, make sure you pack enough fuel!!! I dropped two of my items, and had to text my BFF to bring me some more. Our marathon wasn't giving out GU or anything, it was just what cheering squads had. Thank god for the lady with the Swedish Fish, that sugar rush was perfect. I wasn't prepared for losing my fuel, but I quickly found a solution.

8. If you have family and friends coming, see if they can see you not only at the finish line, but along the route. It REALLY helps to see someone you know, especially around that 20 mile marker. I started to hit the wall at that point and seeing my BFF at that moment, with water and fuel, I can't even explain. If you don't have spectators, ask family or friends to text you messages of encouragement and support, so maybe during that "wall" you can see the support and help you carry along.

9. Take in the surroundings. Enjoy the views and the cheers and spectators and those around you. Talk to people running in your pace group or section, even saying hello or hey you got this, it goes along way. I made sure, if I saw someone struggling to just say congrats, because you know what even if they didn't finish, they had the courage to be out there at that point. And I know it made a couple of peoples day. Take pictures. I took pictures of mile markers, the beautiful day, funny signs I saw or shirts people were wearing. I wanted to remember every single moment!! Take it all in, have fun with it. Also text a family member or friends to see what side of the finish line they are on, that way when you can close you know where to focus.

10. And my last advice, run that last .2 for you. Dedicate each couple of miles if you want to people who are important to you or moments in your life. I did that and broke it up into 4's. But really that last 1.2 mile, well that was all for me. I was going to savor in that last mile, like no other. Run that mile with your heart, forgot the pain in your legs or all over. Run from within and run with a purpose, run for the fact that you made it through and you are stronger than you ever thought possibles. Remember how awesome you are. If you are a crier like me, let it all out, you earned those tears and those miles. Smile big, jump, throw your hands up, however you want, get over that finish line STRONG!!!


I learned a lot about myself from the marathon experience. I learned I really loved running and no matter the pain, I was so happy to be doing this. I never wanted the feeling to end, I really was getting upset that the whole thing was ending. I hope these tips help, ease your mind, enjoy your taper and enjoy it all.

Someone said, the 26.2 is your victory lap, go out and get it!!!