Thursday, September 29, 2016

My Love Letter to Coffee

Let me tell you about my best friend...

It comes from a plant..

It is brown, little bean...

When roasted with water, it transforms into this magical liquid called...'

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Coffee is my best friend and today we celebrate it on National Coffee Day!!

Yup, today is National Coffee Day, so like any other Holiday, lets celebrate a bit of my favorite thing in the world, well besides running.

Dear Coffee...

My favorite cup of a coffee is one where I can sit down and just relax, most of the time, I am running out the door with my cup of coffee in my hand, or I am getting to work and ordering it from Starbucks or DD. So the mornings when I can just unwind and take small sips they are my favorite.

Other times I love coffee, after a run. Something about that sip, really wakes you up and gives you that perfect jolt to go along with your runners high. And it is my favorite way to enjoy coffee with my bestie after we have completed some miles.

Coffee is my favorite way to meet up with people and friends. "Lets go for a cup of coffee" My cousin actually had his first date with his future wife over a cup of coffee, a pumpkin spice latte to be exact.

Coffee is the morning is the nice way to welcome the day. At home, when I visit, it is my favorite moments with my Uncle, as he is getting ready for work, we talk and chat over a cup of coffee. It is a great way to bond.

I remember growing up watching my mom and grandparents all talk over coffee, coffee was brought out at dessert for a night cap with some cake or pie or cookies. I never understood then, but now I get it.

I enjoy coffee hot or iced, depends honestly on the day or mood I am in. I can drink iced coffee year round with the joys of living in Florida, but in the morning that first cup, should be hot.

I drink my coffee home, usually flavored. I LOVE flavored coffee and I love seasonal or limited edition flavors too. I love buying those different kind of flavors too. I will try any flavor for sure, right now I am of course loving pumpkin spice. I love having a flavored creamer at home. I tend to buy sugar free or fat free, but the regular ones, if they have a fun flavor, I will pick that up too. I use Splenda and I don't want to hear anything about it.

I used to drink my coffee with milk and sugar, light and sweet or Extra Extra, depending where you lived and how to order it. Then I lost weight and wanted to keep it off, so my ordering became different, but my love of coffee still the same, if not more.

I prefer, Dunkin Donuts over Starbucks, mainly because that is what I was brought up on. Dunkin Donuts was in my home town and I have found memories of getting coffee or going there with my mom, etc.

I collect coffee mugs! Seriously I try to get one from every where I go. I have NO room for them in our kitchen but I still love them and pick it up all the time, it drives James crazy, but I can't help it. I probably use the same one over and over, but it doesn't matter, they each reflect who I am.

Growing up I always wanted to get to that stage in life where you drank coffee, from seeing it portrayed on T.V. like on Dawson's Creek, which at the time, showing them drinking coffee was a big deal. Then I wanted a coffee shop life like on Friends, I think everyone wanted that. Or I wanted those big moments, little moments, diner moments like in Gilmore Girls.

I, basically, 100% have a love affair with coffee and the beauty is you can find it everywhere and never be without it. I can have it in the morning, a mid afternoon pick me up, it helps me survive Christmas Craziness and I can even enjoy a cup at night and still get to sleep.

Call me crazy, or obsessed but I am okay with my love of coffee!!

Thank you coffee, for making me sane, happy and for being the one thing in my life that I can control and always know is there and I promise to continue to give you the love and respect you deserve!

Love, your highly caffeinated lover,


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Concerts

Good Tuesday Morning Friends!!!

Today's Top Ten Tuesday is all about music. Okay I LOVE MUSIC. I work out to music, I read to music, I cook to music. I am huge fan. Music has a way of transforming you into a good mood, or making you feel better when your sad, or finding the perfect lyrics to help you get through a tough time.

But there is nothing like watching LIVE music. Seeing your favorite artist perform your favorite songs, right in front of you. LIVE music always sounds so much better, well we hope most of the time. LIVE music takes one night and transforms it into an EVEN better night. Your dancing and singing RIGHT along with your favorite artist and praying the next song is your favorite song.

In college, James and I were HUGE fans of LIVE music and concerts, we even loved just going and seeing cover bands perform our favorite songs, which if you lived in Scranton, PA during 2003-2008, you know what I am talking about.

So Today's Top Ten is Top Ten Concerts.

Now while I haven't maybe seen 10 concerts or that I can remember, I am going to throw in some I would LOVE to see. And make sure to check out Nanci's at This Crazy Life of Mine.

10. Dierks Bentley.

Image result for Dierks Bentley
This was a concert I went to this year for my birthday and it was AMAZING. I mean  he rocked my socks off. He played amazing live and so much high energy. It was a fantastic time.

9. Dixie Chicks.

Image result for dixie chicks
 I saw the Chicks in 2003, with my best friends from High School. This was right when the Dixie Chicks were involved with all that drama and the show was amazing. They played all their number 1's and ones from the new record and Michelle Branch opened for them at the time. The Dixie Chicks were touring again this year and I wasn't able to go, but I don't think anything would top the first one.

8. Alan Jackson.
Image result for alan jackson

 Yes, I saw Alan Jackson in concert when I was like 14. Hear me out, it was an excellent concert, but sometimes the concerts we see, aren't always about the artist playing but the atmosphere that went along with it. It was my first ever concert I was seeing, my Poppy took me because he loved Alan Jackson and knew I did too. So it was a perfect night. One I will never forget, I have no clue who opened up for him, but I just remember it was a special night I got to witness with my Poppy.

7. Kanye.

Image result for kanye west

Yes, Kanye, but good Kanye, before he became all crazy egotistical Kanye. But lets me real, besides his crazy antics and running of his mouth, he is a great musician. And he puts on an amazing concert. James and I saw him in 2008, it was right around the time Kanye lost his mom and he put all his sadness into his concerts. He played on stop for 90 minutes, no changes, just him singing hit after hit after hit. I have seen on Snapchats now how more in depth his concerts are and they don't look the same at all, so it is nice to say, we saw Kanye when. I had a new respect for him after that concert.

6. A7X or more commonly knows as Avenged Sevenfold.
Image result for avenged sevenfold

This is James's favorite rock band. I surprised him years ago and we went to Boston and saw them live. We had amazing seats and he was so thrilled and happy because he was seeing his most favorite band perform and it was everything he hoped it to be and then some. I wasn't a huge fan of them, heck I really didn't even know them all that much at the time but they can play some instruments for sure. The drummer was amazing, whom I think has passed on. We had such a great time at the concert, years later we saw them again here in Florida and they still put on an amazing concert.

5. Adele.
Image result for adele

Okay, so now the next half are concerts I want to see. I mean it is Adele. I just want to witness her singing live. After her last cd 25, she not only has meaningful lyrics and songs, but Dang can she sing and that is something I want to say I saw live.

4. Zac Brown Band.

Image result for zac brown band
Okay, this one is kind of both. I DID see the ZBB at RibFest here in St. Pete the first year I moved down here in 2009. They were playing a fair and just had came out on the radio really. They were still so new and no one really knew who they were. I remember listening to Chicken Fried and thinking this is an awesome song, who would have thought they would be as BIG as they are now. They were just here in Tampa and I was so close to going but we had Inventory at work and I wouldn't have gotten out in time. This is also a concert Bobby Bones, highly recommends seeing.

3. Beyonce and Taylor Swift.

Image result for beyonce

Image result for taylor swift

I combined these two ladies together because each are huge in different areas of music, but Two I would LOVE To see, just because I mean it is Beyonce and Taylor Swift, no real reason  haha.

2. Carrie Underwood
Image result for carrie underwood

falls under that category too for fierceness. Plus I know she is touring now and I can see in pictures and Snaps and Videos, she puts on one hell of a concert and she has like a million #1 hits and I know it would be amazing.

and Lastly

1. I want to see Journey!!!

Image result for journey

I could care less it isn't the original Journey but I mean my favorite song of all time is Don't Stop Believing and I just need to hear it live. James of course loves to rub it in my face he has seen them live, ughh. But this is my ultimate goal!!

What was your favorite concert?

Who are you dying to see live??

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Currently Wining Down...

Good Sunday Evening Everyone!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and is set up for success with a good week ahead. I am hoping to have a better one than last week.

It was a long week and a crazy one. Each time I felt like I was taking two steps forward, I was taking two steps wayyyy back. So I am going to hit the ground running tomorrow bright and early with work, in the hopes I can get a lot accomplished in some piece and quite.

But as we are winding down this evening, I am sipping on some wine and wanted to do a Currently post, because 1 I love those post, to let you know where I am at and they are so much fun to begin with. And because I am enjoying a glass or two of wine, it is like I am on a wine date also with you.

So lets wine down a bit....

While on our wine chat I would let you know some current things I have going on...

Current book: I am currently reading a BUNCH of books... I have this obsession with requesting books from the library haha. Seriously and then when I go to pick them up, I end up taking out more. Keeps me occupied for sure. I am reading a positive change book right now that I will have up soon for a blog post.

Current music I am loving is my country. I mean all the puffy heart emjoiis with country music. I am obsessed with the song May We All from Florida Georgia Line and Tim McGraw. But as I am writing and sipping now with you, I am listening to John Mayer Radio on Pandora and it is the jam right now. It is funny the music you used to  not like, always comes back around in your life. I am loving this station.

Current guilty pleasure right now is online shopping again lol. I had stopped for awhile but I am back and I found this awesome awesome app called WISH and you get things for super, super cheap and I LOVE IT. I have gotten colored Yetis for so cheap and shirts, home decor, etc. I am obsessed.

I am currently loving on some wine right so my current drink of choice is some  Rebel Red wine from Middle Sister, BUT everything and anything Pumpkin drink is for me and I have an order for everywhere. My favorite pumpkin drink is Dunkin Donuts iced pumpkin with skim milk and 3 splenda. And then Starbucks is the PSL. I love anything and everything pumpkin!

Current food love is acai bowls. Oh My Gosh they are refreshing and delicious. I got one from two different places here in St. Pete both made them different but they are soo good. Blended acai with some fruit, granola, agave, etc, yup healthy and so good. My new favorite treat to get on my day off. I had one this morning after my run and it was perfect.

Current show, oh my gosh everything and anything is back in my life. AHS, Greys, How to get away with murder, Big Bang, etc. BUT my new favorite is This Is Us on NBC. Last week was the first show and it is amazing and I have a feeling it is going to be around for a long time and I am really hoping so.

Current wish, is that everything in my store settles down and I can get everything in order and set up for success. I have a new assistant and it has been so hard to get her in the groove of everything and taking a longer than normal time. I know I am going to have a tough Christmas, but I am trying to take it one step at a time.

Current triumph is running with minimal to no pain in my hips. I went for a run on Wednesday and felt really good, today I was okay. I had some pain and made it through but I am moving so much slower than normal. I know this doesn't seem much like a triumph but here it is, I am not giving up and saying I cant!!

Current need to go grocery shopping. I am trying to eat some stuff we have had in our freezer, but I am missing out on some staples and it is a new, which I will get to on my next day off on Thursday.

Current indulgence was so shopping from Michaels for some fall decorations and planner stickers. I also bought my self a new Betsey Johnson purse, which is perfect. Trying to budget a bit more and dang is it hard, I just love to shop lol

Current outfit is my sweat pants and tee shirt. Seriously you can find me in that combo anytime on my day off. I start off in my running clothes, shower and then back into my sweats I go.

Current excitement is so many things...I am going to a blogging event tomorrow night for a new health food store, so awesome, and I am going home to New York in two weeks for a wedding and James is coming with me! And he finally gets to see where I came from. I have plans to go apple picking too, and do some real fall stuff since we cant do that here in Florida haha.

Current mood is content. I am glad I sat down tonight and got a blog post out there, feeling relaxed from the wine and ready to take on the week. I am happy even though I am stressed and content with everything right now.

Alright our wine glasses are empty, so lets refill and catch up again real soon!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Pain Free

So I have some pretty awesome and good news!!

I have been struggling for a good month now, I have been having a lot of hip issues. Some at times not so bad and other times it is so bad, I could barely move.

When I was sleeping, sitting, walking, getting out of my car and especially when I was running on both sides it hurt like heck. Two weeks ago, I decided or not really decided, kind of had too, make myself stop running for a bit and do some other work outs instead.

The other work outs have been great. I love the idea of switching up my work outs and it has been improving my legs and arms and oh man were my abs burning this morning.

Okay, now to the awesome part...I went for a 2.5 mile run today, in the middle of the afternoon none the less, and had NO PAIN. I mean no hip pain at all. Even when I was doing the walk breaks, I was really feeling back to normal. I was a lot slower than I usually was, but NO PAIN. The speed will get better I know that, but no pain. That is a HUGE thing!!

I have never really had a runners type of injury before. I had my ankle injury from work, but a runners injury was new. I hate that I was hurting from something I really, really loved.

So I am so pleased to feel better with running. While now I had no pan running, I don't want to get too excited. So I will continue to do my 3 days of working out and 2 running days and 2 rest days and see if I can get my pace back up again or even better than before.

But for now, I am enjoying this Pain Free!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Favorite T.V. Moments

It is my favorite day of the week!!!

This Tuesday we are talking T.V. For a lot of shows this week and next week, it is premiere week!!! I am so happy that my favorites are coming back and into rotation into my life again. So this week Nanci over at This Crazy Life of Mine and I are talking about some of our Top TV moments or series finales. You know there are moments in our T.V. love those scenes, finales and moments we just absolutely loved.

When Meredith asked Derek to Pick Her, Choose Her, Love Her...I mean break my heart in two...

9. Another Grey's moment...when Denny Dies...probably one of the saddest moments on Grey's

8. Parenthood was one of my favorite shows, I found after it aired, but the series finale and the final scene where the Braverman family plays baseball...
Image result for parenthood final scene

7. I am such a dork and have loved Saved By The Bell my whole life but when Zach and Kelly took their vows and they played a scene of all their love, it still makes me tear up lol and I still cried a bit

The Red Wedding on Game of Thrones, was on of the most shocking. It was non stop killing and heartbreaking all at the same time...

'Game of Thrones'

The final scene and episode of The Sorpranos, the way it faded to black with Don't Stop Believing. Did Willow get in the restaurant?? What went on???

'The Sopranos'

One of my favorite shows of all time is The Wire. James introduced me into the show and it is now one of my favorites, it aired on HBO years ago, we now own it because we loved it so much. When Omar one of the main characters and huge influence on the show, died, it was a scene and the way he died was like no other...

'The Wire'

When Jim asked Pam to marry him on The Office...we can't hear anything, but gosh...
 Image result for jim proposes to pam scene

I mean this one was everything you are hoping for from Friends....


The Final Scene of Breaking Bad, was everything
Image result for breaking bad finale

Everything that lead up to it...

What is your favorite T.V. Moment??

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Tampa Bay Coffee & Art Festival Recap

Thanks to my partnership with Tampa Bay Bloggers, I was given an entry to attend the Tampa Bay Coffee & Art Festival on September 10th, all opinions are my own.

If there is one thing about me you should know is I love Coffee!! Iced Coffee, Hot Coffee, Cold Brew, Coffee candy, anything and everything Coffee, I am a big fan of it all. So I was pretty excited to one hear about the festival and Two attend the event.

Image result for i love coffee meme

The coffee and art festival was a perfect little get together of local artists and coffee establishments. When attending the event you are given a punch card to taste 4 different local coffee shops. I tasted each of the coffees without any milk or sweetner, I wanted to really taste what each one brought to the table. I am not much of black coffee drinker and I love my flavored coffee, but this was an awesome experience to really enhance my coffee skills.

I was happy that each one was indeed an iced coffee. Out of the four I tasted Buddy Brew Coffee was my favorite, which is located in Tampa. It had a light taste to it, not bitter and I have heard and seen they have an awesome Cold Brew, which I got on the way home. They also had a food truck available from the same establishment and sold out really quickly. Which in my mind, means I need to go and take a trip to see them and get a bite.

There were around 10-12 different local vendors also, selling and displaying their art. The talent and fun paintings and crafts were so neat.

I wish I had a creative bone in my body for that. There was live music, that varied from tempo to tempo.

Two other food trucks were available besides Buddy Brew. Ice Cream and donuts! I mean what two food trucks could go better.  I opted for some ice cream, because it was a hot day but the donuts looked really delicious and seemed to be a huge hit!!

While this event was a bit smaller than I expected it was a lot of fun and super laid back. It was the perfect event to just stroll around and take in the atmosphere. I was grateful to be able to attend and now I have found more coffee places to love besides my favorite Dunkin and Starbucks. I love anything and everything that supports local business.

The event was held by DCNoise and I thought the pamphlet that they provided said it all....

"DCN...Started in 2012 by a group of college students, DCNoise is a benefit concert series developed to help raise funding and awareness for different organizations around the Tampa Bay area. The purpose of DCNoise is to strengthen and invigorate Tampa Bay through innovative and community-conscious events. We work with local organizations to create customized events that help them tell their story. We believe that the best way to make the world a better place is to do it together!"

They will be holding another Coffee and Art festival next year also and I cant wait to see the expansion and more coffee and vendors and that is a

Image result for coffee cup cheers

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: Motivational Quotes

Today on our Top Ten Tuesday we are listing top Motivational Quotes. I love finding quotes, I print them, quote them, post them, share them, etc. I use them at least once in my life a day. They keep me inspired in both my personal life and professional life. Here are some of my favorites, as I have many, many more. Make sure you check out Nanci's favorites too, she will have some good ones, for sure.

Positive Quotes For Life: Leave a little sparkle wherever you go:

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The Energy Bus:

Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe:

All of us have dreams and goals we want to achieve in life. Some of us want to get in better shape. Others want more money. Still others want to find the love of their life.

be a fruitloop in a world of cheerios - Google Search:

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Robert Frost:

She believed she could, so she did. Quote.:

What is your favorite motivational quote??