Saturday, April 19, 2014

Rest Week

This week has been a nice week off from running. It honestly has killed me a bit to not go out there and run at least once or twice, but I know my body and mind needed the days off to rest and regroup.

I did run the half this Sunday, I walked 3 miles on Wednesday and yesterday I biked 5.80 miles at the gym. I should have done some more exercise this week, but I have been tired and a bit lazy, with my period of course making its visit. The weather has been quite crazy this week with rain and kind of chilly too, so I use that as an excuse. I am not one to make excuses, so I really just wanted to time off this week lol.

Starting tomorrow I am still not running this week, but walking much more this week, biking and more with my toning ball. I am also setting up my training plan and training board for my marathon. I am a very visual person, so I need to make a training board so I can see my results and progress each day. I will post soon what my training will be and believe me I will be doing daily and weekly post on my training.

Happy Easter Eve!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Finds Favorites

So I haven't done one of these posts in quite some time. I see a lot of these posts from other bloggers I follow and I love when they post something like this, so here I go with some food items, etc, I am loving lately.

These are a great find!! They come in a 6 pack and only 110 calories and 3pp. These have been perfect for a quick pick me and chocolate fix. 

I have a big obsession with anything and everything that is trail mix related. I found this one at Target and it is DELICIOUS. Almonds, cinnamon raisins & apples, walnuts and yogurt flavored pieces. I can not stop eating this trail mix. Target has the best trail mixes and usually have a new one each month, I think I go there each time just to find a new one.

I love Cherries and Frozen ones go along ways. I thaw these, add them to smoothies, shakes, on top of pudding or yogurt, or just eat them frozen. When they are frozen, it takes longer to enjoy ;0)

THESE ARE AMAZING!!! You can find these only at Weight Watchers meetings, but if you attend a meeting and apart of WW, do yourself a favor and pick these up. They have coconut, mango and pineapple pieces and it is a perfect pairing to a yogurt, lunch, dessert or anytime snack.

I love finding new flavors of Almonds and Blue Diamond is my favorite brand. These are addicting and the newest flavor. The vanilla taste is light, but just enough and goes great with the Honey Roasted flavor.

I can not wait to find these in the store. I love the Skinnygirl brand and all of her margaritas, wine, vodka, etc. These look super delish.

I am obsessed with this color! Plus I love the fact that it is light weight and will be great for running in the summer. I normally don't like tank tops because I don't like showing off my arms, but I cant resist the colors or the fact that it was on clearance for 15.97! Score!!

My Easter favorites!!! Every Easter I have to enjoy a little candy, as long as in moderation, but I only get what I really want. I also got some for James of course too. The Cadbury Creme Egg is my all time favorite.

If you know me, I love all kinds of nuts and trail mixes, I am a huge snack person. And I love ones that portion controlled like these, that way I can control myself.

Enjoy! I have a lot of other items I am really loving lately, will make sure to post more soon.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Date Night Week

I have been so lucky this week to share two of my days off with James the whole day. We work opposite schedules at times and days off, but this week it worked out perfect for us. On Monday, we did a lot of stuff with my car and then went over to Gulfport for some lunch. It was an awesome day off. We never go over to Gulfport, even though it is literally 15 minutes away, but on Monday's all the shops are closed lol. It is a cute little town, that has some really nice restaurants and bars and shops. They have a small beach, but it is a perfect size. Plus, the town is quite and safe, which is now going to be a great new place for me to run.

We ate at O'Maddys for lunch and it was perfect. I did take pictures, but they didn't upload to my computer. We enjoyed a little happy hour, James got a Corina Light and I had a margarita on the rocks. We order a starter which was smoked fish spread and then I got a wrap and James got there famous Roast Beef Sandwich.

Monday was great and it was nice to enjoy the outdoors for a bit with each other.

Yesterday, we had a date night. We were meeting James's dad and his girlfriend for dinner at the Hangar, downtown St. Pete. We love it there, we have eaten there multiple times and always a great experience.

James loves to photo bomb my pictures, he has a great way of doing them lol.

We went downtown a little earlier so we could take advantage of some happy hour. I am not a big drinker at all. I did all that during College, but I can be very uptight and need to unwind a bit. I always think if I drink a lot I am going to gain back all that weight I had once had. But I have to remember, if I have a bad night, make the next day really good. So that's what I did last night, I took in all the atmosphere and environment and enjoyed myself for once.

I even order a hamburger because they are famous for them and they were only 5.00!!! I mean who could pass that up. I had a couple of glasses of wine and when we got home I did splurge a bunch on sweet and salty snacks. I mean a lot. My period kicked in and because of the wine, I was snacky. But today is a new day and I had such a great time with James last night, it makes it so worth it.

We spend every day together but to go out and just hang out and enjoy the day together is rare. We share different interests at times, I love to run and he golfs. I would be fine at just the beach all day and he likes to be in a bar watching a sporting event. But when we can have moments and days like these when it all ties in together, well it is almost perfect. 

We are trying to do more of this and more often.

How do you and your loved one spend a date night or date day???

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Weekly Weigh In: Stayed the Same

So I am a day late and a dollar short.

Yesterday normally is my weigh in and WW meeting day, but because I am without a car for God knows how long, I had to miss it yesterday. I had full intentions of going too. I was going to walk to the meeting and then walk home afterwords. I brought my clothes, packed really light for work, I normally bring like 3 bags and I condensed down to a back pack, big deal for me. But Mother Nature had another idea for me and it was pouring raining when I got out of work, so walking was not in my cards.

I took the bus home and then just vegged out. I had the whole house to myself, my DVR, magazines and just some peace and quite. I munched on some carrots and hummus, almonds and apples. I looked at some of workout gear and then looked away. My body just wanted to chill out, relax and take in the rainy night. So I did just that. I didn't worry about weighing in, or running or anything and just kind of chilled out. Plus after running 13 miles on Sunday, I usually take two days off to get my body right again. AND because I am starting marathon training soon, I am going to take things a little slow for two weeks.

Today, I was suppose to have a travel day for work, but because I am without my travel vehicle. I took a well deserved PTO day and it has been perfect. I actually slept in past 8:00 a.m., James and I got up and went an cashed in our huge coin jar. We made 134 dollars! Then I went to WW to weigh in and I stayed the same!!!


I have to tell you that is a huge deal because anytime I run a long distance, especially a half, I always seem to gain when I weigh in. So to see no gain and stay the same, it was a huge relief. I treated myself to buying two new 3pp bars they had. Jay and I went out breakfast afterwords. We went to First Watch Daytime Cafe. It was AMAZING!!!

Huge portions and very fresh. We gobbled up and then went to Plato's Closet to sell some of his clothes, he is downsizing. THANK GOD! I have been trying to get him to do that for years now, the man has way too many clothing items. Then we used the money we got from the coin jar and selling and went to Target and got a lot of essentials we have been wanting, like a rice cooker, some wine and beer ( not an essential at all ;0) paper products and of course some clearance items I found.

We got home and cleaned up a bit and then I went for a 3 mile walk which felt really good. I wanted to run, but I know it is good for me to just take it easy for the time being. The weather is really nice today and it was good to just walk. I took in a lot of our area, I normally don't get to explore because I am so set with where my mileage ends and begins.

So all in all nothing new and exciting in this land.

Hope everyone is having fantastic day!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Iron Girl Half Marathon Recap

Yesterday was the Iron Girl Half Marathon and boy was it out of my element kind of morning, here is a recap of the crazy but accomplished and satisfying day.

I had set my alarm to wake up at 4:15 a.m. but of course my boyfriend gets up right before hand and turns on the T.V. He has the worst habit of having to sleep with the t.v. on all the time and it drives me crazy, plus I can tell it hurts a lot with my sleeping habits. We try to set a timer and yes it goes off at a certain time, but he wakes up in the middle of the night and turns it back on, it drives me bananas!! Anyway, I got up and checked my phone and saw I had a message from my friend Jacke.

Jacke was not feeling well at all, in terrible pain and wasn't going to be able to run this morning and be apart of the race. I felt so bad for her because I knew this was going to be a big event for her and now she was missing out and wasted the money to participate. It would have killed me if I couldn't go, so I cant imagine how she was feeling. I immediately went into panic mode because Jacke was my ride to the race and my car was still broken. James had to work at 11, and if I took his car, he would have to go into work at least 1 hour late.

I woke him up and we discussed our options. We decided I was still going to go the race, but take his car and he would either get my car fixed before and take that or be late for work. As I was heading out AAA was in our parking lot and I asked them if they could check my battery. I mean what are the odds they would be there at that moment. So, they did and it turned out that it isn't my battery, but my starter. JUST GREAT!!

Well since it was 5 in the morning and a Sunday, we couldn't bring it anywhere, so I took James's car.

Before hand he snapped my traditional picture..

I googled where I was going and set out on my morning. Becca's the morning was all over the place I didn't do my routine of eating a banana and well using the bathroom. So well I was driving I had to pull over in a 7Eleven to do just that. Plus the battery in my phone is crap and was dying, so I had to buy a phone charger because I knew it would never last for me until the end and for the ride home.

I finally got to the area and parking was a breeze. I was shocked, I didn't have to pay and I had a prime spot that I could easily leave on time with. Timing was important so I could get home for James to leave for work. I stood in line to use the bathroom, once again, I never like to while I am running, so going before hand is key. There was an expo going on also, I walked around a bit, to warm up my legs and then found a pace group. I started in the 2:40. I started with them because I knew it wasn't going to matter too much, it is so crazy the first mile anyway.

I loved the environment and energy all around me. A lot of people doing their first half marathons and a lot of running groups and ages. I love races like these because it is amazing at how many different people you are surrounded with. One lady was 86 years old and I ran with her for a good mile, she was amazing. I seriously want to be like her when I am 86.

The first mile wasn't bad at all, I finally kept my pace, after about 4 minutes, I hit my beeper and got in my rhythm. LOTS of ladies were doing the run/walk method, more than I have seen before. I LOVED THAT!!! It made me feel comfortable. The scenery is gorgeous the whole run and I got lost in my thoughts for about 6 miles. I didn't even know the miles were going. I watched a lot of the faces of the ladies running, as I passed them, as I ran behind them. Making up stories to why they choose this race, etc. I found a rabbit to chase and kept pace all the way to 11 and then passed them and it felt great.

I had some serious blisters going on, but I pushed through. And this race was the first one I wasn't having any issues with anything. Everything just seemed to fit together.

At one point my Garmin lost signal, so my mileage was a bit off, so I paid attention not to my pace but the timing. I knew I wasn't going to PR with this race because of the heat and the bridges, I am just not there quite yet. But I wanted to at least beat the time I completed last year in.

My hydration was key with this race and so was my fueling because it was really hot yesterday morning. I used my fuel belt with four water bottles. Two had just plain water and then two had lemonade NUUN inside with a sprinkle of salt too. The salt gave me a some hydration and stopped cramping I could have. It tasted great and worked even better. When Gatorade was passed out, I grabbed some and water also. I don't care, hydration is key for me because I sweat a ton and I sweat a lot of salt out.

The bridges were tough, but I am tougher, I ran them for half and then my beeper would go off. The 4th and final bridge which is mile 12.5, I walked just a little bit longer because I was really feeling it. At one point of my running, I was singing a song and smiling, I was feeling great, so I pushed myself a little harder. While everyone around me was looking beat, I was picking up. At one point I was disappointed, we only had a little bit more to go. Then I did hit a wall, but I said I only have 10 more minutes and then the runners high kicked in and flew across that finish line.

Top was last year, bottom was this year. A year really does make a big difference. Even if I don't feel it at times, I am getting stronger, faster and better.

Crossing the finish line was different for me. I didn't have anyone on the side lines and I was distracted because I couldn't take it all in because I had to get home. I got my medal, which is gorgeous. The sun in the middle spins..

I grabbed an ice cold water and they gave out chocolate milk. YES!!! I love a cold chocolate milk after a run like this, I drank that down right away. I knew I wanted to get some Iron Girl swag, so I found the tent and got a hat and a sticker for my car.

Then I found the food tent and went and looked what they had. They had it set up buffet style with biscuits, turkey sausage, strawberry shortcake, potatoes, watermelon, bagels and a banana. I grabbed everything and the bagel I brought home for James. I got my plate and walked back to my car with it. I was going to dive in when I got home.

I stretched a bit, sent my text messages to my family that I completed and headed back to St. Pete, I would have loved to stayed and taken in the atmosphere, tried to find friends of mine and walked around the Expo, especially because I saw there was an Advocare booth, but I knew I had to get home for James to go to work, it wasn't fair to him if I took my time. I stopped at DD to get an iced coffee, I needed one desperately. 

When I got home, James took a picture of me with my medal.

I felt really great, despite all the craziness of the morning, I had a great run and felt extremely proud of where my life has taken me. I mean if you would have asked me 10-12 years ago where my life would be now, I never would have said what is today. I mean running 6 half marathons, signing up and beginning training on a full one, losing close to 80 pounds, never would this have been in my dreams and now it is a reality. Despite all the troubles and hardships I have been through, I still come up with a positive attitude and a smile on my face. They say people cant change, well I am proof they can, and for even better than what they imagined.

The rest of the day I was pretty sore, so I laid around all day and napped for a good 2 hours. It felt great and I didn't care for being so lazy. I ate when I felt hungry and taken a lot of water. It was a great day. 

Now I am taking a little break for running, especially any long runs. I am focusing on some strength and core exercises and finishing my Marathon book. Marathon training will begin the end of the month, so this break will be much needed.

I recommend if you have an Iron Girl Event in your area, take advantage of it. Everyone woman deserves to be an Iron Girl.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Shopping, Walking, Prepping

I love the day/night before a race. Doesn't matter what kind of mileage I am doing, I get all giddy and excited, anxious and nervous for what is going to happen the next day. I mean I have done this mileage numerous times before, but its the atmosphere, the people, surroundings, everything else that gets me all jazzed up.

Today, I had the day off from work and normally in the past before one of the half marathons that I have done, I have not had the privilege of being off for the whole, usually I am working. So when this one came around, I was thrilled to have it off. But my car was still not working today, so I was limited to what I really could do.

I knew I wanted to go for a walk today to warm up my legs and kind of debloat myself a bit. Get the heart pumping, blood flowing and sweat pouring. Since I am without my car, I figured I would walk and do my errands I had planned. I took the bus to the mall and then walked from the mall to Sports Authority, which turned out to be a little over 2 miles. At SA, I picked up a new running tank, mainly because I feel in the love with the colors and my fueling items; Gu, Sharkies and NUUN.

Then from SA I walked to Walgreens and got some water and almonds because my stomach was growling. Then back to the mall. I wanted to go to Old Navy so I could pick up the outfit I wanted to wear tomorrow. Old Navy has seriously stepped up their game with their active wear. It is truly fantastic and so cheap, well cheaper in price then others. The pants/carpi's are great and the tank tops are light, flowy and fit perfect, oh and their colors, yup everything I need and more.

You can say I could drop some serious money in Old Navy in just their active wear. I love Old Navy to begin with, but this made me fall in love all over again. So I picked up this awesome stripped white and mint green tank and black, stripped pants...

Flat Angelina, already to go!

And because I spent 50, I got back 20.00 in a coupon to use the end of the month. MORE ACTIVE WEAR :0)!!!!!

From Old Navy, I went to GNC to pick up my stock in QuestBars and now they sell PB2, genius! So I got my share and I had a 10.00 coupon to use, but I had seemed to deleted it and of course my SnipSnap App wouldn't work, and the manager lady was being a bitch, so I paid the full price, uggh. Oh well, means I can use the coupon again.

My stomach was growling again, but I held off so I could go to Yankee Candle and pick up some tarts and stuff for my car. Being I work in the mall and very close to all these stores, you would think I would not want to do this on my day off, but when I am at work, that is it, I go to work and leave, I never want to hang around, so I use my time wisely later on.

My stomach was mad so I went to Chick Fil A and tried there Grilled Market Salad...

It was absolutely delicious!!!! The salad was 4pp. Comes with some toppings that are 4pp also. 8pp for the whole salad with toppings and worth it. I loved it and will be splurging to get that more often.

After lunch I thought about taking the bus home because I didn't want to over work my legs and then I thought, who the heck am I?! I of course can walk home, it was is only 1.5 miles away, so I did just that! The total came to about 5.5 miles. I was very satisfied with that. I did wear the wrong socks, so my feet were quite sore.

I came home soaked in the bath, got my stuff all prepped and ready to go and showered and sat down and read a Weight Watchers magazine. Now I am going to cook some pasta and relax for the night. I am pretty tired from lack of sleep last night and being outside for a long time today walking around in the heat, so I'm hoping to be asleep no later that 10:00, giving me a good solid 6 hours.

I am ready and excited for the morning!

Talk to you soon!!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Only Human...

Sometimes when I look in the mirror I still see that overweight, sad, trying to suck it into too tight of pants and shirts girl. I still see the flaws and imperfections. I still question if I am going to gain all that weight back and if I am still that heavy as before.

This week has been one of those weeks. I feel like I look like a giant balloon. Nothing is different in me at all, everything looks the same and fits the same, but when I look at myself I feel like I gained a 1000 pounds. I am obsessing over it a bit. Looking in the mirror, comparing pictures from this year and last year. And the thing is, I am the same weight this time last year, and I look different from last year too.

Why is it that our minds play these tricks on us? This week has been a pretty off week too, personally. I had a long travel day on Tuesday, Monday I was out all day because I had to get James from the airport, Wednesday I was just beat to all hell after my car issue, but I did run that day. Thursday I slept in a bit, because frankly I just needed it. Today, I tried to sleep in again, but despite being so tired, I couldn't turn my mind off to just sleep.

Tomorrow I am off of work and off until Monday and the half is on Sunday. I can not wait because when I run, I feel thin, I feel accomplished and I don't feel icky, I suppose. I am sure I am hormonal because my time is coming very soon, but I guess today is just one of those look in the mirror days.

I have to remember that I have lost 78 pounds. 78 pounds that is huge. I roller coaster between that and 86 pounds for the last year. But I have lost inches, pants and shirt sizes. I have improved my whole body in the last year alone. And I have done 5 half marathons, 3 5ks and a 15k. Oh and I am gearing up to run a marathon.

I guess I just pride myself on never getting myself done with my weight because I have come so far, but really I do. I do have those off days, where I wake up and touch my stomach to see if it has gotten flatter and then when it bloats throughout the day, just wait for it go down.

I guess I am just human and on this path.. I have come quite a long way, before I would just say oh its a bad day and indulge. And sure tonight we are going for pizza and wine, its been a week, but the old me would have pizza, wine, cake, or candy and have way too many slices and way to many glasses. I have control now, I control my body. I am human and these days come but now I know how to make them go away.

I found this quote and it just seemed to make sense and I will leave it with that..