Sunday, November 22, 2015

My Successful First Week Of Half Training

Okay so I survived my first week of Half Marathon Training and what a week it has been.

My life is all over the place right now with work. I am putting in a ton of hours, usually my days can go between 8-10 and then some. Then by the time I get home it takes on another 1/2 hour, believe me the last thing i really want to do is work out or run But I am trying my absolute best.

This week was a bit different than the rests because I have only had one day off, which was yesterday. See life is out of control.

But per schedule it gives you 2 rest days, 2 cross train days and 3 run days. Out of all of those days, I know that the run days are the most important and I should never miss them. Now because my work is crazy, I will take an extra rest day and miss a cross train day because running around the store is defintley a cross train day for sure.

And that is how this week panned out.

Sunday- Rest Day
Monday- 3 miles after work in the dark. Stayed around a 13 minute mile. My legs were tired but I got it done, I stayed with in the 3:1's too.
Tuesday- Per schedule rest day and it was great. Had a half day at work, came home and napped and then just unwind the rest of the night
Wednesday- After work, I got my 30 minutes of cross training in. I went to the gym and used the bike and the elliptical.
Thursday- Used as another rest night. Long week and day and I just wanted a night to have fun. James and I went out to dinner, and I ended up going to bed early and sleeping amazing.
Friday- Finally my day off!!!! Had a perfect day off. Went to Walmart and got Adele's new cd ( amazing by the way) Returned library books, went to lunch with Bubba, went to Target and spent way to much, but it was so nice to treat myself. AND got my 3 mile run and the best run I had in a long time. Since technically I was suppose to run on Thursday and cross train today, I did the run instead. It felt really good and I felt super rested.
Saturday- I had planned since I was working 11-7, I was going to run before work. That way I didn't have to worry about it when I got home. Wellllll see my bed was so comfy this morning and it was the first time I could sleep in forever, I mean I really wanted to take advantage. So I hit snooze, well really turned off the alarm and vowed when I got home from work, that is when I would run and it would have to be the treadmill, which as you know, I hate more than anything BUT I wasn't going to give up. So I got out of work late, of course, and I came home, changed quickly and went straight to the gym. Despite the fact James already had dinner made for himself and I wanted to sit down. I hit up the dreadmill and watched the newest Grey's, which is also finally getting good. The 3 miles were tough because I am constantly looking at the how far I have gone, next time I need to bring a towel to cover with it. The only thing I liked was controlling my speed, but I got the 3 miles over and done with.

The main thing is I didn't give up and believe me every day I wanted too. I just wanted to say I do not care and I am done and I could figure it out. But I didn't and I wont. I know the next couple of weeks will be tough, but I can adjust and move on.

So here is to another successful week of craziness.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Training for my 8th Half Marathon

Good Sunday Evening Everyone!!!

Pretty fun and exciting stuff happening on the run side of my life.

Today, started my week 1 of Half Marathon Training.

So if I ran a marathon and tons of 5k's and halves, why am I training for one?? I know I can run, I know I can run the mileage and get it done. But I need the structure. I love the routine. I need to know everyday what I need to be doing. It holds me accountable and allows me to never give up.

I know if I didn't set out a plan and stay on track with it, I would let the rest of life pass around me and then I wont get it done. I really want to have a great experience with this half. It is my turning point, since coming back from my accident and just making it through life through that.

I went on to Pinterest and found this really great 12 week plan. Which has 3 runs a week, 2 rest days and 2 cross train days. Cross train days will be done in gym, I want to work on strength training on those days and the bike. My longer runs as the time increases will be done on Saturday's because that is when the half marathon will land, trying to set my mind set up with it also.

My rest days are Sunday and Thursday, which is nice because Sundays are usually my day off and I can just truly rest and stretch.

I am excited for this half training. I am going to try to stay as close to the training as I can, but already tomorrow I might have to switch some things as I may have a really long day at work.

But life and running go along perfect with that right, making adjustments and just not giving up.

I will be blogging this weekly so I can see my progress and accountability!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Buffalo Chicken Pizza Soup

If there is one thing I love for lunch or dinner is SOUP!!

My top 3 soups are French Onion, Tomato and Broccoli and Cheese. And I never really eat them because they are so high in points or calories. They are definitely a treat when I get them out and ironically all my favorites are at Panera. But this post isn't about my love for Panera, it is just about soup.

On Sunday, I was looking through my Pinterest for some good soup recipes. I was really in the mood for using my crock pot and making soup so I can have it for lunch for the week. I found this one where I had all the ingredients, which is rare in my life lol.

And it was so easy and simple.

3-4 chicken breasts
1 package of frozen corn
8 cups of chicken broth
4 cloves of garlic, minced
1 red onion, diced
1 1/4 cup of BBQ Sauce
Salt and Pepper and Garlic Salt to taste

Add all to the crock pot.

Cook on low for about 5 hours.

Take the chicken breast out, diced or shred, then add back to the soup and stir.

I measured out 2 cups for 255 calories and that was one serving.

Then add some clinatro, shredded mozzerella cheese and I topped with a bit more BBQ sauce.

It was sooo yummy and filling and ended up having a ton of protein. James even liked it.

It is the perfect time of the year for soup and for when I am starting to put in some crazy hours, this is just perfect to come home too and have for the rest of the week or the nights when you just do not want to cook.

I paired with some biscuits too.

Here is the recipe I used too if you want some more guidance.

Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Pizza Soup

Friday, November 6, 2015

My Whirlwind..Scratch That, HURRICANE of a Week

Good Friday Morning.

Oh my gosh it has been a little over 9 days since the last time I had checked in. Remember when I would write every day. Remember when I had the time to do so.

Yeah me neither. Life is pulling me in a million and one directions. You should hear the ongoing fights I have in my head on what I should get done now and then. Believe me sleep and resting seems to always win first.

That basically has been my life since the last time we had chatted. Halloween for us was something super simple. I worked in the day and then just made it nice and comfy on the couch and called it a night. We ordered some pizza and watched Sons of Anarchy. Which, could be my new favorite show and we are on the final season. I hate to see it leave, it AGAIN, has been a show I didn't think I would love, but oh man...and look at this sexy man...

There is just something about a bad boy for sure.

Then came this week. I knew this week was going to be long, but I guess I wasn't sure how long it really, really was going to be...
hSunday at work we had our annual Holiday Floorset. Well up until my promotion, I was prepared to do the one at my old store. I knew it was going to be a long day, but man was it ever. The new store is way different than my old one, which brings me to long nights. I worked from 645-815. Almost 14 hours with drive time. I was tired and hungry and my body ached. I could barely move when I got home because I was constantly just moving the whole day with setting the new displays. We got it done, but god it took forever. Then the rest of the week I was going in early, every day to get the store fixed up, shipment, my paper work, etc.  I have to go in early because it is seriously the only time I can get stuff accomplished and I STILL feel like I got nothing done.

So when I come in super early, still means I have to work my full shift. So the days become 10 or 9 hour days. Which, yes, I get it, it is this time of year, but by God, really the first week of November!! I am seriously just waiting anxiously for the end of December!!!

I clocked in at 53 hours this week. It is a nice testing point for what the holiday will be bringing me. I have not worked out at all this week. I did do a quick one mile run to our friends house the other night because they invited us over for dinner. So to get my work out in, I threw on my running clothes and ran. It felt so good to sweat. Working out was hard this week for me to just adjust. I hate to make excuses but I was just so darn tired. I try, but by the time I got home, I was beat and with the time change, I was just off.

I mean, I work my Ass off at the store, so I am so tired. But I will do much better next week. I guess I just needed to focus on one thing right now. I am off today through Sunday, so I will be running at some point every day, walking around and getting my sweat on and then setting up a schedule and sticking to it.

My eating has been good too. I have brought my lunch every day. Usually just a sandwich, because it is quick and easy. I have brought my breakfast every day too. Not great, usually a piece of toast or something or yogurt. My coffee game is strong, with a cup on my ride in and before I open the store, going to Dunkin Donuts! I seriously love that there is one in the  mall.

If you are ever shopping at Countryside Mall, please feel free to win me over just bringing me a coffee, iced or hot with skim milk and 3 splenda :0)

My weight has been good too. I feel good, granted how tired. I lost 2 pounds this week, not sure if it was water or what, but the scale said a number. The scale is going down slowly but hell I am fine with that, its making its way down. I am feeling better in my clothes again too. I put on a pair of jeans the other day, not just leggings, which hell day off weekend, that's where it is at.

But I feel good, I have to incorporate more veggies for sure. I have been a bit lack luster on those this week and fruits, so stocking up on those is a must.

I promise this week I will get back to my typical posts and have more food related and running. I start my half training plan on the 15th, so like I did in the past, I will blogging daily about that.

Hope everyone has a great day!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My Weekend Off

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!!

Can we please acknowledge that in 3 days it is Halloween and more importantly the end of the month of October!! Meaning the end of the year is even closer. God, I literally feel like it was just February.

Time seriously just needs to slow down!!!

But while I am here lets recap what I have been going on lately.

As of last week, I had a pretty busy end of the week. Thursday and Friday I had travel days with work.  I went to Tallahasse and Gainsville and Ocala in those two days, doing store visits with my Boss. It was an awesome learning experience for me. She taught me so much in those two days alone and I learned a lot of what it was like to be a traveling supervisor and what to expect when going into visits. We stayed the night at a Hilton and it was really nice, but I just could not sleep. I ended up getting up super early, which made for a super long day. By the time I got home on Friday, I was beyond beat. I ended up crashing into a nap and then just laid around the rest of the night.

No grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry or anything I was hoping to do. Which to be honest felt great. James brought home Chipotle and we watched Sons for the whole night. Then came my weekend off, which was FANTASTIC. I mean one of those weekends, I truly, truly needed.

On Saturday, I got up and went for a run. My body has been battling a bit with me lately. So I set out for 3 miles. I ended up running the first mile, then walked a 1/2 mile, then ran to 2. Then walked the last mile. I was having calf pain and shin splints and everything else in between. But at least I got active and out there.

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon with Nanci! We had a great time. We went to the Tampa Bay Reading Festival, which was small and I thought for sure they would have more books for sale, but hardly any. The weather was perfect and we got a coffee before hand, which of course is something we do. And we literally chatted the whole time. We hadn't seen each other in forever, so it was amazing to catch up. Then from the Festival we went to the Saturday Morning Market, we walked around and Nanci had never been before, was I was so happy to show her how fun it is.

Then we went to lunch and had the best sandwiches at Locale Market. I got a grilled turkey panin, which now is my favorite way to have a turkey sandwich. We did more talking and walking and ended back at the market to get some produce. I love getting produce from the market because it really is much cheaper. We still had some time before we had to leave, so we sat in the grass by the water and continued talking.

Nanci is truly an amazing friend to me. We have only really known each other for a short time,  but we feel like we have been friends forever. She is so easy to open up too and we have so many things in common, I really value our friendship. I hope you have friendships like that in your life.

Then we said goodbye and I headed to the grocery store. I crashed when I got home, we did a lot of walking and it felt awesome. Then James and I wanted to have a really chill night. We got PDQ for dinner, went to Bath and Body Works so I could take advantage for there awesome candle sale and then ended with Yogurtology. That is always the best ending to a date night.

Sunday, James took me out for breakfast. It has been our new thing to do in the morning before football on Sundays. I love it. I LOVE going out for breakfast probably even  more than I do going out for dinner or lunch. Then we drove around some beach areas, looking for possible places to live in the next year :0) Then it was Football time with our friends.

I was a bit tired and lazy, and James had wayyyyy tooo much fun, if you know what I mean, watching the game lol. I laid down for a bit and then had some retail therapy at Target.

Then I started my work week at my new store. My first day went great. The drive was not bad at all. It made for a long day but I know this will be all worth it. IT is truly different then what I have been used to all these years, but it really is good. I am so excited for this new adventure and ready to take it on.

Working out has been good the last two days too. Despite wanting to just relax when I got home on Monday, I had a snack and went for a walk. It felt good to get my legs moving, I do not sit at work and constantly moving, so it sucks to work out, but it really does make a huge difference.

Yesterday, I was at my old store, training the new store manager and then came home, had a snack and then went to the gym. I wanted everything to say no, but I didn't and now today I am off and taking advantage of laying around and just relaxing and later going for a run.

Tomorrow is weigh in day and let you know how My Fitness Pal is working out for me.

Thanks for reading!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Positive Thinking Brings Great Change

Positive Thinking and Hard Work goes hand and hand and it goes a long way! I am proof of that!

I got a promotion at work. I am currently moving up in my company. I am going from being the store manager in St. Pete to the store manager at the Clearwater location. It is a higher volume store and busier and it looks awesome being the store manager of it. I want to move up in the company and this is defintely a great stepping stone for me to do so.

I, officially start there on Monday. It is a little bit of a commute, only 30 minutes. It really isn't that bad. And now the weather is amazing and I don't mind driving because it isn't that  hot anymore.

So I am off to new beginnings and challenges. This coming week will be a bit different, I have to plan more and move my work outs around and I am excited for that. I embrace change and I am ready to take it on!!!

Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel. Energies are contagious…:

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Race For The Cure, Painting With A Twist & Mama Visit

Hi Folks!!!

It has been quite a week since the last time I posted. But first let me take it back to a race that I did the beginning of the month. I won an entry from Nanci on her blog, to run the The Race For A Cure 5k. It was a glow run, meaning a night run and you can wear lighted up material and glow items. I really, really wanted to run this race because it was in downtown St. Pete, which as you guys know is probably my favorite place to run. Plus the atmosphere and ambiance and everything was just what I wanted from a run.

The weather was perfect. We finally had a nice little cold front come throughh and down by the water and the air cooler and no sun, it was my favorite time of night.

I took advantage of the glow items and dressing in pink. I got my skirt from Michaels, for super cheap. I loved it and it was comfortable and the sparkle of course was right up my ally.

I had the best time!!! I ran the race like I did the one prior, with out my GymBoss and just running the first mile non stop and then walking the water stations. I had worked a full 8 hour shift the day also and then the run, so my legs were defintely a bit more tired than normal. But everything around me pushed me forward and I had a great race. I completed it in the same time as the week prior, so that was confortening. Slowly and surely I will get back to where I was, but also I will get that sub 30 minute 5k.

Running this race changed something in me. It made me feel alive. It could have been the weather, or the time of the night, but the people running and the feeling you got from those around you, the survivors, everyone in general, it just really touched me. It made me fall back in love with running again even more.

Since this race, I have been running a bit more. Running on my days off, even if it is just 2 miles and doing at least 4 on one of my days off. Running is so much for me. I ran 4 days this week and then have had 3 rest days because I feel like I am coming down with a cold. So I have been so tired in the morning and just feeling yucky, but tomorrow I am back at it.

And just to update my life, nothing really exciting going on. My mom came down for a visit this week and we had an absolute blast.

We spent lots of time outside at the pool and on the beach. We did a Ghost Walking Tour, which was fun, downtown St. Pete, lots of walking and some scary stories, but it was defintely a fun thing to do this time of year.

We also did Painting With A Twist, which was sooo much fun.

My mom was having a great time. We brought some pretzels, hummus and carrot sticks and Skinny Girl margarita.

The instructor was so much fun and had us all laughing. It was a perfect night and my mom and I did so good. I loved our our paintings came out.

I am surprised how well and easy it was to do.

My mom and I had a great mother and daughter bonding time and a Girls night out. Actually all week we really had a great time together. I hate to see her go, but it just makes for our time together again that much sweeter.


It was the perfect part of my week.

Hope everyone is having a great week and weekend!!!