Friday, August 29, 2014

A Film for Runners by Runners - Does this Move You? If so, please share it.

I love everything about this!!! Share this for all runners. This was just what I needed to watch before I tackle my longest run before my marathon. My heart nearly exploded with love for this. I can not wait until Spring to see the film

Friday Five: Fall Preview

I really enjoyed the Friday Five last week and I like that it is something different to post each Friday, so I am linking up with NanciMar On The Run & Eat Pray Run DC & Cynthia. I love that I saw this on Nanci's blog because I found some awesome running ladies to now follow and join in on the fun.

It is crazy to me that September is two days away and Labor Day. I feel it is so early this year too. But with Labor Day comes the start of fall. Even though Fall doesn't really begin for us Floridan's until November haha, when the rest of the world is gearing down for winter. Anyway I love to pretend we are in fall weather here.

Friday Five Fall Preview

This by far is what is driving me this whole fall. It is October 12, in PA, in the heart of NEPA. And if you have ever been to that part of the country, you know how beautiful it is that time of year. The leaves are changing or already changing. The weather is crisp and I have no shame enjoying all this fall related while I am visiting for the weekend. OH AND BECAUSE IT IS MY MARATHON!! Yes, I will be completing my marathon this fall and probably will be talking about it the whole rest of fall and winter and probably the rest of my life haha.

And I mean pumpkin everything. I love Fall and with fall to me comes pumpkin. That beautiful little round, orange squash really gets me going. I search for everything and anything pumpkin to try. If pumpkin is on the menu, I am ordering it. If there is an item with pumpkin in it I am buying it. I have already enjoyed a PSL from Starbucks, a pumpkin spice latte if you aren't familiar and my favorite pumpkin beverage, a pumpkin Iced Coffee from Dunkin Donuts. In my opinion, pumpkin coffee is way better at DD than Starbucks.


I love fall candle scents. I love all kinds of candles but the scents of fall I really enjoy because there are so many different ones. I honestly am torn between Bath and Body Works and Yankee Candle. I have actually worked at both in my lifetime so I am loyal to both. I love Bath and Body Work 3 wick candles and Yankee Candle tarts. The scents have been released but I haven't gotten any yet. My favorite is to light my candles, turn my AC up a little bit and curl up with my coffee and a book. The scents really bring me back to my hometown.

Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun 3-Wick Candle - Home Fragrance - Bath & Body Works      Sweater Weather 3-Wick Candle - Home Fragrance - Bath & Body Works

Frag_Icon_172x120_applespice           Frag_Icon_172x120_pumpkinpie

Something about fall really gets me into the baking mood.  I love finding new things to bake or continuing to bake old favorites like banana bread, pumpkin muffins, and apple crisp. Plus my boyfriend loves when I get in the baking mood, his tummy will be pleased.

With fall comes the first fall holiday later on which is Halloween. I love scary movies and usually now t.v. stations start playing the classics like, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Exorist, etc. My boyfriend isn't a scary movie fan at all. But I love dimming the lights, getting a big bowl of popcorn and being scared. Oh and you have to have some Halloween candy to go with those movies, which is starting to hit the shelves now!

What are you excited most about with FALL??

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Weigh In and My perfect Day Off

Half way through the week my friends! And I'm ready for this week to be over but not because I'm over it but because Sunday is my Runday! A really, really long Runday! 23 miles on deck Sunday! And because Monday is Labor Day I'm off of work! That makes me even more excited because I plan on sleeping all day long!!  

But let's not get ahead of ourselves shall we.

Today is my day off and I have spent it like I should always spend my days off. I slept in until 9, went grocery shopping, laid out in the pool for 2 hours with my Nook. Literally I sat in the pool with my book the whole time. The water felt amazing on my legs too. I went for lunch with James to Pei Wei, he used a sick day today. 

I love Pei wei and their lighter options. He loves that place and usually I'm not in the mood for it today. Today I was all over it. I came home and then took a two and half hour nap. Felt glorious. I feel no shame when I sleep the afternoon away. Days off are made for this, especially with marathon training. I take advantage of all opportunity to get a nap in.

And then doing my XT on the bike. I have missed the bike, I didn't get it in last week. I could have done an extra run but I missed the bike and the hills workout I do. 

I could have spent my day doing the mounds of laundry we have but you know what it can wait. I need days off like these more often and always at this point haha.

Oh and today was weigh in day and you know what..???

I lost!!!  

2.8 to be exact!! It was such a confidence booster to see that go down after last week. I saw a big difference this week too, I saw it in the mirror and felt it and it showed. Even though I have kind of given up that number it was still nice to see. Let's see how it pans out next week the longer mileage!

Have a great day and we are almost done ;0)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Cooler Weather, PSL & Transformation Tuesday

Happy Tuesday!!

Today started off awesome with my typical Tuesday 3 mile run.

I remember when I started my training, I didn't know if I would be able to do the 3 miles every Tuesday because it is my really early day at work. I have to be there by 815, and I am not one to get up early on a work day, I LOVE MY SNOOZE.

But after doing this over and over, I really look forward to my Tuesday 3 miles. I might even keep this tradition going after marathon training. I always feel great and ready for the day, even if it is going to be a really long day like today was, a 10.50 hours.

Oh and what made today even more amazing was this...

COLD FRONT!!!! Hahaha!

It wasn't all that cool but you could totally tell. It was glorious. And made me feel hope that fall is just around the corner. Seriously beside the whole marathon experience, I am more excited with the fact that it will be cooler and the leaves will be changing and low humidity in PA in October. We don't get that here in Florida.

Because we were having a cold front, haha, I decided to treat myself to another amazing thing that made my day..

with non fat milk and no whip :0)

First one of the season, first anything pumpkin I have put in my coffee. Oh it tasted so heavenly. I enjoyed this bad boy in quite before I opened the store this morning. I savored every sweet drop. I can not wait for Dunkin Donuts to have theirs out soon, that is my all time favorite, but Starbucks, this was delicious today.

It should totally be year round.

OH and word of warning, once I get on my pumpkin kick, it will be on!!!

And I really loved what I was wearing today, I felt great wearing it, I wanted to do a little transformation Tuesday. I have been hard on myself lately with the scale. We are having quite the battle, so I decided to find a picture of me before to just slap me in my face and show me how far I have really come.

First it was really hard for me to find full body shots of myself. I had none. I only took head shots because I knew I was not happy with how I looked. This picture was from May of 2011. I had joined WW, 4 months prior and I was down 30 pounds from my starting weight, in the picture I am 205. I loved seeing that scale go down. I was loving how I was starting to feel and I loved this day at Busch Gardens with my mom, her bf and James. I felt confident to wear a tank top. I look at that is picture now and I can feel and see how confident I really was. But in shock of how big I really was. James never saw or expressed me being that big and I never saw myself that bag. I was carrying A LOT of weight on my small 5 foot frame.

And today...

It really shocks me at how much the difference is and I am 169 in this picture as of my weigh in last week. I don't have all that weight in my middle and my whole body is thinning out. It is only a 36 pound different in 3 years but it goes to show that inches really do make a difference and show a difference. I need to see this more often, I need to look at myself in the mirror and see this more often. I need to see past the number and just focus on the progress.

I needed this tonight to look at this, regardless what the scale may say tomorrow or any day. I am doing it right, I don't care if it takes years, I will get there, one pound and one step at a time.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Motivational Monday

Well considering I am writing this very late on Monday night, the motivational Monday doesn't really sit well, but hey I tried. And I love this quote. It is so true and everything I speak of, one of my favorite of all time.

Believe in this forever!!!

I got a great walk in tonight after work and had a special person going with me. My love, James, joined me for a two mile walk. It was sooooo nice to walk together, I was so excited to walk with him tonight. We went around our neighborhood. We talked and looked at houses we would love someday to own and move into. Then we jumped in our pool at the apartment and enjoyed a little drink before heading in doors for our dinner.

It was a great way to end a crazy work day and start this week!

Hope your Monday was great and use this motivation not just today but every day.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Running Friends, Conquering bridges and Relax! Week 18 begins

Good Sunday Morning!!

I kicked off Week 18 with these awesome people this morning 

Nanci and her hubby and her friend Corrina! We got in 11 miles doing the bridge I have now dubbed the Iron Girl Bridges. We ran through a lot of really beautiful areas and places of Clearwater I have never been. Nanci even hid a water cooler at mile 5 so we could stop and refill and drink cold ice water! It was genius and perfect timing.

It's always a blast to run with friends and make new ones. Nanci's hubby ran the whole 11 miles too with us, the farthest he has ever run and he isn't even training for a race or a half or any marathon for that. How sweet and amazing is he!! 

I would love James to do that with me or ride along BUT I can always count on him to be there when I get home with a big warm hug and a robe. Nanci and I even ran over the bridge non stop, no walking at all. I felt invincible doing that. I always try but I talk myself out of it and we set it to do it and wow, even after 10 miles in. 

It was a great morning and my legs felt so much better after having a salt bath last night and using IcyHot. My calves were not tight and after running 3 days back to back.

I am thankful tomorrow is a XT day which I might use as a walk and try to get James to go with me.

After our awesome run we went to Starbucks and got drinks and hung out. I would have gotten food also but I knew I wanted my typical egg whites, turkey sausage and reduced calorie bread. Nanci got this almond bun thingy, it looked amazing, next time I will splurge and cheat on my eggs.

The great thing about today I have nothing planned. We were crockpoting tonight, chicken thighs with Greek dressing and reduced fat feta and chick peas. See, I'm getting in my protein. With that I can be lazy.

I was gonna go to the pool but I was hot enough so I took a long nap. Felt great and I'm staying lazy and reading my Nook on the couch until James gets home. Laundry and mopping the floor can wait until tomorrow!! My long run Sundays are made for this!!

Have a great day!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Week 17 Done: A Tough, Challenging BUT Rewarding Week

Alrighty week 17 is done and over with it.

And boy was it a crazy one, physically, emotionally and mentally.

Today, I had planned 4 miles. This is normally not my schedule to run on a Saturday, but because I took my rest day on Thursday, I switched it up. I also wanted to see since, I didn't do two XT days this week, I figured I would do an extra run day.

My training plan is usually only 3 a week, but I really want to push myself. Build my endurance even more, burn some more and make those legs move. It worked this week for sure. I thought this morning when I got up, I could just run after work and sleep in a bit. I have been very tired this week and the morning has been tough.

It is dark, and cozy and I don't have many days I can sleep in. So I slept in until the last possible second before I had to get up for work. I worked my 8 hours and then once I got home, I made sure to get right into my running clothes. I wanted to make sure that my body and mind did not make the connection I was home and start to get to comfortable. It worked.

I got my 4 miles in. My calves were sooo tight. I tried to stretch them out, but man they were really tight. It hurt a lot. So after the run, I had a protein shake and just sat in the tub with some epsom salt bath bubbles. My legs felt nice and relaxed. After I rubbed them down with IcyHot. I forgot how much I love that stuff.

It works!! I need to do this more often, if not every run.

So week 17 is done and I totaled in 32 running miles and 6 miles of XT, which was a half mile of a walk today and 5.50 on the bike on Wednesday.

32 running miles in a week. Wow. I know it will increase a bit more in two weeks, when I take on 23 in one day. But those 32 miles were draining for sure. But tomorrow is another day and the start of a new week.

Unwinding and bed early, getting up early to run 11 miles with Nanci, I am super excited to have her company and we are doing the bridges.

Hope you had an enjoyable Saturday.