Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Late Post on Run Streak

Hello Again!!!!! Oh my I have been quite absent. This is actually the first time I have sat down with my computer in forever. I did do a post about day 15, 16 & 17 from my phone. You will see that one coming through too soon, it took forever to publish.

Okay, so as you can imagine my life is a total tail spin. Work is really starting to ramp up a bit. It is busy and crazy and I feel like I should just build a bed in the back and just sleep there all the time. Since my life day off which was last Tuesday, I worked 83 hours. INSANE!!! This week alone from Sunday until yesterday, I have put in 33 hours. Today is my only day off and my last day off until Christmas.

And you know what, it is what it is. I am still doing the run streak, every single day. Even if it kills me. I seriously thought that training for a marathon was some tough shit, but this run streak after work or before work is really hard. I am just exhausted or beat. I mean I feel great every day but I mean the last thing I want to do is run BUT I am finding a way to get it done one way or another.

Okay so to recap Day 18, 19 and 20...

Day 18 was Sunday and I had to close at work, so I got 1.44 miles in before hand around the neighborhood.

Day 19 was after work for 1.01 miles. I had gotten home really late Sunday night, 11:45 pm. I came home, got in my sweats and went to bed, then was up at 6 to be to work by 7 and then worked until 6:30, then came home and got my mile in.

Yesterday was Day 20 and another long day. I brought my running clothes with me. Changed after working 7-630 again, ran around the neighborhood by the mall. I then had to go back to work because I forgot my schedule, got caught up in some drama with our machines and didn't leave until 8.

The minute I stepped through the door, I had a beer in my hand. Seriously I needed that and I picked up a big bottle of wine. I am not one to go to wine or beer after a long day, but this has been helping a lot. One glass really helps me unwind a bit. I mean YOLO!

Coffee in the morning and wine at night, survival for sure!!!

One thing too is my eating is way off. I am still in my points but my cravings and what I am grabbing and how hungry I feel is different. I want small and quick items. Trying to put in as many veggies and fruits as I can too, even though it has been hard, but I am getting there. Because I got out of work so late, I wasn't able to go and weigh in, so I am weighing in tomorrow before work. Hoping for another loss, but we shall see Aunt Flo was in town and well my cravings got in the way.

Okay, so I am off today, hitting up Target for a minute and then relaxing the afternoon away. I have some cleaning to do and laundry, but an afternoon nap is much needed.

I promise after the Christmas holiday this blog will back and running!

Day 15.16.17 & randomness

Oh I have slack a lacking on the blogging home front this week, seriously with work, it has just taken over my whole life. 11 more days!! But even so, I have still be able to do the run streak every single day, even when I really, really do not want to at all. It has been just 1 mile runs but hey if it wasn't for the accountability I wouldn't be doing anything.

Day 15

Day 16

And yesterday day 17

You can see my pace slower again. It's just because I'm tired. I'm heading out soon to another this morning for Day 18. Half way done with streak!! Woohoo!! I'm off on Wednesday so I'm really hoping to get a decent long run in for that day.

And some randomness of the last couple of days too

They finally came in and they are delicious!!!

Bath and Body works did a 1 day sale on their candles for 8.00 a piece and I had a 10.00 off coupon!!!

We were super festive at work yesterday and it totally helped because we had an awesome sales day too!!!

And I ended the night with a spiced apple margarita and it was amazing!!!

And the it knocked me out and I fell asleep haha!

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 13 & day 14

Oh my goodness am I tired!! Another very long day at work! Can we say story of my life??!!

Yesterday I was off and had a great day of Trader Joe's shopping, napping, down .2 at WW, free Starbucks and Day 13 of the Run streak with a 2 mile run!

Oh and breakfast out at our favorite place Daily Eats! Egg white southwest bowl.

And I got this at TJ

Holy delicious!! 

And today nothing exciting at all, just a long, long day at work. Worked 730-730 and then had to get a quick, quick runnin for the streak.. Day 14. A very slow mile on the treadmill.. Ughh hate that thing but got it done

And now sleep lol

Monday, December 8, 2014

Sangria and Day 12 Run Streak

This was the mile that almost wasn't and that took for EVER!!! I worked today 8-7, on my feet all day on in my flats, which hurt my calves so bad! But when I got home, the first thing was putting on my running shoes! These 8:00 am work days are tough, I want to sleep in but at work I never leave on time, but you know what im determined and motivated! I will get this done!! 

After my run and this day, this was soooo needed 

And it was pretty delicious!!

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Day 11 Run Streak: Flying Miles

Today was a lazy day. The next two Sunday's I have to work, so I wanted to take advantage of just sleeping in and laying around. I have off on Tuesday again, but then go to Wednesday of next week and then no days off until Christmas. Oh Retail Joy, but I can't complain too much, normally we go for like 12 days without a day off, so I am happy with the scheduling they gave us this year.

But it means on those days off, I am taking advantage of being super lazy. It was a cold and misty day anyway, so I didn't feel too bad about not doing anything. I kept our Christmas lights on all day and stayed in my PJ's, even to the grocery store.

Yup and I didn't put on a bra either, YOLO!

I tried to take a nap, but that wasn't happening so I got my run in. I got in 3 miles. And believe it, the first miles was 10:38!! 10:38!!!!

I haven't ran that fast since May, when I went and ran with my boss for a 5k! I was really pushing myself. My lungs felt like they would exploded and I walked for a second and then sprinted that bad boy. I am so glad I pushed myself. I wanted to see how fast I could go and get under. It felt great, but mile 2 I definitely burnt myself out. Which is okay, I am looking for progress not perfection!

I got 3 miles in for Day 11. I am for sure stronger with it this year than last year and can feel a huge difference. I am getting back into the running method again and I love it.

Continuing the rest of my lazy Sunday with a shower, chili in the crock pot, some sangria and laundry!

Happy Sunday!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Day 10 run streak and Sparkles

This post will be short and sweet but to show my accountability to the run streak :0)!

I worked 11-8 and instead of running before work which I would normally do, I went after work. It was tough and I wanted to just come home eat, lay down and sleep.. But I put on my clothes and went for the run 

So that 1.00 is over and done with and I got it in. I'm very proud but next time I will run in the morning for sure!!

Oh and I love my shirt from Victoria's Secret so much 

Retail Therapy, Day 8 and Day 9 Completed

Okay so yesterday was a super long day at work! I had a huge executive visit and then did a closing shift at my store, I was exhausted when I got home and the only thing that sounded good for dinner was cereal and then I passed out!

But I did get day 8 of the run streak completed..

Small mileage but right on target!

Being I had such a long day yesterday, waking up this morning was tough. I just wanted to sleep or be lazy before I had work! It sucked but I took the pavement because I did not want to give up the streak! I'm stronger and more determined than that!!

I had very sweaty 2 miles today! I think on my days I work 1-2 miles are really good for me. Days I close 3 miles and then days off 5-6, it's been a good. And I'm feeling good and making good choices and tired and well rested. Plus my clothes and how I feel is starting to catch up to me too.

I had a rough morning today with not wanting to run and being tired and James and I are In a huge fight but that sweat and run was just what I needed. I was dripping sweat but it felt great.

I made a. Great breakfast after, took my conference call and headed to work. I got there early so I could indulge in some retail therapy..

I had a gift card and some coupons and when I bought with Starbucks I got bonus stars which means closer to free drinks!!

I love the pj set. Seriously I could live in them all the time.. And I plan on it

They are loose, baggy and super comfy!!

Now the rest of my night is relaxing and calling it an early night!! 

Have a great one!