Friday, May 29, 2015

Current Feels

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!

Isn't it crazy how the 4 day work weeks seem even more crazier or longer than a regular work week.

I have been seriously off my game all week too. I think the travel day on Sunday and then just trying to get back in the groove, just has made this end part of the week a little tougher.

Plus I have to rethink my working out schedule and running schedule. On days I close, I am going to use as a rest day because, one I love to sleep in a little bit more and just relax before going into work and thats the issue I have had these past two days. I have full intention of getting up and going and running or working out, but my body and then mind have had another idea. Just relaxing. And I have gave in.

I feel a bit guilty about it, I have only worked out 2 days this week and then tomorrow I WILL get a run in. My legs have been sore and my whole body, but I really wanted to do more. It really is frustrating when I have weeks like this. But I know it is only for the week and then I will be back to it starting on Sunday and I will, sometimes I just need an extra day.

My eating has been pretty good this week too. I have been super mindful and making great choices. And drinking a crap ton of water too. The scale and I are battling and I didn't weigh in last week because I didn't have a scale to weigh in with at the hotel or at my Poppy's. And honestly it was nice not having to weigh in every day.

But as much as I want to not weigh in tomorrow, I know I should. I honestly just wrote a whole paragraph of how I wasn't going to weigh in and give it one more week, but really, what is that point in that. I know what I am working towards and I will get there, just own that damn number and work even harder.

I think I just needed a week of clear head and catching up.

Hope everyone is having a great week, oh and I am a horrible sharer. I never took pictures of some of the awesome things I got at Trader Joe's and ate most of them, so I will be doing another post of those soon because I found some really tasty treats.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Past Couple of Days and Change

Happy MidWeek Happiness!!!

Its been a bit of a world wind of everything this week, I feel like I am always saying that too. I came back from my work week away and just getting back adjusted. On Monday I spent the day just trying to unwind a bit, relax and did grocery shopping. I had to go to Target and Trader Joe's, both of my favorite places in the whole world :0)

I got a lot of awesome things from Trader Joe's and will be posting about those items in the next few days. But here is a little bit of a look back on my week thus far. Lots of eats and working out.

I got this run in yesterday. I had a bit of a stuggle bus of it. I was having a lot of pain in my right side, I could not get my deep breathes to cool it down. So I just threw in the towel, got my mile in and walked the rest of the way and instead of getting mad and frustrated, I ran up and down the stairs of our aparment to just work on my legs more. I am really understanding that I need to put lots of effort behind my legs. I know working them out and using leg days and weights with them, will make them smaller and stronger.

These darn stairs are the death of me but they feel so good afterwords, Just as simple as going up and down them and then squats at the end of them. They were shaking and I loved that shaking feeling. I don't need a gym membership, I am trying to use whatever I have around me to keep me going and burning a sweat.

And because I love a little Sparkle!!!!
I got these at Target for 5.38, I could not pass that deal up

These are a HUGE win!!! 40 calories for 1pp per pop! They taste great, give me that chocolate ice cream craving I am looking for. I can enjoy a cold treat and not bust my waistline. Another super easy win!! These will be staying in my freezer for a really long time.

And because I am embracing change in everything in my life. I found this and it just spoke to me...

This regins so true to every aspect of life. Working out, diet change, business, work andything and everything. I am all about change, I embrace it because I know I can learn from it and live through it. So I started forever ago with my weight loss journey which was a huge change and then amping up my running, all were hard but God look how I came out in the end.

Not sure what changes are coming up for me soon, besides that fact I am turning 30 in a month and half, that's a big change and I am ready to take it on and to shed some skin, I decided to go a little shorter in my hair style :0)

It is short and stacked and fun and me! I kept telling the lady do whatever you want, I embrace change. And it is so true, however it comes out, I am ready for it.

My question, what is the biggest change you have made lately?? Did you Embrace it?

Monday, May 25, 2015

Last legs of the Trip

Okay so my business trip is over and done with! It was such a great experience and a learning moment for me for sure! So here are some pictures from Friday and Saturday...

Oh I love thee!! Btw sugar free caramel with sugar coconut with Splenda and akim milk is my all time favorite now!

I brought them as a going away treat. I had half. Win moment!

Big lunch from Cheesecake Factory became dinner

Spent my Friday night laying in the bed, eating dark chocolate almonds. I was beat!

Last breakfast at the hotel and I didn't eat the yogurt!

Goodbye selfie mirror!

Finally back to Poppy's!! Had a snack and then a run

The weather was perfect, I was just a bit beat, and tired and dehydrated 

We had a BBQ and I had amazing corn on the cob and a hot dog! So worth it, j haven't had a BBQ with my family in a long long time

And a fruit tart for dessert!!! Cookie bottom and such fresh fruit!!

It was a really great week but im ready to go back to Florida tonight!! Having breakfast with my mom and then to the airport. This opportunity was given at such a perfect time! Now back to routine and cracking down until my next trip in June!!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Wine, Cheat Meal, Guilt Free & Face to Face: Day 4

It is a Friday and I can get excited because I am actually off for the whole weekend AND Monday!!!!

Today is my last day in the store, not sure what my schedule is going to be today, I can really work and leave whenever I want per say. As long as I feel like I have gotten through everything. Yesterday was a hard day because I felt like I got through nothing, but we did. It was weird.

I started my morning off right with breakfast...

This breakfast here at the Hilton Homewood Suites is fantastic. Each morning there has been some potato option, egg thing of some sort and a meat item. I have been truly spoiled and I love breakfast, so this has been heaven. 

My outfit for the day. Wearing a sweater in May??? It has been chilly here, but a nice change of pace for sure and it has been refreshing. But not as amazing as my Large Iced Coffee every day.

For lunch I had planned to go to Starbucks and use a coupon I had for a Grande Iced Tea and a lunch item, but for some reason the code wouldn't work, so I went to GNC instead and got a Quest Bar and paired it with my yogurt.

Getting out of work, I really wanted some wine and trail mix or pretzels. I know I was craving some sort of comfort food, it was weird, I think because I was tired at work and it was a weird day. I couldn't find wine at the CVS because you can only get wine at a Liquor store and I couldn't find one of them either, so I went back to the hotel and enjoyed the free dinner, that had wine there too...

It was Italian night obvi!!! And I did have seconds of the ziti and some garlic bread. I mean, it was delicious and I really wanted some, so I used this meal as my cheat meal for the whole week. I am very proud of myself this week. So I decided to use it as my rest and cheat day and just unwind, relax and enjoy the fact I had no laundry to do, no cleaning, no drama, nothing, just me, some free food, wine and a night of Netflix.

I was a rebel and snuck the wine to go in a coffee cup! I poured that bad boy to the rim and brought it back to my room where I got a bath with bubbles, pulled the chair into the room and just loved life for a bit.

This literally is how I spent my night. Just me and Parenthood. I popped some popcorn a bit later and then used the last of my Artic Zero ice cream, topped it with a Cookie Dough Quest Bar as my dessert and then called it an early night..

This combo was amazing by the way. I need to find more Artic Zero, it was all cheat without the Cheat or Guilt.

And because it is Face To Face Friday, I just wanted to show how much 5 years, determination, inspiration, motivation and never giving up changes you. I cant even believe it, I am so happy that I made the change when I did. I have never looked or felt better!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Day 3 of Travel

Good Morning Friends!!

Yesterday was another really good day. I only have one food post because I completely forgot to post my lunch at work and then at dinner.

For breakfast I first started off my day by getting up and heading to the gym. I got a good 45 minutes on the elipitical while watching Parenthood. I am blazing through that series and really loving it. If you have Netflix, do yourself a favor and put it on your list to watch it!!!

After my work out, which by the way is a huge win to begin with because I never get up early to get a work out in, I usually do it after work, but I was going to my Aunts for dinner and knew I wouldn't have time later on.

Breakfast was of course another great win...

Eggs, Potatoes and a piece of burnt bacon, which is exactly how I like it lol. And of course I had my beloved coffee.

I then after a great start to my morning, came back upstairs and got comfy in my big bed for a little bit befor having to get ready.

Right across from the mall I am working out is a Dunkin Donuts!!!

I am one very happy girl with this!!! 

For lunch I brought a yogurt and some hummus with carrots and pretzels to the store with me. After work I went to my Aunt Debby's house for dinner. She only lives 30 minutes from where I am staying so it was sooo great to see her and my uncle and cousin. She made me chicken parm, with zucchini, brocoli and rice and a big salad. I was in pure heaven and for dessert she gave me some pistachio ice cream.

Which she gave me a big bowl but I was more than full and only ate half. I acutally stopped when I was full. Another HUGE win!!

I got back to the hotel around 10:15 and I was tired! It was a long early day for me, BUT I have a FitBit now and I have a goal of 10,000 steps. I was so close, so I walked around in circles until I hit the goal. Yes, just paced back and forth haha. I am determined and I am glad a little spark has started in me again.

I curled up in bed for a bit and had some fruit while I watched some Netflix.

I am so proud of myself and how well I am doing while on traveling. There hasn't been any big challenges but the way I am handling it, I am impressed. And I haven't weighed myself all week and don't plan on it until I get back home and despite what the scale says, I know how I have been feeling and I am more than happy with that alone.

Today is another set up for success day!! But I am have to concentrate on getting in more water today and I can't wait to get back to an area when I can run too.

Hope everyone is having a great week!!
Any small successes you are having this week too???

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Day 2 of Travel

Hello Again!!!!

Yup I haven't gone anywhere and I am still here to report on my second day.

I hope you enjoy a day to day in my life kind of posts. I am loving it and I think I might do this more often.

Today was a pretty great day. Training at the store for the new associates there went amazing. They are like little sponges and grasping on to everything I am showing them, seriously it makes my heart full. I truly love the training aspect I do in my job.

I, honestly, didn't sleep all that great last night. I tossed and turned a bunch, due to the part of being out of my element. But the bed is awesome and I could have stayed in that thing all day. I knew I would be able to work out tonight after work, so I took advantage of sleeping in a bit more.

The hotel provides a pretty awesome free breakfast. There are hot itmes, such as a special freatured item, this morning was shredded potatoes, sausage links and a egg burrito. Then they have cold cereal, oatmeal with toppings, bread products, danishes, fruit, juices, you can make your own waffle, hard boiled eggs and yogurt and coffee.

I had some coffee of course and two hard boiled eggs, a yogurt, some potatoes and sausage...

I am so glad that they provide a breakfast and they provide a dinner, which is awesome!!! I will get to that soon.

Then I put on my big girl panties, shaked my nerves and headed out the door...

Perfect selfie mirror, fyi :0)

Across from the mall they have a Dunkin Donuts. I will be there everything morning, I mean how can I not.

For lunch and snack at work, I packed one of those balanced breaks, which was some cheese, nuts and dried fruit and I brought a QuestBar with me. I got a Venti Iced Green Tea also, unsweetened. 

When I got back from work, the hotel was having a dinner from 5:30-7:30. I thought it was a quick little finger foods, but to my shock and surprise, they had a full dinner set up. I mean not a full dinner, but buffet style of some pretty amazing things.

There was crab cake, some pasta, summer squash, cucumber and tomato salad, a roll and a salad with chick peas and fat free ranch. All free, this Hilton is no joke. I am living like a Princess this week, so spoiled. I am overguessing points on this because I really have no idea how it was prepared. This just took a huge weight off my shoulders that this is provided for me and so convient.

After filling my belly, I came back to my room, relaxed a bit and then hit up the hotel gym. I used the elipitcal for 36 minutes and then did some abs and arms.

Another successful day!! I am loving this and feeling really great this week too. Tomorrow I am going to my Aunts for dinner, so I am working out in the morning. I wish I could run here, but the area doesn't have the best sidewalk areas, so I am sticking to just the gym and will run when I get to my Poppys house. My plan is to have my rest day yesterday and Friday.

Okay, now a shower, my Artic Zero and Parenthood before dream land!!

Have a great week everyone.

Day One of Travel

Good Tuesday Evening!!!

Sorry these posts are going to be a day late and later in the day then normal, but my days are busy from start to finish. And I love it!!

Yesterday was such a long travel day. My morning started at 5:15 and then at 6, the Super Shuttle picked me up from my apartment to drive me to the airport. I was so impressed with the service I got with Super Shuttle, they were quick and efficient and reasonably priced. I will be using their services more often. James got to sleep in and I didn't have to drive at all or park my car for the whole week. It really is a win win.

Once I got to the airport, the whole process was quite easy and quick, which honestly I love when it comes to the airport. I, immediately hit up Starbucks, how could I not??

I got a grande blond roast coffee, my favorite by the way and an oatmeal and banana. I love Starbucks oatmeal, they give you a packet of mixed nuts, dried fruit and brown sugar. Plus it is all pre-tracked in the Weight Watchers App. I used half of each of the packets, because I honestly do not a full packet of each.

I settled with my warm oatmeal and pulled up my Netflix and got an episode of Parenthood in while I waited to board. Seriously I am obsessed with that show.

After my first flight, I had a quick connection in NC, my stomach was growling and it was time for a little mid morning snack. I was in the mood for something light, and believe I almost got a bag of dried mango, nuts, chocolate or a thing of trail mix. Which, all could be great options, besides them being so expensive, I knew I would have no control and eat the whole bag, wasting some points and calories. So I found a yogurt and got a diet coke, for a little more caffeine, it was perfect.

My next flight was again quick and I got through a lot of my new book and as you know posted two blogs. That alone made me feel so accomplished. 

My mom was waiting for me at the airport and it was great to see her. I haven't seen her since March, and we had left on not great terms then, so this was a nice time to see her. Plus, she took the day off to pick me up, which was so nice of her. On the way home, we stoped at a rest area pit stop and they had a Quiznos there, so I got the turkey lite wrap.

Turkey with lettuce, onions, tomato and balsamic vinaigrette. I had a couple of my mom's Lays chips. And enjoyed a Diet Coke. The one thing with traveling is I am so bad at not drinking water for some reason. I am trying these next couple days to get back to my 100 oz. I am fueling myself much more on caffine then anything else lol.

I had a quick pit stop at my Poppy's house, I had to pick up his car. He is so amazing and to help me out with this really cool experience, he has let me borrow his car for the week. That alone has saved me so much money, it is fantastic. It was great to see him so quickly, he looks much more healthier than the last time I saw him, which I can't even explain how awesome that makes me feel. I had about a 3 hour ride ahead of me. I meant to stop for more coffee, but forgot, so I was struggling a bit with caffine and remembered I had a tootsie pop in my purse and that was a life saver for me. I highly recommend lollipops, because they can we low in calories and settle that crunch and sweet craving.

I finally got to the hotel around 7 pm. Which I can not explain how beautiful and amazing this hotel is. It is a suite and I have a mini apartment here for me. It is amazing and I am truly blessed that my company has treated me so nicely with this set up. I feel right at home and even more, I feel comfortable, even with being out of my comfort zone. Once I got checked in, I unpacked my stuff, got settled and out of my clothes into something comfy.

I went to the grocery store down the road and picked up some essentials. I know I will be eating at my Aunt's one night and I didn't have the energy to pre think of anything else to want to have later on. So I picked a couple of snacks and healthy things I can munch on, or better yet, throw into my bag to bring to the store with me, if I got hungry. I don't want to spend a lot of money eating out, so if I can save that is alright with me.

I got some fruit, carrots, Hummus, which I have been dying to try and the Balance Breaks, Pretzel Crisps and some Quest Bars to bring with me for a lunch. Honestly, I was finding items, I can not find in Florida. And the yogurt and Artic Zero, because it will settle a snack or dessert. The Artic Zero came into play last night, as I was laying in my big King size bed, wathcing Netflix. I mean seriously is this my real life this week haha.

By the time I finally sat down for dinner, I was starving and seriously could have ate everything in sight. I hit the salad and soup bar that ShopRite had. I added everything good on to the salad, even though it made it a 13 dollar salad, I was so happy with it and it tasted amazing.

I have to say I am pretty happy with my success of yesterday. I mean I made smart choices and stayed within a good range of points. I went over my 26, by 5, but I did great, I didn't splurge at all.

Successful first day!!!

Monday, May 18, 2015

StitchFix #3

After my first 2 StitchFixs I was uncertain on the program and while I was happy with it and was giving me ideas, I was going to give it once more and then decide if it was going to be for me or not.

Well this fix was perfect! And seriously if I wasn't going away for work I would have bought all 3 shirts in the fix but my budget wasn't going to work that way haha. And I have decided to stay with StitchFix for a little bit more. It really is a fun service and I get very excited when I see it outside my door once a month!

Here is what came in mine this time! And I happily bought one of the items ;0)

I really loved this mint and grey "sweatshirt" shirt. When I read it on the form at first before seeing it, I read sweatshirt and thought, ummm I live in Florida and it is summer, not happening. But surprised it was short sleeved and had a blouse like material on the back. Very casual but a bit dressy. Only problem I didn't like it fit on my arms. My arms are a bit chunky so I have a hard time with shirts, so I felt a bit self conscious. I passed on this shirt.

Each fix I have been getting has had some orange or coral shirt and this one was no exception. The material on this shirt was amazing. It was so comfy and I LOVED the color and it went beautifully with my tan. But I set a limit for only one shirt and the next one got me from immediatlely opening the box. But again this was another big win.

Okay I loved and LOVE everything about this shirt.  I purchased this one because I knew right away I wanted it. The colors, the length, the size, it was me all the way. It looked a bit big but it fit perfectly, and I could tuck it in. 

The shirt was only 28.00 and with StitchFix you get a 20.00 credit monthly that you can use towards your purchase, so I got the shirt for 8.00!!!! I mean it is amazing. I wore it today haha

This was a Hit and I'm so glad I purchased it!

My other two items were jeans and necklace...

The jeans were a big NO. I didn't like the grey color or the length, the feel and stretch were nice and made my big old booty a bit cute

But that was a no haha

This necklace was 38.00 and for me, I prefer much cheaper accessories. I'm all about clearance and under 10.00 haha! My style but not budget.

I loved this Stitch a lot and very pleased we were are getting on a path. It is such a fun company and concept and I love how I feel trying on new items and exploring a bit. Give it a try at least once :0)

Can't wait for number 4!!!

Citrus Smoothie

Happy Monday!! 

I am mid flight and I am not in the mood to read my book I bought and my Netflix is wifi only so I thought I would type a post! Even though this will post well after Inhave landed :0)

Yesterday I had a great relaxing day off, which consisted of sleeping in, catching up on some online stuff, two loads of laundry, packing, LOTS of Parenthood binging, a good sweaty Run, in which I got of my Sweats for and then showered after and got right back in haha.

My run was really good... It was hotter than most days and I went out at 1:30 which is expected but sometimes I seriously love those runs. The feeling of the heat from top and bottom and being inbetween squished with the heat, is such a sense of accomplishment for me..

My pace is getting better. And my endurance of just running is getting better too and I hardly feel my ankle anymore. Big strides in progression and I couldn't be happier. I also have stopped keeping track of my mileage. 

I am being realistic and I know I would hit a 1000 miles this year, not my year. BUT this is my year to get stronger, faster and more in love with running. I'm going back to the beginning. Next year I'll tackle the mileage, right now I just want to run. So where before I would right every mileage I did on my calendar and total it up, a bit obsessive for me, just isn't happening. Because I don't want to disappoint myself with how little my mileage is for the week. I just want to be proud of the injury I am overcoming and becoming stronger this year.

Since I was dripping in sweat, I hydrated myself with a fresh, fruity, citrus smoothie. I am not one to have a smoothie or shake every day. I don't feel filled from them despite the contents but sometimes I really want one.

I forgot to take a picture of ingredients, bad blogger but you can imagine! Plus the cup picture is for you Nanci, I know you appreciate it!! Haha! Marilyn, pink, sparkles and chevron!! Hello it is me all the way.

Okay, back to the smoothie, so easy and really delicious. 

In my blender I threw in 5 ice cubes, some cut up watermelon, cantaloupe, and honeydew! They were big chunks, so probably 7 all together, 3 watermelon, 3 canteloupe and 1 honeydew. Added 1 cup of Trop50 no pulp orange juice and a 1/2 scoop of Vanilla Whey Protein and then blended!!!

It was cold, refreshing and hydrated me right back. I loved it and will be making again especially after those hot runs!!

Hope everyone is having a happy Monday!!!