Sunday, May 10, 2015

Busy Week & Progression!

Happy Sunday and Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there.

Hope your day was blessed and you got to spend it with the ones you loved, no matter if you are a mom to fur babies, real babies, big babies, God mommies, Grandmas, Aunts, Step Moms, or you a strong Mother figure in someones life.

I am blessed to have the best Mom and Godmother there is around. And I have had a lot of mother figures in my life that have guided me along the way. I am a pretty strong lady and I give all the credit to the ladies of my life and well the men too. But the ladies, they defintley made me strong. I wish I could be with my family today, but phone calls and texts will have to do.

Whew, what a week it has been. On my feet and go go all week long. I just have to get through an Eight hour shift tomorrow and I will be off on Tuesday. Which tomorrow James and I have plans to go to the beach, somewhere and have a little Happy Hour. I cant tell you how much I want a margarita or two. And I wont even track it lol.

Speaking of tracking and working out. Usually weeks like this are quite tough for me because my life just completly is dedicated to work. But this week I think I did really awesome. I ran twice and got to they gym and did strength training twice.

I felt really good this week and had energy and I was sleeping well. But the best of it all was my ankle. It did not feel stiff, or sore and I was on my feet at work all day long, no sitting or anything. I left work and my legs were sore, but not my ankle. It is a huge transformation and progression. This week was the first real test because it was the longest week I would be on it since the accident and I am happily to report it did very well.

I wish I had gotten one more run in this week because work was defintely a bit of cardio at times, I am happy I got two runs in  at least. I was going to run after work today but I just needed some time to get to my computer, do some paper work stuff and just freaking relax. I just needed some me time a bit. So today and tomorrow and then a nice run on Tuesday morning on my day off, which I do not have much plans, except relaxing, phew!

I did weigh in yesterdy before work and I was up .6. Which I know had a lot to do wtih salt and weigh retention. I have a feeling Aunt Flo is on her way to visit this week, which is making me feel all kinds of wacky and makes a 100% sense. So I take this small gain as just another stepping stone and progress. Because I brought lunch to work, I made good choices this week, drank lots of water and stayed active.

It was a nice progression week and ready to take on another one and enjoy a nice cold Margarita.

Hope everyone had a great week also!!!

Stay Positive and Sparkle!!