Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Past Couple of Days and Change

Happy MidWeek Happiness!!!

Its been a bit of a world wind of everything this week, I feel like I am always saying that too. I came back from my work week away and just getting back adjusted. On Monday I spent the day just trying to unwind a bit, relax and did grocery shopping. I had to go to Target and Trader Joe's, both of my favorite places in the whole world :0)

I got a lot of awesome things from Trader Joe's and will be posting about those items in the next few days. But here is a little bit of a look back on my week thus far. Lots of eats and working out.

I got this run in yesterday. I had a bit of a stuggle bus of it. I was having a lot of pain in my right side, I could not get my deep breathes to cool it down. So I just threw in the towel, got my mile in and walked the rest of the way and instead of getting mad and frustrated, I ran up and down the stairs of our aparment to just work on my legs more. I am really understanding that I need to put lots of effort behind my legs. I know working them out and using leg days and weights with them, will make them smaller and stronger.

These darn stairs are the death of me but they feel so good afterwords, Just as simple as going up and down them and then squats at the end of them. They were shaking and I loved that shaking feeling. I don't need a gym membership, I am trying to use whatever I have around me to keep me going and burning a sweat.

And because I love a little Sparkle!!!!
I got these at Target for 5.38, I could not pass that deal up

These are a HUGE win!!! 40 calories for 1pp per pop! They taste great, give me that chocolate ice cream craving I am looking for. I can enjoy a cold treat and not bust my waistline. Another super easy win!! These will be staying in my freezer for a really long time.

And because I am embracing change in everything in my life. I found this and it just spoke to me...

This regins so true to every aspect of life. Working out, diet change, business, work andything and everything. I am all about change, I embrace it because I know I can learn from it and live through it. So I started forever ago with my weight loss journey which was a huge change and then amping up my running, all were hard but God look how I came out in the end.

Not sure what changes are coming up for me soon, besides that fact I am turning 30 in a month and half, that's a big change and I am ready to take it on and to shed some skin, I decided to go a little shorter in my hair style :0)

It is short and stacked and fun and me! I kept telling the lady do whatever you want, I embrace change. And it is so true, however it comes out, I am ready for it.

My question, what is the biggest change you have made lately?? Did you Embrace it?