Sunday, September 27, 2015

Trader Joe's, Putt Putt and Girl Scouts

Oh man what a whirlwind of a couple of days from the last time I posted. Which by the way, I have sat down to write at least a dozen times in the past few days, but of course I got distracted or just plain old busy.

But thankfully this weekend I have had the pleasure of being off, all weekend and it has been everything I had hoped it to be. I haven't had to do laundry, even though yes, I have at least two piles waiting or even really cleaned my apartment either. I leave those tasks for after work or a day of the week day off, because weekends off come very rare and I do not want to miss out on them.

Wednesday I did happen to go to Trader Joe's because I was downtown in the area and well, I mean how could I not. They have all there glorious Pumpkin items out. I could have picked up everything and anything but I stayed with just a few things..

 These are Pumpkin Items I haven't had from there yet either. The seeds are really good, they are pumpkin spiced pumpkin seeds lol. The coffee literally tastes like pumpkin pie and I brought a box to work, well actually two boxes because they don't fit in my new Keurig. I love Biscotti and I have a pumpkin Tea that this will go awesome with. The chicken salad was so good too. I brought that to lunch at work that day. I didn't use the dressing, I just dipped my fork in it and then ate the salad, saved  ton of points and calories. I have been on a HUGE salad love lately. I am actually going to make one now too lol.

The cookie butter was not there when I went, and I am thankfully for that because I would have bought it and probably ate the whole jar. I am shocked I have a jar of cookie butter in my closet still. It is a weakness for me and I am really working on self control, like a lot. Now if I could just use that same self control with Snack/Chex/Trail Mix, well...

 I spent the night one night coloring. James thought it was hysterical I was coloring but cute at the same time, he always says I am a kid. I love coloring now. It was so relaxing. And I think it is a great nightly routine. I think I even slept better that night too.

 Honeycrisp apples are back too!!! I love Honeyscrips and forgot how amazing they taste. An Apple a day keeps the doctor away and they are an awesome pre and post run snack.

 After work on Thursday it was sooo HOT. Fall has officially began on the calendar, but far from it in Florida. So a Pumpkin Pie Coolatta was in order. OH EM GEE was this delicious. It had graham cracker pieces inside of it also. It was amazing. Worth the little treat.

 My friend Megan's Birthday was the other day and we met up for lunch on Friday. I made her this Treat Yo'Self Basket for her. Pampering and Spa like items, for those long days or just the bad ones and just a day to unwind, she works retail too lol. The towel is from TR and the other items, other than the wine was from the Dollar Tree. They have awesome items to create a really special gift. The wine is from CVS, the whole basket was under 30.00!

Best Pizza in St. Pete, Gianni's Margherita Pizza. James and I couldn't get enough of it. We ate the whole pie together, thankfully I was running a 5k the next day. The pizza was so thin.

 I won an entry into the Girl Scouts Thin Mint Sprint 5k and it was a lot of fun!!! Th area where the race was gorgeous, I love new places to run because it keeps me motivated to keep going, and do better when there is new stuff to see. And I ended up shaving some time off of my previous 5k, at least 3 minutes worth. I didn't even bring my RunWalkRun beeper with me. I had forgotten it in my purse. And I figured oh what the heck, I am just going to listen to my body and just go.

I ran the first mile without one walk break and felt great. Then at the water station I walked a bit, then a little over a mile and half, and then at the second water station and a little after the 2.50 mile mark too. That was it, just 4 walk breaks and felt great. I had some pain in my ankle and shin started a bit, but nothing horrible at all. And then you got a cookie at the end, I chose a Tagalong, really hoping for Samosas but none were there, ugh.

It was a fun race and my Boss and her family lived right on the course, it was awesome to see them cheering me along. And I hung out with them a bit after. We all decided to sign up for the Best Damn Race Half Marathon on February 6th also. I am so excited to start training for the race and I know it will help with my weight loss continuance and to have a plan in place again!

After the race I spent the day just relaxing and napping. Perfect day off. James and I even had a date night. We went and played Putt Putt.


I got a Hole In One on the 6th Hole and we had a blast. It started raining around the 13 whole, so we had to speed putt putt a bit, but we had a blast. We had BBQ for dinner after and then I literally passed out, I tried to keep my eyes open and could not at all. Meaning of a successful day!!

I also put up our Fall and Halloween Decorations. We don't have much, but it really has a cute, cozy feel to it now. I go all out for Christmas :0)

So that has been my last couple of day and I had a 1.7 pound lost, finally hit the 160's again and planning on staying there, sure the last couple of nights have not been great, but I have tracked and made better choices. Here is to a new and good week!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Beginning of a new Season

Yay for the First Day of Fall!! I seriously love, LOVE Fall, but Fall here in Florida is way different then Fall back home. The weather doesn't start cooling down for a couple of more weeks here, but who the heck cares, I can pretend it is cool indoors with lots of sweats on. I love this time of year because it is a new beginning. With each season, something new always begins as the old trickles out.

Fall and Winter for me, are super crazy because of work. Fall usually brings me all the prep for Winter and the Christmas holiday season. This Fall will be much different, mainly because I am not training for a marathon and then trying to get my life back after the marathon, which be honest, has been an all year event, due to the fact I twisted my ankle in the beginning.

But fall here also brings some also festivals to go to, MORE running, More races and more nights I want to outside and more running anytime of the day, not just morning or night.

So I am I super happy for Fall to begin again and I will be taking more advantage of all it has to offer.

Okay and now a little bit of Real Talk. This past week has been a bit tough for me. I have been working every day, and not just typical hours, longer hours and travel days in between too. And it has been exhausting. Sunday after work, I literally came home and just crashed. I just wanted my sweats and a night of relaxation, a good nights sleep really is what I wanted. Monday, after work, I got right into my running clothes and went for a great two mile run and a mile cool down.

While running, I realized how much I have missed a training plan and missed having a goal or race in mind. I love running but I also love running with a plan because it seriously holds me accountable. So I have decided I will Definitely being running a half marathon in February and training during December,  because what a better way to combat the craziness of the holiday then with a race.

I have a bunch of my running magazines that I haven't cracked open in awhile and using one of their training plans. I am so excited to get started but for now, I am loving  my little runs here and there. Like on Saturday, I won an entry into the Thin Mint Sprint 5k in Safety Harbor. Should be a great time.

Other than Monday, that is all the scheduled exercise I have done. Yesterday was a long day at work and by the time I got home after running some errands and getting a birthday gift from someone, which I will post because it is Pinterest Like, it was almost 8pm and I just wanted to sit down.

And today I close, so my closing shifts, I just like to do stuff before, so I can relax before the craziness and watch some shows, blog to you awesome people.

But tomorrow and the rest of the week will be filled with the gym, running and walking for sure. I just need some rest, which I highly plan on doing on Friday for sure and a mid afternoon walk!

My eating has been on point too this week. No big cheats at all, only limiting myself to going over my points at least 4-5 a day, because seriously 26 points is so hard, 4 points over is the magic number for me!

Hope everyone is having a great week thus far and enjoying the first day of Fall!!

Friday, September 18, 2015

FriYAY Loving!

Good Friday Morning. Hope everyone is having a pretty fantastic week. Hard to believe that the 3rd week of September is a day away from being over. I mean holy crap where is this month and year going!!!!

I woke up to not my alarm this morning for work, I tossed and turned and then just let go and put my feet on the ground and said the heck with it. I, of course am working this morning and all weekend and week actually. I do not have a day off until next Friday, a long stretch for no real reason actually lol.

So I figured with my Coffee poured, I would sit down really quickly and tell ya what I have been saying YAY to this week....

Each of these bad boys are 4pp. Make sure to MEASURE those cashews because they are DANGEROUS!!! The Dill Pickle ones are now my new Fav!! And I LOVE the Pumpkin Spice English Muffin, I use a little spray Butter and then sprinkle some Pumpkin Spice on top, LOVELY!!

Loving my all new sneakers. Only problem, I obsess about keeping them clean now  and I can not wear them all day. I wore them at work yesterday and man did my ankle hurt after. Cute for anything else, not work.

A little high in points. 5pp for 3 cups, which by the way, so hard to measure out. But the flavors and add ins are super Yummy!!

My new Obsession for night time sweetness. You know I have to have a sweet treat at night. 2 Chocolate rice cakes, topped with strawberries and drizzled with one tablespoon of Cookie Butter. HEAVEN and 5pp, so worth it.

I got to see my BFF on Tuesday, her and her fiance were vacationing in Fort Myers and I took off her birthday so we could meet for a few hours, have lunch and drinks and go to the beach in Siesta Key. Gosh I love seeing her so happy and got to celebrate some of her Dirty Thirty with her. We only get to see each other like twice a year, so this was a true treat.

And how sweet is this bracelet she gave me for my 30th. She seriously is My Person!!

I love Starbucks Rewards. I got this 4pp of Delicious for Free. I have to say I haven't been to my Starbucks in quite some time. I brought my old Keurig to work and well, it has been great. But my BFF also gave gift card to there, so I am coming back Starbucks!!

I picked these up at the Dollar Tree of all places!!! Warning it is quite sweet, but man is it tasty. I LOVE IT. It gives me that sweet taste and then I don't over do it. Plus it really helps me get my water in. And I think this would be great to add to some Rum and make a super low calorie Pina Colada.

Best COMBO of coffee!! It is like fall and Autumn in my life always. Coffee Creamer for 1 tablespoon is only 0pp :0)

I put jeans on for the first time in forever yesterday. I had not worn jeans in a very long time. I was having struggle moments with them, yeah not fun, but because I have lost a little bit of weight, damn slow and steady, then fit again, some struggle but  hell I got them up!!! Here is too a victory and more goals ahead.

Coming home last night after a long day of inventory and scanning and numbers, to James ordering Chipotle with extra Guac, he knows its extra :0)

And my Ollie Marie lounge pants came in. These pants are too die for!!!! I seriously can not wait to get back from my run tonight and put these on. I made the mistake this morning of putting them on and they are Hello Comfy!!!

What are you loving this week????

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Falling into Fashion with Oakleigh Rose

Good Thursday Morning!!

Okay so this morning, we are going to Talk about the Sparkle aspect of my life. In the beginning of the year, I really wanted to focus on my attire. How I dressed, my accessories, putting myself together. I have always been someone who just goes to the beat of their own drum, but my fashion sense, has not always been the same way.

I am a plain Jane kind of girl. One who wears things that are comfortable, but then I also love a little extra too. I know, it doesn't seem to make sense but it does. It wasn't until around College that I really started to love clothes and dressing up, etc. In College, I worked at Aeropostale for almost 3 years. I LOVED that job. Seriously, it had me falling in love with retail and that was the job I realized I was really good at selling, but I also found out I really loved clothes!

Working at Aero, you got a crazy awesome discount. I mean crazy awesome and considering that the  clothes were inexpensive to begin with, made it even better. And that was also the time of the layering craze. Come on, I know you know, wearing a tank top, with two polos underneath to pop the collar, long necklaces, so on and so forth. Yup, I had it all.

So my sense of style evolved over the years and then working in my current job, our dress code is black, white or grey and sometimes a pop of a different color. It is hard to get motivated to dress with those colors, but believe me I make it work. But this year as I went into my 30th year, I vowed to really branch out my style a bit more and dress a bit better. Get back to the fun and funky, but still plain and casual look that is all me. And not just sit around in yoga pants on my day off, dress up a bit.

So when I was asked to be a Brand Rep for Oakleigh Rose for 8 weeks, I was freaking thrilled. I LOVE their clothes...

Here is a little bit of their history, Meaghan and Annette are a mom and daughter duo, who are the absolute cutest...

"In our online boutique, we bring you trendy and comfy clothing and accessories we handpick with you in mind. We’re making online shopping personal, fun and exciting. And we’re all about pulling out every stop when it comes to customer service." 

I mean seriously who else could you ask for in a store. And I absolutely love their customer service. You would never think that you were ordering from online and the shipping is FREE. And comes super fast. I literally have been ordering items like every week. It is insane. The quality of the clothes are fantastic!!!

This is there VISION IN WHITE top. This shirt blew me away. The bell sleeves and sheer fabric were amazing and the detail on the front was not at all what I expected.

Maxi dresses with sleeves are my new favorite items!! They are comfortable and can be worn well into the Fall when you pair it with boots and a jean jacket. Living in Florida, I know I will be wearing this a lot!!

And if you like this Dress you have to check out their FALL COLLECTION and see this Dress...Feeling ( Navy) Blue Dress. Polka DOTS AND stripes!!! Hello!!!

Speaking of their Fall Collection, I got this Tunic which I am so happy I purchased...

The Fall Layers Tunic in Black. It fights amazing and beyond comfortable... and can be worn in so many different ways...also available in WHITE

What I love is it is clothes also I can wear to work and give myself a little bit more spice than the typical Black and White...

Like the Straight Lines Tunic Cardi, which I also purchased and the Pretty in Plaid Dress

Make sure you check out the website and Fall in Love with their Fall Collection and order some stuff for yourself. On your first Order use my code RCSPARKLE20 and get 20% off!!!!

I promise you, you will love the clothes, the fashion everything. And if you have any questions on sizing, reach out to the ladies, they have amazing taste and insight and would be willing to always help you!!!

I just ordered another shirt today! My fashion sense is back up thanks to Oakleigh Rose!!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Weekend Update

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

Happy Sunday Football too! 

Can you tell we are Redskins fans haha?!! Well I'm kind of like made into a Redskins fan but I'm play along! James was super excited for today, I was happy to have friends over and just chill out. I decorated our apartment, made some snacks for them and had a grand old time.

Then I took some time for Me, grabbed some Froyo and headed downtown to my favorite spot ever...

Which is also where I ran 5 miles on Friday!!! My longest mileage since before my accident...

Pretty damn happy about that run. I felt good, pretty slow pace but I felt really awesome running in it. I did the first mile with no walk breaks and then the 4 doing Galloway with 2:1's. It was hot as heck and I was dripping sweat for like an hour after but it was the best part of my day.

Okay so I haven't chatted about weight loss lately. I'm still on this roller coaster ride for sure. Each day it is different but I'm happy to say, I stopped weighing myself every day... Which helped a lot. I have lost 3.5 pounds in 4 weeks, 2 weeks I stayed the same, like this week and you know what I am fine with that. But that scale is a pain in the ass, one way it says one and another way, another weight! So frustrating!! But whatever, i know I am on a right path. I am doing great with my points, I typically have one cheat kind of day or cheat meal and I'm happy. I am making great choices and drinking water like crazy. The weight is slowin coming off but it is coming off, that's nice. I typically have been sticking to cardio because I love cardio, duh, especially running! And I love the great swear sesh I get from it. Typically 4-5 days a week and usually a rest day on Saturday and Sunday's, and maybe a Thursday mixed in, because of my closing shift. 

I have my really great, damn I feel amazing days. And then I have days I just look at myself and feel like ugh, I pick apart everything, especially my pooch and my arms lately. Then I snap out of it and realize that it only makes me want to work harder. So I take a downfall and move it on.

So as we are in September, I know I missed September Goals, my main one is to not be hard on myself. Not pick apart every little thing and love my journey and molding and taking my body to new levels, even if it means losing one more pound!!

Hope everyone has had a great weekend!!