Thursday, September 3, 2015

Our Favorite Quick & Easy Meal

Good Evening!!!

I know another post, 2 in one day, this just can't be hehe! Well I had to post about the dinner we had tonight because it is one of all time favorites and it is soooo quick and easy!

James and I both work retail and we have to close at least 2x a week, so we really try to Cook each night and we are pretty good at it. When we don't we usually have a date night or pick up Chipotle, that's the "worst" fast food we do. When we close we are hungry when we get home and that's our dinner. I know it's late and uncoviental but our bodies are used to it and with work that's  what works for us.

Okay now that I have rambled on and on, I'll get to the food!

This is where my beloved crock pot comes in...

I threw in some chicken breast, roughly 1 1/2-2pds
1 jar of medium chunky salsa 
1 packet of taco seasoning

Cooked on low allllll day. It literally shredded itself when I got home. I had to mix it up and just shredded it right in the pot. It was just falling apart! Oh man I'm hungry again!!

I bought a Old El Paso taco kit, the stand and stuff kit. Added some of favorite toppings..

Shredded lettuce
Fat free shredded cheese and shredded Mexican cheese
Fat free sour cream
Spicy gucaolme 
 Add whatever you want

Those taco boats are amazing!! I mean true game changer for me. I don't think I will ever get another kit!! 

There was a method to stuffing my boat

Lettuce then chicken, which I weighed out too, a BIG first, normally I eye ball it, then shredded cheese, tomatoes and then a dollop of sour cream and guc.

I may have had a third. So good.

And that was dinner. We were able to eat good and not spend a dime! And extremely little clean up and a crap load of chicken left over which I will be taking to work Friday and Saturday and probably eating Sunday and I'm 100% okay with that!!

The beauty is we make no excuses and I can still eat in my points and not feel guilty!!