Sunday, September 6, 2015

What We're Reading: September

Its that time again to see what Nanci and I have been reading lately. So curl up with a cup of coffee, glass of wine or whatever you choose and take a look.

First I have to say, I have been on a reading kick like crazy lately. It has been great. I LOVE LOVE to read, so finding the time has been very easy for me. I love watching my shows, but since we got rid of the DVR, I really have nothing to record, I miss when they are on real time, so I have to catch them on Hulu, which typically airs the day after or so. So at night or on my day off during the day, I have just been reading and leaving the T.V. off.

Okay so here are the last 4 books, I have read in the last month.

Sam's Letters to Jennifer, James Patterson

I really loved this book. Honestly when I first started reading it, I expected it to be one way and it turned out to be something so different. "Sam" I thought was a man, he boyfriend or someone and it turned out to be Sam was short for Samantha, who was her Grandma. Jennifer had a very strong connection to her grandma and a lot of it reminded me of how close I am with my Poppy. The story line was great, it was a quick and easy read. The chapters were short, which I loved and made me feel like I was flying through the book. I read it in less than a day. It was emotional, very heart warming and a had a great full circle feel to it. If you want to read something that you can dive into quickly and hold you the whole time, this is a great book for that. Plus, being a James Patterson book, I love how different it is from all the rest of his. I read one like this years ago, Breakfast at Tiffanys and it was another quick and easy read.

Bossypants, Tina Fey

Tina Fey to me is hysterical. She is down to Earth, Funny, Caring and seems she would be like the very best friend you could ever ask for. While, I hadn't watched SNL in a long time, even when she was on it, I didn't watch it religiously but I did love when she did Weekend Update with Jimmy Fallon, whom I LOVE and Amy Pohler, another funny lady I adore. I knew this was going to be a funny Bio book and about someone I would enjoy to get to know a bit more. Plus, we watched 30 Rock this year and I adored that show, so I had to find out the ins and out in this biography. She takes you from her starting out literally in the world, to where she currently is, which at the time was still at 30 Rock. She didn't bash any of her other jobs she had or said anything mean about people she worked with. She told you little secrets and different things about SNL. She talked about the Sarah Palin Skit and how it all began and about her becoming a mom and then little funny chapters here  and there. She distributed humor throughout that whole book and a lot of moments, had me surely laughing out loud. I really enjoyed this book and glad I had it on my list and picked it up. Even if you are not a Tina Fey fan, it still has some great advice, female empowers, how loooks do not make you, and giving it your all to succeed for your dreams.

ROOM, Emma Donoghue

Oh this book...this book was a tough one to get into at first. It is a book that follows the voice of a young boy named Jack. He is Five years old and the writing it as if Jack is speaking it. It can be hard to follow, because of what he calls certain objects or how he speaks. It took me a bit to dive into the book, but once I got the hang of it and was understand the words, etc, holy heck was this a good book. I remember seeing this book a couple of years ago and downloading a sample of it to my Nook, but because of how it was written, I couldn't quite dive into it just yet. So I gave it another shot and  I am so glad that I did. This book is all about character and it based around Jack and his Ma and the Room that they are in. It is a pretty profound book. And is now going to be a movie also, which I saw the trailer after I finished the book, talk about an act of fate haha.

They are locked in basically a shed but Ma explains it to Jack, just as Room. They entertain themselves and live an extremely, literally sheltered life. I was beyond impressed with how Ma raised Jack, by living secluded for so long. It was such a fantastic book to see how he transitions to the outside world and how lucky those are. I highly, HIGHLY recommend this book.

Stirring The Pot, Jenny McCarthy

I honestly can say I am not sure why I picked up this book. I saw it at the  library and I like Jenny McCarthy and I had such a great experience with Tina Feys Bio book and Chelsea Handler, I figured why the heck  not. It was an okay book, I honestly did not get anything out of it. It was a book I think about her giving advice, but there wasn't much given. It wasn't a self help book, it sort of have had some Bio chapters, there were some really funny chapters that she just threw in there, like Eight Signs You May Stalking Your Ex. I read and finished the book very quickly. It was one of those books, that I was going to start and finish no matter what haha.

As you can tell I have been busy, busy reading away.

So tell me what have you been reading and make sure to check out Nanci's page and what she is reading too!!