Tuesday, May 31, 2016

31 Days of Running and June Goals

Good Evening Friends

So it is 10:45 pm and I am not sure why I am up but I am lol. Believe it or not this is late for me. Probably because I have off tomorrow. I have been super spoiled this week because we get 3 days off for the holiday, it is amazing.

Okay so back to my post rather than bragging about my awesome work week. So for the month of May my main goal was to run every day for 2-3 miles each day. Actually it was my only goal for the month of May and I am proud to say that I completed it!!!

Man was it tough at times. The start of the month, work was crazy, as we had Mother's Day business and I was running around at work like a crazy person. On my feet all day long. Then of course my time of the month knocked me out. And just being tired and hot, it made for some of those runs to be extra hard and I am sure I walked a lot more than I normally would because of some aches and pains.

Some Joys from my Run Streak:

1. I always felt amazing after words.
2. I stayed active every day which really did boost my mood.
3. I got my steps in each day (actually out of the 31 days, I did not hit 10,000 steps but 3) and that was because I was off and just being lazy after or before.
4. It made me fall in love with running again for sure.
5. It became a habit and even when I don't want too, I know I need to.
6. I can see my body changing again. I even lost 5 pounds this month
7. I am sleeping  better

Some Not So Joy From My Run Streak:

1. I am doing laundry constantly

Honestly that is the only thing that is not so joyus with the run streak haha.

It really has been great and I have decided to keep it going.

Yup I am going to keep streaking. From now until July 4th, this time with at least 1 mile every day.

At this point I seriously feel like if I stop, I couldn't. I would feel too guilty. So one mile every day, despite the heat, work and how tired I am.

If you want to join along you should!!! Maybe if you don't want to run, then walk every day at least one mile. It starts to become more of a you time then anything else. I know you will enjoy it.

And since tomorrow is June 1, what a better time to start. Also in conjunction with my run streak. I plan on doing some cross train with my arms. I really am not liking the flabbiness, so I need to start toning them up. And continue to read more.

Simple, easy and attainable goals for June. Here is to another great month.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Global Running Day: A Look Into My Miles

Hey Friends

So I am partaking in one of those not really on the calendar but a holiday type of days. There are a tons of them but this one I truly truly love

Woot Woot!!!!

So I have linked up with Jonesin' For A Run for this day and she has set up some questions to answer all about the miles we love. Make sure to check out her blog and link and those who have also linked up too!!

Why Do I run?
I wish I had this really profound reason to my love of running but I can honestly just plainly say that I run because it makes me happy and discouraged and it brings me out of my comfort zone. I am not great in the gym, I get distracted and I don't know what I am doing but when I am running, I am me. I know the miles and the pace, I can get lost and always find my way home. It makes me sweat like no other, clears my mind and challenges and changes me with each mile.

How Do You plan to Celebrate National Running Day?
First I downloaded my Running Bib from Brooks Running and I of course am going to go for a run sometime that day. I am off of work that day and plan on getting 3 miles in, the best way to kick off the month of June too.

How many miles have you ran so far this year? Do I have a mileage goal for the year?
I do have a mileage goal for the year and it is 1000. The first half of the year was looking a little rough, I was sick and tired and it was strangely cold for Florida and I ached a whole lot, but this second half of the year I am kicking butt and taking names. I have ran so far 250 miles, I have to average about 125 month to hit that 1000 miles, I would be happy with half at this point as long as I am still loving it.

What big events do you have on the calendar this year?
I honestly have no big races coming up in 2016. I do have some races planned already for 2017, including Rock and Roll Nashville, which I am signing up for on June 1, because there is suppose to be a really big discount and I want to have a destination run next year. The rest of this year is just some 5ks and virtual runs.

Before I leave for a run I must have:
My Bluetooth headphones and my phone. I need music!

Do you track your runs?
I do track my runs through the Endomono app. I love it. I have had a Garmin, I still do but for some reason, no reason in general, I haven't been using it. I sync my Endomono app to My Fitness Pal and to my Fit Bit also. I always have my Fit Bit on.

Who is your favorite running partner?
Nanci is my favorite out of anyone and everyone!!

What races have you done so far this year?
I have actually done a lot of races this year. A lot more than I have in the past, February I did Best Damn Race Half Marathon, Race For a Cupcake 5k , Gasparilla 15k and a Valentine's Day virtual race. March I did a St. Patricks Days 5k Race. April I did a Boston 26.2 miles over 18 days virtual race, Iron Girl Half marathon. And May I did the Hippie Dash 5k. And this coming Saturday I m doing the Best Damn Race Leftover 5k.

If you have to give one piece of advice to someone about running what would it be?
Oh my gosh, one piece of advice is really hard. But I think the biggest would be just to get out there and try and don't let the way you feel let you down with it. It is going to suck in the beginning, like a lot. And you are going to this you are not getting anywhere with it and that mile is going to take forever. BUT don't give it up, just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Take the walk breaks, breathe really heavy, who cares if your thighs rub together or if people driving by see you, you are doing something so special, just keep going.

Describe your relationship with running in one word:

Makes sure you follow the link at the tap and see how everyone is spending Global Runnng Day and get out there and run!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Give Me The Beat Boys & Free My Soul

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Good Sunday Morning Everyone and a Happy Memorial Day Weekend. Hope you are enjoying your weekend with some time off, relaxing, having fun, and remembering those who have fallen in the line of duty.

I have off today and tomorrow, which as you know in my world, is slight rare for me, so I am extremely happy. I was a little bit off last week, I was tired and a bit cranky and was having some stomach issues towards the end of the week. Which did not help my mood at all But I made it through and feeling way better today.

So you know what gets me through when I am not feeling all that great; MUSIC. I absolutely love music and my taste in music is a little bit all over the place. I practically love it all. And even better, James loves music too, like a lot. Some mornings like today, we get up early, sit with our coffee and computers but on some Pandora or Spotify or Apple Music and just jam out. Actually in college our favorite thing to do was go to bars and listen to live music, cover bands, concerts, anything.

I bring this up because music saves my soul. It brings me back to a happy place, a sad place, emotional place, good music awakens me, lyrics make me think and reflect. Music seriously saves me. And  there is so much good music out there these days, it is hard to not get caught up in it all.

I just signed up for Apple Music, which is unlimited downloads for 9.99 a month. James got me hooked on it and well now I can not stop downloading music and making playlists. I also just recently bought 3 new CDs, yes I support the CD business still.

Fantastic CD!!! On constant replay! John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16, Wasted Time, The Fighter, Boy Gets a Truck, Break on Me, and Habit of You are some of my favorites, but seriously the whole CD is great.

Another great one! This came out just on Friday and I am already loving all of it. James got it for me from work yesterday and even HE is Loving it. He wanted to hear the title track, Black, over and over. And I convienced him to take me to see Dierks when he comes to Tampa on July 16. It is my birthday weekend, so it just makes sense. Other great tracks, Somewhere on a Beach, Black, Different For Girls and I'll Be The Moon.

And because this was just a fun CD to get because I love the Bobby Bones Morning Show and crew. Every Day is A Good Day is a really catchy and happy song, it is a fun CD to put on and just laugh and be happy with.

Okay so those are the CD's I have purchased lately. Some songs I have recently downloaded....

Came Here To Forget-Blake Shelton
Can't Stop The Feeling- Justin Timberlake
Messin' Around- Pitbull
Snapback- Old Dominion
Middle of a Memory- Cole Swindell
Home Alone Tonight- Luke Bryan
Buy Me A Boat- Chris Janson
My Church- Maren Morris
H.O.L.Y- Florida Georgia Lne
Castaway- Zac Brown Band

I am on a Huge Country Kick lately!

What are some of your favorite songs or CD's lately?/?

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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Little 5k That Became A Big Milestone

Okay so I have been on a mental quest this year, besides earning a dollar for every mile I do,trying to run 1000 in 2016, I am also trying to earn a medal every month!! Yeah I am all about running this year for sure. Now the medals, do not have to from a real life race, as you know I have been loving on some virtual races this year too. Because I mean I am out here running anyway, might as well earn some bling with it too.

So this past Saturday, I actually went to real live 5k race. It was called the Hippie Dash 5k in Gulfport, which I forget how super close it is to me, literally right down the road. I had signed up for this race, months ago when I got the flyer in a swag bag for a race I had did. The main reason I signed up for the race was because it was one I could do in May and it was running in Gulfport, which is this super laid back, cute town and it totally has that hippie vibe to it.

I originally was hoping to be off of work that day when I was running it, but in May because we are busy, I couldn't take a Saturday off, which was no biggie. So I got up at 6 and James got up too. I had my cup of coffee, my new favorite ritual before a run, got my outfit together.

As close to hippie vibes as I was gonna get and headed to the run. I was feeling really great actually that morning, calm and ready to do the run. I didn't eat anything before hand, and I didn't take my GymBoss to do my Run.Walk.Run. Which I am a lover of Jeff Galloway and Run.Walk.Run, I mean it is the reason I run, but I said heck, its just a race, I am just going to do the run and see how I feel. It was hot and humid, I was not expecting miracles.

There was a nice crowd, for a little race. The one thing was weird, I had already picked up my bib the day before but you had to get your timing chip the day of the race. The line was crazy, didn't seem organized and I was already in the starting line to care, so I just said the heck with it, I had my Endomono app anyway guiding me along.

I put on some Beatles Pandora to get in the mood and headed out with the crowd. Typically in a race I am so pumped up that I run the first mile without any walk breaks to begin with because I am tyring to fight the crowds and find my groove. Well after the first mile, the water station was there, I grabbed my water and just downed it and just kept running. I wasn't feeling tired or hot or anything, I just kept moving. No need for a walk break.

I thought okay this is different. So then I went to mile 2 and still no walk break. Got water and kept going, then I figured okay mile 2 is where I always break down for some reason, well 2.60, I was still feeling strong. So I thought, no stopping me now, I am going to do this whole thing with no walk breaks.

And I did!!!!

I was thrilled. I have not had that happen in probably 4 years, when I did the turkey trot one year with my friend Jacke and we didn't walk once.

I Couldn't believe it and even better, I ran it under a 12 minute mile.


I have come along way since my accident and since marathon training.

I couldn't believe it. I was on for sure a runners high after that. I was feeling on top of the world. My first 5k no stopping in FOREVER.

And it just shows with a whole lot of determination, a whole lot of heart and never giving up, it can be done.

Now I am shooting for that sub 30 minute 5k.

One step at a time!

Midweek Coffee and Books

Happy Middle of The Week, also known as Hump Day or even better known as Wednesday haha.

As you can tell I am mowing through my cup of coffee right now like a BOSS!!

Okay so I know it is a holiday weekend coming up and everyone is ready for some days off. I seriously can not wait to have two days off in a row. I will be off on Sunday and Monday next week, SAY WHAT!!! And then I'll have off on Wednesday, which I will be doing a blogging event with Dunkin Donuts, which I seriously hope it involves tasting this...

Hello Almond Joy!!! I love anything chocolate and coconut and to drink it, well heck yeah.

Okay so it is Wednesday and I am feeling the positive train this morning. Sure, I slept in a bit, I hit snooze a million times this morning. I have not been great at getting my run in the morning, BUT I am getting it done at night after work. I have been doing AMAZING with my Run Streak, but that post will be the end of the week.

I wanted to pop in really quickly and share some positive and a book I just finished. I actually read it in 24 hours because it was that good.

Not sure if you are familiar with The Bobby Bones Show on the radio. I was introduced to them one morning during my morning commute to work. I accidentally turned to the country radio station and was a little iffy with it at first, I mean the one persons name is Lunchbox. But I kept going back to the station because I enjoyed the dynamic. Then one day I caught them talking about Bobby and his mom, who died of alcoholism. I was instantly hooked. He was honest and open about  his feelings and ever since then I knew this was going to be my morning commute radio station from here on out.

The more I listened the more I enjoyed everything about it and I follow the whole crew on social media because they are fun and their positive outlook on life is great. Surround and follow those around you who bring positive notes to your life. And that is exactly what they do for my mornings

I have even download iheartradio so I can listen in the mornings I have stuff going on. And I recently bought his book...

I absolutely loved this book. I wasn't sure I was going to like it or not, being I haven't been a listener of the show for long and knew really nothing about Bobby Bones. But I was pretty excited to get my hands on this. It was funny and heartwarming, real, and honest. I was surprised I loved this book so much. His story is amazing and his mentality of Fight.Grind.Repeat is amazing. He never gives up and is constantly moving and hustling with in his life.

With his story of his mom and growing up and his mom dying of alcoholism really touched my heart, mainly because it was very similar to my life with my dad, right to the time frame when he found out his mom had passed away.

If you want to read this book and feel motivated and inspired and just even laugh a little, go out and download it or buy it. I recommend it!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

If/Then The Musical at The Straz Review

On Tuesday night, Nanci, my bestie invited me to attend the showing of If/Then The Musical at the Straz center in Tampa. Nanci was given the opportunity through her working with The Tampa Bay Bloggers and the Straz center, I was extremely happy to go along and be her plus one. Even though I was given the opportunity through Nanci, my opinions are all my own.

If/Then is a Musical centered around the life of Elizabeth, who moves to New York City to start a new, after her most recent divorce. She moves to NYC knowing her old friend Lucas, who was played by Anthony Rapp. Which we might know him most famously from his role in RENT, which I had the pleasure of seeing him perform in on Broadway when I was in High School. Upon Elizabeth's arrival to NYC, she meets a new friend name Kate. Kate is this vibrant, loud spoken, outgoing, crazy fun neighbor, whom the moment she stepped out on stage I instantly knew I was going to love her role in the play.

From the first scene to the intermission to the end, I was constantly engulfed with how much I loved this play. The tale of Elizabeth's life is told through two different story lines. One where she is Beth. Beth's life is all about business and her career and maybe  not making the best choices. Beth's life shows what her life would be like if she never met a solider named Josh. How her life changed in one instant when she took a phone call. Beth's life was about moving up the corporate ladder, finding her way, not really enjoying life, making mistakes. All because she took one step per say in a different direction.

Then as the audience we watch as it splits to Liz, still the same character, but what if she went a different direction and she decided to not answer the phone. She went another way and met Josh, the solider. Liz's life was vastly different, it was raw and honest and happy. Liz got everything she wanted out of life on the Liz side, even heartache, but wouldn't change it for the world, because it gave her so much more. A family, kids and a love that would last a lifetime.

The two split story lines was something I had not experienced before in a play and I thought was done extremely well. At first it was a bit tricky to grasp on, but once the cast of character began to identify it became clear and clearer.

The beauty of this musical was not only were the main characters, Kate and Josh portrayed of what it and then, but their friends Lucas and Kate too. And how their lives were forever impacted and changed because of one decision. It show cased their own love lives and how one person you associate with brings so much. I know I have people in my life like that too. If I didn't go to college where I did, my best friend never would have moved in PA and eventually find the love her life, her husband and her soul mate. It's funny how one little thing can impact so many other lives, without even really meaning too.

It is funny because I had thought about this same parallel in my own life recently. I choose to live in Florida 7 years ago, on a whim. James lived down here, I had visited and just knew this is why I needed to be. If James and I had never met in college, if I had never applied to Keystone College, one of the only 3 colleges I applied too, we would have never had met and my life here in Florida with him, would never had started.

I wouldn't have been working at Things Remembered or meeting friends like Nanci. I am so grateful that my If/Then story is more like Liz's in the fact, I followed my heart and took a chance, despite being scared and not knowing what would happen.

The music in If/Then is amazing. The songs What The Fuck, Here I Go, and Always Starting Over were my favorites. Always Starting Over had me in instant tears. I cried several times during the second act. Bring tissues, especially when Liz signs Always Starting Over, I can not say that enough, it is raw and with just her and the stage and some twinkle lights, it instantly moves you.

The ending was absolutely perfect and I felt like I couldn't clap loud enough for the performance I had just scene. I love leaving a musical and you are still floating on air from what you just witnessed and the message is so deep, it has you thinking about your own life and If/Then's.

Would you change anything if you could? What if there was one moment in your life, if you went another way, which would be better?

I believe in Fate and Signs and this musical brought that all together.

Do yourself a big favor and see this musical. It is running at the Straz through May 22nd.

This is something you do not want to miss out on seeing!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I Often Wonder

Good Wednesday Afternoon!!

Life around my parts has been a bit cooko bananas lately. Work was jam packed last week with Mother's Day and working close to 60 hours, I was a bit exhausted. So posting took a bit of a back seat..

But I wanted to touch base and share I have started a run streak. I have committed to running at least 2-3 miles every day for the whole month of May! I have done a run streak before back in 2013 when I ran one from thanksgiving till New Years and despite it being hard, I really loved it! So I'm taking on one this month, to kick ass with more motivation and to keep my head in the game!! 11 days down and I'm still holding strong. I have been tired and slow but he'll one foot in front of the other is all it is about!

And it got me thinking how different my life has turned out.... I know how does a run streak evoke that kind of thought but I think a bunch when I'm running and that popped in my head.

And today as I was sitting outside a cafe enjoying a huge salad before going grocery shopping how much my life has changed. There were times where I wouldn't even get up before noon.
 Or even order a salad at that.

It's amazing how one decision of moving here 7 years ago, made a world of a difference.

While yes it has been tough at times. And the beginning of me living in Florida was not about running and healthy. I'm so grateful where my life is now.

My whole world revolves around me just being better. I posted the other day what is your why?

My why is I don't want to be stastic to my life. Too many people blame their lives or what they were born into as an excuse. Sure I did not have a great childhood. My parents were drug addicts and alcoholics and I experienced things children shouldn't be exposed too BUT I never use that has an escapee goat for who I am.

Just because that's how I was raised does not mean I am that person. It is just a part of me. I have fought too hard for too long to ever let that define me.
Just because most of my family snuggled with weight does not mean I can not overcome it. I will never sit back and say well it's the dice I rolled. My why is because I know I'm better and stronger than that!! 

So I ask what is your why?? What motivates you to be better? Why will you never give up or back down!!? Where you handed a crappy deck too and know you can be better?!im here to tell you, you can!!!

Just keep putting one foot in front of the other!!