Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My Weekend Off

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!!

Can we please acknowledge that in 3 days it is Halloween and more importantly the end of the month of October!! Meaning the end of the year is even closer. God, I literally feel like it was just February.

Time seriously just needs to slow down!!!

But while I am here lets recap what I have been going on lately.

As of last week, I had a pretty busy end of the week. Thursday and Friday I had travel days with work.  I went to Tallahasse and Gainsville and Ocala in those two days, doing store visits with my Boss. It was an awesome learning experience for me. She taught me so much in those two days alone and I learned a lot of what it was like to be a traveling supervisor and what to expect when going into visits. We stayed the night at a Hilton and it was really nice, but I just could not sleep. I ended up getting up super early, which made for a super long day. By the time I got home on Friday, I was beyond beat. I ended up crashing into a nap and then just laid around the rest of the night.

No grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry or anything I was hoping to do. Which to be honest felt great. James brought home Chipotle and we watched Sons for the whole night. Then came my weekend off, which was FANTASTIC. I mean one of those weekends, I truly, truly needed.

On Saturday, I got up and went for a run. My body has been battling a bit with me lately. So I set out for 3 miles. I ended up running the first mile, then walked a 1/2 mile, then ran to 2. Then walked the last mile. I was having calf pain and shin splints and everything else in between. But at least I got active and out there.

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon with Nanci! We had a great time. We went to the Tampa Bay Reading Festival, which was small and I thought for sure they would have more books for sale, but hardly any. The weather was perfect and we got a coffee before hand, which of course is something we do. And we literally chatted the whole time. We hadn't seen each other in forever, so it was amazing to catch up. Then from the Festival we went to the Saturday Morning Market, we walked around and Nanci had never been before, was I was so happy to show her how fun it is.

Then we went to lunch and had the best sandwiches at Locale Market. I got a grilled turkey panin, which now is my favorite way to have a turkey sandwich. We did more talking and walking and ended back at the market to get some produce. I love getting produce from the market because it really is much cheaper. We still had some time before we had to leave, so we sat in the grass by the water and continued talking.

Nanci is truly an amazing friend to me. We have only really known each other for a short time,  but we feel like we have been friends forever. She is so easy to open up too and we have so many things in common, I really value our friendship. I hope you have friendships like that in your life.

Then we said goodbye and I headed to the grocery store. I crashed when I got home, we did a lot of walking and it felt awesome. Then James and I wanted to have a really chill night. We got PDQ for dinner, went to Bath and Body Works so I could take advantage for there awesome candle sale and then ended with Yogurtology. That is always the best ending to a date night.

Sunday, James took me out for breakfast. It has been our new thing to do in the morning before football on Sundays. I love it. I LOVE going out for breakfast probably even  more than I do going out for dinner or lunch. Then we drove around some beach areas, looking for possible places to live in the next year :0) Then it was Football time with our friends.

I was a bit tired and lazy, and James had wayyyyy tooo much fun, if you know what I mean, watching the game lol. I laid down for a bit and then had some retail therapy at Target.

Then I started my work week at my new store. My first day went great. The drive was not bad at all. It made for a long day but I know this will be all worth it. IT is truly different then what I have been used to all these years, but it really is good. I am so excited for this new adventure and ready to take it on.

Working out has been good the last two days too. Despite wanting to just relax when I got home on Monday, I had a snack and went for a walk. It felt good to get my legs moving, I do not sit at work and constantly moving, so it sucks to work out, but it really does make a huge difference.

Yesterday, I was at my old store, training the new store manager and then came home, had a snack and then went to the gym. I wanted everything to say no, but I didn't and now today I am off and taking advantage of laying around and just relaxing and later going for a run.

Tomorrow is weigh in day and let you know how My Fitness Pal is working out for me.

Thanks for reading!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Positive Thinking Brings Great Change

Positive Thinking and Hard Work goes hand and hand and it goes a long way! I am proof of that!

I got a promotion at work. I am currently moving up in my company. I am going from being the store manager in St. Pete to the store manager at the Clearwater location. It is a higher volume store and busier and it looks awesome being the store manager of it. I want to move up in the company and this is defintely a great stepping stone for me to do so.

I, officially start there on Monday. It is a little bit of a commute, only 30 minutes. It really isn't that bad. And now the weather is amazing and I don't mind driving because it isn't that  hot anymore.

So I am off to new beginnings and challenges. This coming week will be a bit different, I have to plan more and move my work outs around and I am excited for that. I embrace change and I am ready to take it on!!!

Surround yourself with people that reflect who you want to be and how you want to feel. Energies are contagious…:

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Race For The Cure, Painting With A Twist & Mama Visit

Hi Folks!!!

It has been quite a week since the last time I posted. But first let me take it back to a race that I did the beginning of the month. I won an entry from Nanci on her blog, to run the The Race For A Cure 5k. It was a glow run, meaning a night run and you can wear lighted up material and glow items. I really, really wanted to run this race because it was in downtown St. Pete, which as you guys know is probably my favorite place to run. Plus the atmosphere and ambiance and everything was just what I wanted from a run.

The weather was perfect. We finally had a nice little cold front come throughh and down by the water and the air cooler and no sun, it was my favorite time of night.

I took advantage of the glow items and dressing in pink. I got my skirt from Michaels, for super cheap. I loved it and it was comfortable and the sparkle of course was right up my ally.

I had the best time!!! I ran the race like I did the one prior, with out my GymBoss and just running the first mile non stop and then walking the water stations. I had worked a full 8 hour shift the day also and then the run, so my legs were defintely a bit more tired than normal. But everything around me pushed me forward and I had a great race. I completed it in the same time as the week prior, so that was confortening. Slowly and surely I will get back to where I was, but also I will get that sub 30 minute 5k.

Running this race changed something in me. It made me feel alive. It could have been the weather, or the time of the night, but the people running and the feeling you got from those around you, the survivors, everyone in general, it just really touched me. It made me fall back in love with running again even more.

Since this race, I have been running a bit more. Running on my days off, even if it is just 2 miles and doing at least 4 on one of my days off. Running is so much for me. I ran 4 days this week and then have had 3 rest days because I feel like I am coming down with a cold. So I have been so tired in the morning and just feeling yucky, but tomorrow I am back at it.

And just to update my life, nothing really exciting going on. My mom came down for a visit this week and we had an absolute blast.

We spent lots of time outside at the pool and on the beach. We did a Ghost Walking Tour, which was fun, downtown St. Pete, lots of walking and some scary stories, but it was defintely a fun thing to do this time of year.

We also did Painting With A Twist, which was sooo much fun.

My mom was having a great time. We brought some pretzels, hummus and carrot sticks and Skinny Girl margarita.

The instructor was so much fun and had us all laughing. It was a perfect night and my mom and I did so good. I loved our our paintings came out.

I am surprised how well and easy it was to do.

My mom and I had a great mother and daughter bonding time and a Girls night out. Actually all week we really had a great time together. I hate to see her go, but it just makes for our time together again that much sweeter.


It was the perfect part of my week.

Hope everyone is having a great week and weekend!!!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

What We Are Reading: October

Hey Everyone! So it is that time of the month with my Favorite post I do, with Nanci, our what we are reading post!

Okay, so I have to admit, this one will be short and sweet because man oh man, I have not put a lot of effort into reading like I have really wanted too. At night when I normally would read, I am now catching up on my T.V. shows on Hulu or James and I are now watching Sons of Anarchy on Netflix, which by the way is my New Favorite show, why did I wait so long to watch it.

So my one book that I had read and finished was The One and Only by Emily Giffin

I really enjoy Emily Giffin and her books, I have read a couple of them in the past and really loved the characters and the stories that went along with them. This book, I had some really high hopes for because I heard so much hype around it when it came out around last year. My cousin even said it was a great book to read. Okay, so I enjoyed the book, but it was really just ehhhh to me. The one thing I liked was it involves a lot of focus around Football and when I was reading it, it was the start of football season, so it fit perfectly.

The  main characters were very bland and it didn't have a whole lot of personality. And not to give away too much of the plot, the book went one way I really didn't think it should have. Yes, there was a love story aspect to the book, but it was a weird love story, almost creepy.

The character I enjoyed more was the main characters best friend, it should have dealt more into her. The book and chapters became predictable and in the end, you just knew it was going to happen that way. No punch which I have had with Emily Giffin before. It was a nice and easy read and yes, entertaining.

I am glad I read it, but I defintley recommend her older books instead.

What is your favorite Emily Giffin books?

Make sure you head over to Nanci's and say hi and see what she is reading too!!!

Have a great Sunday and I hope you can curl up with a good book with us too.

I know I am diving into some fun ones coming up!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

My First Week Counting Calories with MFP

Good Wednesday Morning Everyone!!!

I am off from work today and could not be happier!! Mainly because the beginning of the weeks now have been crazy for me. October is a quick and fast and LOTS of going on for me month, and Monday and Tuesday at work this week, was a little hetic. Lots of paperwork, interviewing and I had a travel day that involved two stores. I want to be a DM someday and I know this would be my life, so I enjoy it, but when it isn't your normal, whew it knocks you out.

And today I have no big plans for the day, except to finish a book, get a run in and a nap. The simple things for sure.

But I wanted to pop in and tell you all how much I am Loving using My Fitness Pal to count my calories and how much I am enjoying counting my calories in general. I have been using the app and counting my calories for roughly a week now. It was not hard at all to start. Counting calories and Weight Watchers are VERY similar.

When I signed up for MFP, they asked your current weight, which for me is 169, your height, gender and activity level. I said slightly active because of work, I am moving and grooving on my feet for 8 hours a day. And then there is my exercise I do after. I figure the extra is just a bonus. They asked a range I wanted to lose, I said around 15 pounds would be awesome, I just want to be in the 160's by the new year is what I am aiming for.

Once that was done, they set me up with a calorie goal. Mind is 1490. Then I linked my FitBit to the app so it could track my steps and movement, rather than my phone, because especially at work, I don't carry my phone with me all the time. Then the fun began.

The MFP app is so easy to navigate and use. You can download the app, which I highly recommend and also go to the website. You type in what you are eating and then they give you a million results and you find the one that matches. The best part is you can also scan your food, just like Weight Watchers, BUT MFP actually has practically every single food! Where at WW, you would scan something and they did not have it in their database. Which was super annoying.

Then you log it. And I have vowed to LOG EVERY SINGLE THING. I mean I am logging spices I use on my food, well most, not hot sauce. And you would be surprised the calorie countent on items. Here is the deal before WW I never had a diet in place, I just took diet pills or just didn't care. Then I went to WW and learned soooooooo much. I learned how to read labels and how to actually understand a serving size and I learned how to cook and make great choices. NOW, I am using everything I learned from WW and applying it to calories.

I thought it was going to be super hard, but it has been quite easy. And on Saturday I ate out with James and went to a burger place, which had the burger already logged in their database. I over guessed on the sides and I am happy with that, because it is better to be over than under. Which I would do a whole lot with WW. I have used the MFP reciepe builder too, which is really awesome because I can just scan the ingridents and bam there it is. OR even cooler, you can search for the recpipe you and it imports it into the MFP for you!!!

So, I get 1490 a day and then I get "extra" for exercise, which I can eat also. I am trying not to eat all the exercise back because quite honest I don't need it, I am not hungry because I am actually eating what I am suppose to be eating. I really, truly believe I was eating under with WW and because I was so active it was not doing anything for me. And then I would eat my Activity Points back and then some and it was making me gain.

But with MFP this whole week, I have been under my calorie count with the activity and felt great. I have not felt hungry or miserable and I have still been eating the same way I did with Weight Watchers, BUT I am definitely making even better choices because I am truly tracking everything, even if I don't want too. Because I am done lying and hurting myself. I would get so ashamed when I would eat all my points and then some, that I would keep going and stop tracking.

I just wasn't motivated anymore and since MFP I have been motivated. I love tracking again, I love making choices and looking at my carbs and how much I am eating for the day and I love my progress. And I love seeing it is making a difference in how I view food again.

I am looking for nutritional information on the websites to places, even my favorite coffee. I am ordering smaller portions for less calories, but enjoying it and not just saying YOLO. For example on Saturday, we had a break in the weather and I really wanted to try the new Toasted Graham Latte for Starbucks. I looked up the calories and a tall with non fat milk was 190 calories, sure I wanted the Large and Yes on WW I would have gotten and not tracked it and would justify well it is my treat drink for the day because I am going to run later. BUT I order the tall and I was completely satisfied.

And enjoyed every last drop. I don't need the super huge size. I don't need the fancy drink and if I want it, I will just order the small to settle the craving. Also at dinner that night I ordered a sangria. I ordered only one and I was truly happy with that and stuck to water for the rest of the night.

Also my cravings have  been down too. Which is a HUGE win because I had my TOM this week too, which made me super nervous, I would just go to town. I normally snack and pick my way through the kitchen, grabbing little handfuls of things. But I didn't at all. I had my sweet treat a night and I was happy and fine and I wasn't hungry.

I even weighed myself this morning and I am at 168.6. Heck that is a nice little loss, but I will weigh in officially tomorrow morning. I want to do Thursdays from now on. It works better. But if I don't want to weigh in one week, well then so be it.

I am really happy on this new journey for weight Loss and I believe it will get me over this plateau for sure. I am still undecided if I will continue to keep my WW. I have until next week to decide, but I am sure you can guess which route I am going to take.

Alright, so now that I have rambled on and on for the morning. Thanks for reading and even more Thanks for continuing to be apart of my Journey.

Thursday, October 1, 2015 
South of the Border Hash Brown Bake, 1 serving(s)159230153441
International Delight - Pumpkin Pie Spice Gourmet Coffee Creamer, 2 Tbsp (15 mL)30600200
Dunkin' Donuts - Pumpkin Coffee K Cup, 8 oz200000
Splenda - Splenda Packet, 3 packet1230000
Yoplait 100 Calorie Greek - Caramel Apple, 5.3 oz cup10012012907
Add Food  303440274548
Marketside - Spring Mix Organic, 2 cups (85g)9101220
Organic - Cherry Tomato, 4 tomatoes800000
Goya - Canned Chick Peas (Garbanzos), 0.06 cup13301450
Kraft Calorie Wise - Balasmic Vinagrette, 1 fluid ounce494403754
Peppers, sweet, red, raw, 1 tablespoon310000
Celery, raw, 1 tsp(s)000020
Sweet Peppers, 1 gms000000
Kaiser - Roll, 1 rolll16730363101
Homemade - Chicken Breast (Grilled), 3 oz1400327720
Aldi - Gucamole, 2 TBSP603511050
Shredded sharp cheddar cheese - Cheese, 0.25 cup831751350
beefsteak tomato - Tomato, 0.25 medium610051
Wickles - Pickles, 8 slices60160030014
Add Food  5985921411,37121
Nature's Own - Honey Wheat Light Bread, 2 Slices8019151302
Fit & Active - Turkey Bacon, 3 slice750564050
Campbell's Healthy Request - Minestrone Soup (Condensed), 1 cup180381882010
fresh express grams - sweet & crunchy, 42.5 grams10101101
Kraft - Parmesan Reduced Fat, 2 tsp20211800
Kraft - Mayo/ Olive Oil, 1 Tbsp35230951
Walmart - Tomato, 0.25 tomato610021
Angie's Boom Chicka Pop - Boom Chicka Puff Sweet Barbeque, 14 grams70941801
Walden Farms Calorie Free - French Onion Dip, 1 tbsp.00001050
Sunset Farms - Mini Cuccumbers, 1 MINI CUCCUMBER1530102
Philadelphia Cream Cheese - Pumpkin Spice, 8 g20120251
Kameda Baked Frosted Rice Cakes - Rice Cakes, 1 package (12g)501021553
Add Food  5618617241,80722
Special K Pastry Crisps - Cookies & Cream, 1 Crisps501011534
D'lites Emporium - Vanilla Ice Cream, 0.5 Cup50621353
Menchie's - Hot Fudge Topping - Sugar/fat Free, 2 tbsp9000000
Rainbow Sprinkles - Sprinkles, 2 tsp.4062004
Add Food  23022528811
Your Daily Goal1,73221658872,30065
*You've earned 242 extra calories from exercise today
If every day were like today...   You'd weigh 163.6 lbs in 5 weeks 

Your Food Diary For:

Friday, October 2, 2015 
International Delight - Pumpkin Pie Spice Gourmet Coffee Creamer, 1 Tbsp (15 mL)15300100
South of the Border Hash Brown Bake, 1 serving(s)159230153441
Yoplait - Greek 100 Whips! Coconut Macaroon, 1 Container10015095012
Splenda - Splenda Packet, 4 packet1640000
Dunkin' Donuts - Pumpkin Coffee K Cup, 14 oz400000
Jordan's Skinny Syrups - Skinny Syrups-sugar-free Blueberry, 1 tablespoon000000
Add Food  2944502440413
365 - Organic Red Seedless Grapes, 0.5 ounce930023
fresh express grams - sweet & crunchy, 0.5 ounce300030
Vegetable - Tomato, Whole Fresh, 0.5 raw840163
Fit & Active - Turkey Bacon, 3 slice750564050
Kraft - Mayo/ Olive Oil, 1 Tbsp35230951
Nature's Own - Honey Wheat Light Bread, 2 Slices8019151302
Kellogg's Special K - Sea Salt - Cracker Chips, 28 (chips)12021422201
Add Food  33050121486110
Turkey Chili , 2 serving(s)6026315551,0329
Rice - White, medium-grain, cooked, 0.5 cup121270200
Breakstone's - Sour Cream, Fat Free, 32 g (2 tbsp)30501252
Add Food  7539515581,05711
Water - Municipal, 16 cup (8 fl oz)0000760
Tootsie - Caramel Apple Pop, 1 lollipop6015101510
Trader Joe's - Speculoos Cookie Butter Cheesecake Bites, 1 piece (25g)901061557
Oreo Thins - Thins, 1 Cookies35520243
Add Food  185308117020
Your Daily Goal1,75021959882,30066
*You've earned 260 extra calories from exercise today

Your Food Diary For:

Saturday, October 3, 2015 
If every day were like today...   You'd weigh 160.1 lbs in 5 weeks 

Your Food Diary For:

Sunday, October 4, 2015 
International Delight - Pumpkin Pie Spice Gourmet Coffee Creamer, 1 Tbsp (15 mL)15300100
Dunkin' Donuts - Pumpkin Coffee K Cup, 8 oz200000
thinkThin - Protein & Fiber Hot Oatmeal Farmer's Market Berry Crumble, 1 Bowl (50g)1903321014010
Starbucks - Grande Blonde Roast, Sugar Free Vanilla, Nonfat Milk, 16 oz2500203
Splenda - Splenda Packet, 6 packet2460000
Add Food  2564221215013
Smart Balance - Smart Balance - Buttery Burst Spray, 10 sprays000000
Nature's Own - Honey Wheat Light Bread, 2 Slices8019151302
Vegetable - Tomato, Whole Fresh, 0.25 raw420132
Laughing Cow - Creamy Queso Fresco Chipotle, 21 g (1 wedge)351221901
Borden - Pepper Jack - Fat Free, 1 Slice (21g)303042701
Dole - Tomato Vegetable Soup, 1.5 cup120271260012
Pepperidge Farm - Goldfish .4 oz, 0.4 oz50721950
Add Food  319595141,28818
Crockpot Ranch Chicken, 1 serving(s)23284308842
Spices, garlic powder, 1 tsp1020120
Spices, onion powder, 1 tsp820020
Priano-Aldi - Butternut Squash Risotto, 1/4 Container16033244003
Veggies - Zucchini, 2 Cup (Sliced)40804224
Tootsie - Caramel Apple Pop, 1 lollipop6015101510
Add Food  510687391,32419
General Mills - Fiber One 90 Calorie Cinnamon Coffee Cake, 1 bar901830858
Yoplait Whips - Pumpkin Cheesecake , 1 Cup10015095012
Honey Cubbies - Honeycrisp Apples, 1 apple802200016
Krunchy Melts - Meringues, 8 pieces (22g)9022012022
Almond Breeze - Unsweetened Vanilla, 1 cup301311800
Yoohoo Singles - Chocolate Flavor Mix, 1 packet5100350
Add Food  3957961137058
Your Daily Goal1,49018650752,30056
If every day were like today...   You'd weigh 163.9 lbs in 5 weeks 

Make Additional Entries

Your Food Diary For:

Monday, October 5, 2015 
Splenda - Splenda Packet, 2 packet820000
International Delight - Pumpkin Pie Spice Gourmet Coffee Creamer, 1 Tbsp (15 mL)15300100
Dunkin' Donuts - Pumpkin Coffee K Cup, 8 oz200000
Thomas Light - English Muffin, 1 muffin10026151601
Peter Pan - Reduced Fat - Creamy, 1 Tbsp100774752
Fit & Active - Apricot Preserves, 1 Tbsp1050000
Banana - Bananas, 100 g892001112
Add Food  3246381024615
Laughing Cow - Creamy Queso Fresco Chipotle, 21 g (1 wedge)351221901
Organic - Cherry Tomato, 4 tomatoes800000
Marketside - Spring Mix Organic, 0.25 cups (85g)100030
Flatout - Flatbread Light Originial, 1 flatbrad9014292500
Starkist - Tuna Creations-Lemon Pepper, 1 pouch8011183400
Campbell's - Vegetable Beef Soup on the Go, 1 Container508129403
Add Food  264245311,7234
Quest Nutrition - Peanut Butter Whey Protein Powder, 30 grams11021231901
Silk - Chocolate Cashew Milk, 1 cup90182120016
Pam - Certified Organic Olive Oil Cooking Spray, 1/5 Second spray000000
Fresh Finds - No Salt Seasoning, 1/4 tsp510000
Grimmway Farms - Baby Carrots, Cut and Peeled, 3 oz. (85 g)35801655
Idahoan - Buttery Homestyle Mashed Potatoes, 1/4 cup mix.1/2 cup prepared11020324502
Fit & Active Aldi Brand - Rotisserie Flavor Turkey Breast Tenderloin...amm, 5.5 oz.17965296601
Peppers, sweet, red, raw, 15 g(s)510011
Peppers, sweet, yellow, raw, 23 g(s)610000
Trader Joe's - Crumbled Goat Cheese, 1 oz. (28g)801531051
Crouton - Crouton, 2 tbsp30510650
Hormel - Real Crumbled Bacon Bits, 1 tbls250231900
Fit and Active - Fat Free Zesty Italian Dressing, 2 Tbsp (30mL)153003602
Trader Joes - Organic Sriracha and Garlic Bbq Sauce, 1 Tbsp25600956
Kroger - Fat Free Cool Whip, 2 tbsp.20400102
Add Food  7357618622,39137
Quaker Oats - Chewy Caramel Apple, 1 Bar901821808
Yoplait Whips - Pumpkin Cheesecake , 1 Cup10015095012
Doritos - Spicy Nacho, 0.25 oz (28.3 g)35421480
Stauffers - Bite Size Shortbread Cookies, 1 bag601121504
Add Food  2854861222824
Your Daily Goal1,91523964962,30072
*You've earned 425 extra calories from exercise today
If every day were like today...   You'd weigh 160.9 lbs in 5 weeks 

Your Food Diary For:

Tuesday, October 6, 2015