Saturday, October 17, 2015

Race For The Cure, Painting With A Twist & Mama Visit

Hi Folks!!!

It has been quite a week since the last time I posted. But first let me take it back to a race that I did the beginning of the month. I won an entry from Nanci on her blog, to run the The Race For A Cure 5k. It was a glow run, meaning a night run and you can wear lighted up material and glow items. I really, really wanted to run this race because it was in downtown St. Pete, which as you guys know is probably my favorite place to run. Plus the atmosphere and ambiance and everything was just what I wanted from a run.

The weather was perfect. We finally had a nice little cold front come throughh and down by the water and the air cooler and no sun, it was my favorite time of night.

I took advantage of the glow items and dressing in pink. I got my skirt from Michaels, for super cheap. I loved it and it was comfortable and the sparkle of course was right up my ally.

I had the best time!!! I ran the race like I did the one prior, with out my GymBoss and just running the first mile non stop and then walking the water stations. I had worked a full 8 hour shift the day also and then the run, so my legs were defintely a bit more tired than normal. But everything around me pushed me forward and I had a great race. I completed it in the same time as the week prior, so that was confortening. Slowly and surely I will get back to where I was, but also I will get that sub 30 minute 5k.

Running this race changed something in me. It made me feel alive. It could have been the weather, or the time of the night, but the people running and the feeling you got from those around you, the survivors, everyone in general, it just really touched me. It made me fall back in love with running again even more.

Since this race, I have been running a bit more. Running on my days off, even if it is just 2 miles and doing at least 4 on one of my days off. Running is so much for me. I ran 4 days this week and then have had 3 rest days because I feel like I am coming down with a cold. So I have been so tired in the morning and just feeling yucky, but tomorrow I am back at it.

And just to update my life, nothing really exciting going on. My mom came down for a visit this week and we had an absolute blast.

We spent lots of time outside at the pool and on the beach. We did a Ghost Walking Tour, which was fun, downtown St. Pete, lots of walking and some scary stories, but it was defintely a fun thing to do this time of year.

We also did Painting With A Twist, which was sooo much fun.

My mom was having a great time. We brought some pretzels, hummus and carrot sticks and Skinny Girl margarita.

The instructor was so much fun and had us all laughing. It was a perfect night and my mom and I did so good. I loved our our paintings came out.

I am surprised how well and easy it was to do.

My mom and I had a great mother and daughter bonding time and a Girls night out. Actually all week we really had a great time together. I hate to see her go, but it just makes for our time together again that much sweeter.


It was the perfect part of my week.

Hope everyone is having a great week and weekend!!!