Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Little Week and Weekend Update

Things around my world have just been pretty simple. Last week was a rough week for me, mentally and physically. I felt great going into the week and then Wednesday just did it in for me. I had a stressful day at work and then I just was off and out of it. Aunt Flo came to visit, so I know that had a lot to do with it and I was super snacky at times. So I was so happy to begin this week.

Thursday  night we met up with some friends on the beach..

The best part of this outfit was the look James gave me. He told me he loved the outfit and thought I looked fantastic. I got the blazer from Pink Slate Boutique, which is by far my favorite online store to shop from.

This boy really gets me and makes me crack up. This is what I get when I try to take a picture. We met up with some friends from college who were staying on the beach, no beach pictures it was a cloudy night haha.

Friday night I had to close at work so it was a pretty chill night for me. I made dinner and was in bed quite early.

Yesterday I had a decent day at work and then went to Publix for grocery shopping. Which despite paying all the money, I love to grocery shop. James told me he was bringing home dinner, which turned to not be so, and I got in a really bad stage of Hangry! It was horrible, but we finally ordered some pizza, not the best idea, but I wanted it and so did he, it was so worth it.

This morning I woke up with a clear mind and a pep in my step ready to take on the new week and day. I am turning 30 in 3 months and I want look my very best. I mean the best I can be!!! So I turned on a new mind frame today. No more making excuses or saying I am tired or my ankle hurts. Yes there will be times when that does happen but a day of rest should be just fine. I am going to use our gym and run when I can during the week.

I signed up for the Iron Girl 5k, which is April 12th. I love this race and just couldn't fathom the idea of not being there, even if I have to walk or crawl to get to the finish. So I have set my goal and I am going to reach it by July 18th.

That means cleaning up my eating and cleaning up my work outs. I will be documenting it too, not all the boring parts but the small things and see how it will all turn out by my birthday. I just want to bring on the new decade of my life, better than ever.

So saying goodbye to that arm jiggle and my sad excuse for a flex break. I did 25 minutes with the elliptical and an arm work out from Skinny Meg. I murdered my arms and it felt so good. It is progress not perfection. I will amp it up as the days go on, but doing it to make me happy and see progress is what I am all about.

My lunch today was on point too...

I was full and satisfied. Half of a large sweet potato, greek yogurt some strawberries and cashews! 6pp for all of it.

Then I met up with my friend Jacke, whom I have not see in forever, I mean since Thanksgiving and we went for a run. She is getting back into running too from an injury, but the best part was just getting back together and talking about life. She is finishing up nursing school and doing Weight Watchers. I am so proud of her because her life is so crazy and hetic, but she is doing awesome!!!

I am closing out this great Sunday with some turkey burgers and a nice of relaxation with my Bubba.

Hope you had a great Sunday too!!

My First Stitch Fix

One of my goals this year is to really improve my wardrobe. I have been branching out with my style with websites and following some of my favorite people on Instagram. But when it comes to styling, I honestly don't think I have any style. I always dreamed of going into a store and having a whole makeover type of day.

Yup like the scene in Pretty Woman. Just having people give me clothes that fit perfectly, finding my style, etc. BUT I am not a hooker who falls in love with a rich man who can just give me credit cards to do that. So I work in retail and fall in love with an even better man haha.

Then I came across Stitch Fix. I have been seeing so much about it online and in a lot of bloggers I follow. So one of the bloggers I was following had a discount code, so I decided to check it out.

Stitch Fix gives you a survey of some sort or a questionnaire, asking you about your style. They show you a couple of outfit images and have you rank how you like them, such as love them, like them, hate them, etc. They ask for your measurements and what you are looking for. And you can leave notes and comments to really express who you are and what you do.

I, included I am a bright, outgoing girl, who has been on a weight loss journey for sometime now and in is looking to showcase and become comfortable in my own skin. I work retail, in which my dress code is business casual, with a color code of black, white or grey. I am looking for clothes for more going out and date night and maybe a work attire here and there.

Then you schedule your first Stitch Fix and it is on the way. There is a 20.00 styling fee, but you can use that towards an item you may want to buy in your Stitch Fix order. You can always choose the dollar amount you want the clothes to range in. They have one as cheap as possible, for all of us budget weary gals. I, of course hit that one. They send you 5 pieces, sometimes even an accessory of some sort in there too, not just 5 pieces of clothing. I was super excited to receive my first one and when it came it was like Christmas Morning.

I received my box and inside were 4 shirts and a pair of jeans. They also include a styling guide of how you can wear the pieces they included and the price amount for each item. If you choose to buy all 5 pieces they give you a 25 % off discount. You can keep, meaning buy, as many as you want or send them back. It comes with a bag to send back and all you do is drop it in the mail box.

Okay, I was pleasantly surprised with my first Stitch Fix. My stylist almost had me with a couple of pieces but due to my budget at the time, I couldn't justify it just yet. I liked all the pieces, BUT didn't LOVE anything. This service is super amazing on how they can just guess by your questions.

Here are the pieces I received...

I really liked the colors of this shirt, but the pattern just wasn't calling my name. 

The jeans I am wearing in all these pictures are from the Fix, I was nervous about trying them on, just the fear they wouldn't fit. But they did and with some room. The jeans were so comfy but while they made my butt look great, I didn't like how they made me look in the front. But this is a comfort zone for me, I am not used to wearing items that fit me like they should. I have lost an amount of weight that changed my whole body, so I used to wear really big baggie items to hide, so this is all new to me, still to this day. I loved the dark denim look and the cuff, wasn't the best but it was cute. The one problem was the jeans were 88.00 dollars. Now to some that might not seem like a whole lot, but I am an Old Navy jeans buyer and I get them for like 16.00. But it will be a splurge I am willing to make, just not this time around.

They have petite sizes. Which I choose for everything, which is also a first for me. But I didn't choose it for shirts, not sure why. So all the shirts I tried on, seemed too big for me, baggie,

I loved the pleating of this shirt and the color, very work appropriate. But I have so many grey shirts already, if this was in another color, it would have been all mine.

This shirt fit great. Loved the color and the look and the feel and I was seriously on the fence about it. I really wish I bought it now, look at the back...

I am really loving the pleating look. Darn me and my budget. This wasn't even that expensive, it was 38.00. I guess, I just wasn't In LOVE with it, not looking at the pictures, I was lol.

And the last piece...

This shirt was so cute, the back detailing was different a bit out of my comfort zone, but it seemed way to big on me. Maybe not, but it was just too loose for my liking.

So even though I didn't keep anything in this fix, it was the first one. So I made my comments in the check out area about my style a little bit more and can not wait to get my next one in!! 

Not only did it help me branch out a more, but gave me a deeper look into what my style really is. I think everyone should try it once, here is a referral link to try it out yourself, I am sure you will be hooked like me... 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Virtual Coffee Date

So I have seen this around in other blog posts and I thought it would be a cute way to catch up.

If we were going on a virtual coffee date, we would most likely meet at Starbucks because they are the close by, even though I would much rather go to Dunkin Donuts. I would order a Grande Blonde Roast with room for Skim Milk, 3 Splenda and 2 pumps of Sugar Free Vanilla. I would suggest we split a pastry because come on, its a coffee date and why the heck not, calories or points don't count when you are catching up.

I would tell you how great it is for us to get together in our busy lives and just sit down. I feel that most of the time life passes us by and we forget that even an hour of our day to do something like this can make a world of a difference.

I would tell you that I had a great trip back home in New York and how much it made me happy that I was able to spend so much time with my Poppy. He is getting older and I just want to be able to look back on these memories, not ones I regret I never took.

I would tell you that I am currently obsessed with the new show, Secrets and Lies, it is getting so good, even if the acting is a little off. I really want to know who killed Tom.

I would tell you that work is going really well. I would say that my store is feeling a 100% and everything is falling into place with it and not so stressed, which is probably the first time a long time.

I would tell you that my ankle is okay. And that is just that, it is okay. Some days it hurts so bad and other days, it is great, like Monday and Tuesday and today, it is sore and just uncomfortable. I would also tell you that I am going for PT today for the first time after our date, so a follow up conversation would be hard.

I would tell you that I have been feeling tired a lot lately. Coffee is definitely helping but just fatigued and not a whole lot of energy. I am taking vitamins and B12 but I think I need a little bit more. Here is where you would say, I should see a Doctor and I would say it is on the agenda!!

I would tell you that I have to grocery shopping this weekend, which makes me very happy because there is nothing that excites me more than a fully stocked fridge.

I would tell you that I am loving all the spring colors coming out and a trip to Target should be our next date because holy heck do they have some cute clothes  and shoes this year. Plus, hello anytime is a good time for a Target trip.

I would tell you I have a pile of magazines sitting on my table that I have not even looked at yet. I keep meaning to just unwind with them but it never seems to happen. But I would tell you that I finished 3 books this month and I think I am finally back to the love of reading BUT I am having a hard time diving into a new book, I think I need a fun, not serious book to get me going again.

I would tell you that since I bought a scale and switched to Weight Watchers online I feel like I have my groove back with weight loss. I feel I have gotten over my hump and things are starting to get back to normal.

I would also tell you how hard it has been since the marathon and everything. That I finally have control over my hunger and not eating for fuel and knowing the difference.

I would also tell you how happy I am, how everything is going really well for me now and how I am embracing the suck of things that happened.

I would tell you that James and I are good. Sure we have our bad days, but the good days are definitely out weighing them. We are finding balance and compromise and it is going very, very well.

So as we sip our last little bit of coffee, I would tell you how grateful I am to have your as a friend, how you listen and don't ever judge and let me be me.

I would tell you how much I appreciate you and cant wait to do it again.

Then we would hug and I would say next time, lets go for Wine ;0)

Monday, March 23, 2015

Garden Lites Make Eating Veggies Delicious

I love veggies. I can honestly, truly say that. But eating raw veggies or roasted or steamed or cooked can get quite boring sometime. So I like to switch it up a bit. Plus I really try to add fruits and veggies to every meal and snack. Such as adding a side of fruit with my breakfast or having my egg white scramble mixed with veggies..

And Guacamole of course!!

But the best kind of veggies are the ones we don't taste and mixed with a little bit of chocolate.

I mean seriously anything with Chocolate makes it better.

That's where Garden Lites comes in.

Garden Lites takes veggies and whips them up into amazing creations. I have been a huge fan of them with their souffles, which I have posted about in the past. Garden Lites makes eating veggies not only delicious, but unique and fun.

They have a line of muffins geared towards kids and adults. Which to be honest, I love the kids ones just as much.

Look how cute the packaging is. These are zucchini muffins with chocolate. You can barely taste the veggie and can taste all chocolate. These are perfect for that picky eater in your life.

These were by far my favorite. It tasted just like a banana chocolate chip muffin. 

120 calories or 3pp. The points values are actually on the box.

Oh My Goodness Yum!!!!

The muffins are suppose to be kept frozen. You can thaw them out by leaving out or heat them up in the microwave. They are in plastic and the steam from the microwave makes the chocolate nice and gooey. The muffin tastes just like a regular muffin. They are moist, chocolaty and even have a hint of banana and you can barely taste the zucchini.

You can find Garden Lite varieties at local Targets, Shop Rite and Publix. Check them out for yourself and head over to their website to see their full line of muffins and souffles and other goodies!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

My weekend in pictures...

These are LIFE!!

Don't let anyone dull your sparkle

Happy Hour downtown and not having to close on a Friday <3

Fish spread delciousness with a margarita

Glee a Series Final :0( 

Quick oats, few walnuts, Berries and brown sugar

Best part of waking up is enjoying coffee in my Sox cup!!

Pink Slate Boutique necklace 

Love love love!!

Working on a new me, Saturday Selfies

Paired perfectly with my outfit

5:00 am wake up call for a store meeting followed by a full floor set

Ending my Sunday with a couple of these..a long day which has Flaried up my ankle and leg a bit and because I'm off tomorrow ;0)

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ankle Update and other Randomness

Okay a little Ankle update.

The last time I ran was on Sunday before I left NY. Monday and Tuesday my ankle felt very off. It had a constant type of pain and when I get up to walk I am limping a bit and last night every time I laid on my stomach, I couldn't rest my foot down. I just don't feel like it is getting better. And I am doing everything I am suppose to, to make it better.

So today was another one of my follow ups. And I let the Doctor know how I was feeling. As much as I know it could delay a lot of my working out and such, I had to let him know where it is hurting and where I have to go next. I can not let this get worse, I just cant. So he recommended that I now on to PT. Not sure what to expect or what this will entail. I am hoping it will help and get my ankle and me back to normal very soon. Because honestly this really sucks.

After feeling a little bit off and ready to take on the next chapter of this drama, I went grocery shopping. Cause, seriously nothing makes me happier than having a house full of food I can eat and have on handy for me. Oh and after the day I had yesterday. No Luck of the Irish for me. I started my day getting pulled over for having two ear buds in.

I mean I was about to take a conference call and was going to take one out. And he got me 1 minute into the call. So pissed off, a 116.00 dollars later!!! This is absolutely the last thing I need right now. Grocery shopping though makes me so happy, haha. And I have been getting back into my couponing game again and saved almost 30.00 dollars today. Another win.

Lets be real after the last two days and having my day off today, I wanted to a little bit of nothing. I cleaned our apartment last night so I could just do this afternoon..

It felt great. I love this time of year. I could have spent more time out there but James surprised me and came home for lunch. It was such a nice surprise in the afternoon. And the sun knocked me out a bit, so a nap was in order.

Then I decided to show my ankle and my determination who is boss and went for a 1.50 mile run.

These small miles mean a lot to me. I want to be running long distance so bad and getting back to a routine, but these miles are something and right now I am very happy that I can do this. My ankle does hurt a bit but nothing like before. I can't wait to work on my speed too. That 13:56 is sad but hey progress not perfection.

I also did a 20 minute shoulder work out I saw on Skinny Meg's Instagram. It was intense and I could feel the burn for sure. And it was just what I needed.

Other than that, that is my life from vacation. Just getting back to a routine.

Hope everyone is having a good week thus far!!

Monday, March 16, 2015

I Don't Want to Be an Adult Today

This is me in a Nutshell today! I didn't get home to almost 11:30 pm last night and today I work at 1:15. Stupid me for scheduling myself to work the day after the flight. I was not thinking that I might just want to unwind and unpack and just get my head on straight. Even worse today, I slept in so late. Amazing, all week, I was up so early, and then today I just didn't wake up. It is so weird how on vacation I am up and ready to go every day when I should be sleeping in and my work week, yeah cant get out of bed hahaha.

I also weighed myself this morning and I was so surprised I only gained .4 pounds. I have to admit I was truly on point all week. Yes, I ate over my points each day just because it was so different, but I made it work. I did not eat bad at all!! I had maybe 2 bad days, but they weren't full bad days, just cheat meals, which is a huge for me, usually I will make the whole day bad, not the meal.

Every time I have gone on vacation, I always over indulge, now I feel like I fully got it. I have some goals in mind, such as another family vacation in June, I want to be down 6 pounds by then, maybe even more!

And then my 30th Birthday!!

So today, I am trying to just take deep breathes. My first day back is always the most stressful.

Hope everyone has a fun Monday!!

P.S. It feels so good to be back in the heat.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Heading Back to Reality

Alright I will be heading back to Florida in just a couple of hours. Today is my last day here in New York. This trip has truly been one of my favorite trips back home. While, I didn't do anything crazy or be in the sun or go anywhere exotic, just being home with my family has meant the absolute world to me.

It renewed my spirit and recharged my body and soul. I got to spend the whole week with my Poppy and it was exactly what I wanted. This man is my heart and soul...

We, seriously have a bond like no other. He saved me years ago, gave me stability and never-ending love. I don't think he knows how much he truly means to me.

Yesterday was his 81st Birthday. I spent the whole day with him, made me breakfast and lunch and dinner, we had cake and strawberries and relaxed on the couch all day. It was perfect. I miss him so much when I am gone. It is so hard to be so far away but it is a decision that is right for me. I could never live back home, Florida is where I need to be. He knows that and I think that is what makes our time together even more special.

Also with this time home, I got to spend time with my Aunt and the boys..

She is another favorite person in my world. My GodMother and Aunt and I love my special little boys..

And got to see their dog, who seriously smiled for this picture..

I also saw this girl...

My Person...

Met up with a High School friend, whom I haven't seen since I was like 16..

Which was a great way to spend the afternoon! It was so good to see her!!

And then ended my trip with Breakfast with my mom

This was literally the 20th picture we took. She is the worst with selfies haha.

All in all this trip was exactly what I needed.

I even got a 3rd run in...

Which was a huge accomplishment for me!!!! Sure, it was only a mile at a time, but it felt so good to get out there again!!! I cant wait to add the mileage back up.

Starting this week, trying for 2 miles, so I can be ready to do at least a 5k next month. Fingers crossed for Iron Girl.

I didn't read as much as I wanted to while on the trip. I did finish a book and starting another. I spent too much money at the Christmas Tree Shop and other places, but it was a great, GREAT vacation.

I am ready to see James and get back to work and the warmth!

Friday, March 13, 2015

3 Years...

I often think about all the times in my life where a phone call had a huge impact on it...finding out I got a job or a promotion, my BFF is engaged, that I won an award for High School to help pay for college, that I got into College, that family and friends had a milestone in their lives, that my family was going to be growing by new additions...All of those wonderful memories and moments that were made possible with a single phone call.

Then on the 13th of March of 2012, one phone call changed my whole life, not for better, not for worse, just changed it, in a way I never saw coming.

The phone call that every person that lives away from family dreads more than anything. The phone call that separates you from them, the phone call that tells you a loved one has left this world...

I got that phone call at 8:45 on a Tuesday morning, 3 years ago today. I was running late for work and my house phone rang, which it never does. I looked at it and stared for what felt like an eternity and it was my Poppy's house. I didn't know what to do or even remember how to answer the phone, all I know is I did not want to answer it all.

Sometimes you just know what you are going to hear on the other line..

But this was not one of those times...

My father had passed away, suddenly in the night.

This was such a shock to me. I blacked out and dropped to my knees, screaming and crying.

See the thing with phone calls like this, is you don't know how to react, your body shuts down, you shut down and everything around you is spinning. The tears came so quickly I didn't even have a chance to catch my breath. But the thing with this phone call was I never got the chance to say goodbye.

I believe in the world goodbye. It is a word that can mean so many meanings, like getting a phone call. Goodbye can be taken so many ways. Good Goodbyes, Bad ones, ones that need to be done or Goodbyes that just mean I will see you later.

I just was never give that chance with my dad. I hadn't heard from in a weeks, on his own doing, he shut me out, which I later found out, was because he knew he was eventually going to die. See the thing with that is I never got to say goodbye and when someone leaves this world, you want to believe they knew they were loved, cherished and cared for. You want them to know that goodbye, they understand what is happening but you love them so much, you can imagine another day without them.

In one day, in one phone call, I was given the news that my Father had died and that I Never had the chance to say goodbye.

I miss my Father so much, each year on this day, I make sure to be home with my family. We don't bring it up, but each of us know what today is. We occupy our minds or tell our favorite stories about my Dad. What I would give to just have one more dinner with him. There are times, I miss him so much, my whole body hurts. There are times that I don't think about him for awhile. I know he is there, but he doesn't cross my mind.

Then I look in the mirror and I see him staring right back at me. I am 100% my Father's daughter. I have a sparkle in my eyes and I know I get that from him. I get my skills of figuring out a tip at restaurant quickly from him, my love of Diet Coke and Slim Jims, love for classic rock music, my compassion and sympathy for others, my emotions and how I feel everything when people go through a rough time. My short temper when I get stressed or overwhelmed. And my ability to light up a room.

Every part of me that is happy, good and alive I got from my Father. I got his facial expressions and his hair. But more importantly I got his Love. I got so much Love from my Father. I know he loved me so much, that it killed me. I know he loved me so much, he didn't want me to see or hear how bad he had gotten with his drinking. I know he loved me so much, that it was easier for him to just go, it would be easier for him. He loved me so much, he didn't want to put me through any more pain or disappoint me anymore, he knew he had messed up, he didn't want to hear it in my own voice.

Yes, a part of me thinks it is selfish of him to just leave this world without letting me say goodbye. But I loved and LOVE him so much, to understand and allow him to do so. As much as my pain hurts, I know it was better this way.

On this day each year, the anniversary of my father's death. I reminded how much I really miss him. But I am also reminded of how much I love him because I think if you feel pain for someone, that means you love them twice of much....

So a quick letter to my father about the year he missed, the 3rd year.

Dear Dad..

I, first want to say how much I love you. I hope you know that and see that. Yes, see that, I know you are shining down on me every day. You know you aren't that great at sending subtle clues. When I pull into a gas station, I know that's you whispering me to go inside and buy a Diet Coke. I know when I am running, and I hit that wall, or get that feeling I can't go on, the breeze that blows or the water that tastes so sweet, I know that is you carrying me. I know when I look up and see the sun shining, I know you are happy. Or when it is cold and rainy, I know you are just having a bad day and wanting to be here on Earth with me. You didn't miss a whole lot this year. My biggest thing was I ran, and finished a Marathon. I say you missed it, I know you were there carrying me the whole time, I just wished, god how I wished to see you over on the side, smiling that bright smile. You missed the little things too, you missed me growing out of my 20's and transitioning into being a 30 year old. Yup, your baby girl is going to be 30 in 5 months. You missed my laugh, you missed my tears, you missed my very good days, where I would call you and just tell you how much I love you or tell you about my day. You also missed me calling you when I was hurt. You know when I hurt my ankle, I know that hurt you too, I just wished I had a phone to heaven, to just hear you tell me it was going to be alright. Alright Dad, you left this world 3 years ago today, but know you left your legacy here with me. I know you didn't think you did good things in this world, but the best thing you did was having and being apart of my world. You did amazing with me. I am the very, best thing you ever did! And if you are talking to the big man, can you ask him to throw down a phone or find a way for me to talk to you, I just want to hear your voice one more time...

I love you always and forever

Your Little Girl,

Thursday, March 12, 2015

VoxBox Review: Jadore Dessange

My newest VoxBox was a bit different the previous ones I have tried and this one has seriously been one of my favorites.

Jadore Dessange is a hair care line from Paris, with true salon quality. I received the Ole Miracle Repair kit, which is perfect for hair that is over processed and damaged and under loved.

My hair is just that for sure...

Between the flat iron, the blow dryer, the curling iron, the mouse, the gel, the hairspray, the friz cream and the hair dye, my hair goes through so much!!!

There are times when it just feels like straw or when I wash it, I feel like I have to pour the entire bottle of conditioner on my head, just to make it feel soft. 

Believe the thought has crossed my mind.

That's why I was excited to try this line. It is a three piece kit with Shampoo, Conditioner and Massage Oil has a finisher. It is recommended to use all three pieces.

Using the shampoo and conditioner I could tell a huge difference just from lathering my hair. It felt like a salon experience by myself. Once I put the conditioner in, I felt my hair give that silky, soft feeling. 

A single tear fell...something I have been striving for in my shower haha.

After I got out, I lightly dried my hair a bit and then added the miracle oil. Only a few drops is needed and you massage it through your hair and then style as normal. No need to rinse or anything, kind of like a leave in conditioner, BUT way better.

Honestly, I haven't felt my hair that soft in a long time and I had just dyed my hair two days prior, so it seriously needed it.

My hair felt smooth and it looked really shiny. I was loving it. I don't wash my hair every day due to it being so curly but I will using this Shampoo and Conditioner and Oil kit in to the very last drop.

When I received this VoxBox, I honestly had no clue what the brand was, who invented it or the name. And I have never really used true salon quality products on my hair on my own. But while I was showering, I read the back of the products and it was extremely informative...

It can be found at Target right now. I am not sure if I will be buying it again, the retail is 9.99 per item, which is NOT bad at all. But I am frugal and happy with anything under 2.00 BUT for those over processed days, such as being in the sun for a long periods of time in the summer, I just might give in.

I do, however, very much recommend it. If you crave, smooth, silky hair without going to the salon for even more of a price, this brand is for you.

Give a try!! Your  hair will Thank You.

 "I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes."