Sunday, March 29, 2015

My First Stitch Fix

One of my goals this year is to really improve my wardrobe. I have been branching out with my style with websites and following some of my favorite people on Instagram. But when it comes to styling, I honestly don't think I have any style. I always dreamed of going into a store and having a whole makeover type of day.

Yup like the scene in Pretty Woman. Just having people give me clothes that fit perfectly, finding my style, etc. BUT I am not a hooker who falls in love with a rich man who can just give me credit cards to do that. So I work in retail and fall in love with an even better man haha.

Then I came across Stitch Fix. I have been seeing so much about it online and in a lot of bloggers I follow. So one of the bloggers I was following had a discount code, so I decided to check it out.

Stitch Fix gives you a survey of some sort or a questionnaire, asking you about your style. They show you a couple of outfit images and have you rank how you like them, such as love them, like them, hate them, etc. They ask for your measurements and what you are looking for. And you can leave notes and comments to really express who you are and what you do.

I, included I am a bright, outgoing girl, who has been on a weight loss journey for sometime now and in is looking to showcase and become comfortable in my own skin. I work retail, in which my dress code is business casual, with a color code of black, white or grey. I am looking for clothes for more going out and date night and maybe a work attire here and there.

Then you schedule your first Stitch Fix and it is on the way. There is a 20.00 styling fee, but you can use that towards an item you may want to buy in your Stitch Fix order. You can always choose the dollar amount you want the clothes to range in. They have one as cheap as possible, for all of us budget weary gals. I, of course hit that one. They send you 5 pieces, sometimes even an accessory of some sort in there too, not just 5 pieces of clothing. I was super excited to receive my first one and when it came it was like Christmas Morning.

I received my box and inside were 4 shirts and a pair of jeans. They also include a styling guide of how you can wear the pieces they included and the price amount for each item. If you choose to buy all 5 pieces they give you a 25 % off discount. You can keep, meaning buy, as many as you want or send them back. It comes with a bag to send back and all you do is drop it in the mail box.

Okay, I was pleasantly surprised with my first Stitch Fix. My stylist almost had me with a couple of pieces but due to my budget at the time, I couldn't justify it just yet. I liked all the pieces, BUT didn't LOVE anything. This service is super amazing on how they can just guess by your questions.

Here are the pieces I received...

I really liked the colors of this shirt, but the pattern just wasn't calling my name. 

The jeans I am wearing in all these pictures are from the Fix, I was nervous about trying them on, just the fear they wouldn't fit. But they did and with some room. The jeans were so comfy but while they made my butt look great, I didn't like how they made me look in the front. But this is a comfort zone for me, I am not used to wearing items that fit me like they should. I have lost an amount of weight that changed my whole body, so I used to wear really big baggie items to hide, so this is all new to me, still to this day. I loved the dark denim look and the cuff, wasn't the best but it was cute. The one problem was the jeans were 88.00 dollars. Now to some that might not seem like a whole lot, but I am an Old Navy jeans buyer and I get them for like 16.00. But it will be a splurge I am willing to make, just not this time around.

They have petite sizes. Which I choose for everything, which is also a first for me. But I didn't choose it for shirts, not sure why. So all the shirts I tried on, seemed too big for me, baggie,

I loved the pleating of this shirt and the color, very work appropriate. But I have so many grey shirts already, if this was in another color, it would have been all mine.

This shirt fit great. Loved the color and the look and the feel and I was seriously on the fence about it. I really wish I bought it now, look at the back...

I am really loving the pleating look. Darn me and my budget. This wasn't even that expensive, it was 38.00. I guess, I just wasn't In LOVE with it, not looking at the pictures, I was lol.

And the last piece...

This shirt was so cute, the back detailing was different a bit out of my comfort zone, but it seemed way to big on me. Maybe not, but it was just too loose for my liking.

So even though I didn't keep anything in this fix, it was the first one. So I made my comments in the check out area about my style a little bit more and can not wait to get my next one in!! 

Not only did it help me branch out a more, but gave me a deeper look into what my style really is. I think everyone should try it once, here is a referral link to try it out yourself, I am sure you will be hooked like me...