Thursday, March 5, 2015

Baby Steps

Yesterday was one of those days off where everything seemed to fit together so perfectly. I got everything done on my to-do list and then some. I mean seriously it was a perfect day off. Doctors appointment, registered my car, FINALLY after 6 years of living here in Florida, hair cut and eyebrows waxed, paid a bill, oil change and car wash and then my favorite part, got new RUNNING SHOES!!

Okay, so here is the deal with my running...

The doctor said I can slowly start back into it again. And I mean slooowwwlllly. LIke 1/2 mile to 1 mile 2-3 days a week, with an ankle brace. If I hurt, then stop, rest, take ibuprofen and the RICE that bad boy.

BUT he said I can start again. I mean seriously my heart skipped a bit. I know it is going to suck a whole lot. A WHOLE LOT. But I really just want to get back out there, whatever the circumstances are.

So with a huge smile on my face, I walked out there knowing I was going to get some new shoes to celebrate and lets be honest, I seriously needed them so bad. Running shoes are so expensive, but they are well deserved investment and considering I am not putting up any high mileage anytime soon, they are worth the money. I will get more miles and time with these more than any.

I didn't want to risk putting on an old pair and hurting myself more.

Welcome to home new babies...

I loved my old Glycerin's and then they stopped making them. Brooks came out with a new set and I of course had to get them. They are by far my favorite shoe ever, it felt amazing putting them on. And I am sort of obsessed with Mint!!

I would have totally gone with Pink, but new beginning, new start, branch out a bit.

So when I got home, I rested my ankle a bit and then hit the pavement. I did Galloway again 30 seconds of running, 2 minutes of walking. Let me tell you that was hard because my head and heart so wanted to go fast, but let me say, my ankle yeah it is still sore. It is amazing how it is not at all what it used to be, not even close.

But getting out there, feeling like a runner again. Starting from the bottom again, well it made me so happy. I didn't care how slow, I was doing it again.

I don't care at all starting over and going slow. I need to heal and I need to do this right, if I want to be strong and keep up with this. And now that I can feel my ankle is getting stronger, getting back into the gym will be the thing.

I ran for .70 and it took me forever, but I was beaming...

So baby steps, slow and steady and I will get back to my long distance for sure...

Just not anytime soon!!