Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ankle Update and other Randomness

Okay a little Ankle update.

The last time I ran was on Sunday before I left NY. Monday and Tuesday my ankle felt very off. It had a constant type of pain and when I get up to walk I am limping a bit and last night every time I laid on my stomach, I couldn't rest my foot down. I just don't feel like it is getting better. And I am doing everything I am suppose to, to make it better.

So today was another one of my follow ups. And I let the Doctor know how I was feeling. As much as I know it could delay a lot of my working out and such, I had to let him know where it is hurting and where I have to go next. I can not let this get worse, I just cant. So he recommended that I now on to PT. Not sure what to expect or what this will entail. I am hoping it will help and get my ankle and me back to normal very soon. Because honestly this really sucks.

After feeling a little bit off and ready to take on the next chapter of this drama, I went grocery shopping. Cause, seriously nothing makes me happier than having a house full of food I can eat and have on handy for me. Oh and after the day I had yesterday. No Luck of the Irish for me. I started my day getting pulled over for having two ear buds in.

I mean I was about to take a conference call and was going to take one out. And he got me 1 minute into the call. So pissed off, a 116.00 dollars later!!! This is absolutely the last thing I need right now. Grocery shopping though makes me so happy, haha. And I have been getting back into my couponing game again and saved almost 30.00 dollars today. Another win.

Lets be real after the last two days and having my day off today, I wanted to a little bit of nothing. I cleaned our apartment last night so I could just do this afternoon..

It felt great. I love this time of year. I could have spent more time out there but James surprised me and came home for lunch. It was such a nice surprise in the afternoon. And the sun knocked me out a bit, so a nap was in order.

Then I decided to show my ankle and my determination who is boss and went for a 1.50 mile run.

These small miles mean a lot to me. I want to be running long distance so bad and getting back to a routine, but these miles are something and right now I am very happy that I can do this. My ankle does hurt a bit but nothing like before. I can't wait to work on my speed too. That 13:56 is sad but hey progress not perfection.

I also did a 20 minute shoulder work out I saw on Skinny Meg's Instagram. It was intense and I could feel the burn for sure. And it was just what I needed.

Other than that, that is my life from vacation. Just getting back to a routine.

Hope everyone is having a good week thus far!!