Monday, March 23, 2015

Garden Lites Make Eating Veggies Delicious

I love veggies. I can honestly, truly say that. But eating raw veggies or roasted or steamed or cooked can get quite boring sometime. So I like to switch it up a bit. Plus I really try to add fruits and veggies to every meal and snack. Such as adding a side of fruit with my breakfast or having my egg white scramble mixed with veggies..

And Guacamole of course!!

But the best kind of veggies are the ones we don't taste and mixed with a little bit of chocolate.

I mean seriously anything with Chocolate makes it better.

That's where Garden Lites comes in.

Garden Lites takes veggies and whips them up into amazing creations. I have been a huge fan of them with their souffles, which I have posted about in the past. Garden Lites makes eating veggies not only delicious, but unique and fun.

They have a line of muffins geared towards kids and adults. Which to be honest, I love the kids ones just as much.

Look how cute the packaging is. These are zucchini muffins with chocolate. You can barely taste the veggie and can taste all chocolate. These are perfect for that picky eater in your life.

These were by far my favorite. It tasted just like a banana chocolate chip muffin. 

120 calories or 3pp. The points values are actually on the box.

Oh My Goodness Yum!!!!

The muffins are suppose to be kept frozen. You can thaw them out by leaving out or heat them up in the microwave. They are in plastic and the steam from the microwave makes the chocolate nice and gooey. The muffin tastes just like a regular muffin. They are moist, chocolaty and even have a hint of banana and you can barely taste the zucchini.

You can find Garden Lite varieties at local Targets, Shop Rite and Publix. Check them out for yourself and head over to their website to see their full line of muffins and souffles and other goodies!!!