Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Make Mornings Better with VitaEgg

I am a HUGE lover of the Vitalicious Brand. I LOVE, LOVE their VitaTop Muffins and VitaBrownies.

I was given the opportunity to try their new products, The VitaEgg Flatbread Sandwiches. They can be found in the freezer section of your local grocery either in the breakfast area or if they have a Vitalicious section.

The difference with these are they include the egg yolk and as per the launch information from the website...

Avoiding the egg yolk because of fat, calories and cholesterol deprives you of vital nutrients found in the yolk along with the taste of the whole egg. Vitalicious solves this problem with its VitaEgg Flatbread Sandwiches, which contain all of these powerhouse nutrients—protein, lutein for eye health, choline for brain health and omega-3 DHA for heart health—without all of the cholesterol, fat and calories. 

“We were surprised to find out that by returning the nutrients back to the egg whites, we were able to recreate not only the nutrition but also the great taste of the whole egg,” says Vitalicious Founder and Chairman Aryeh Hecht. “You can enjoy your morning without making any sacrifices. And there aren’t any other breakfast sandwiches on the market that can even come close to offering the vital nutrition that we do.”

These flat bread sandwiches are quite good. 3 flavors, Turkey Sausage, Veggie Sausage, and Veggie Cheese. My favorite of the 3 is the Veggie Sausage, it has egg, peppers and turkey sausage. The flat bread is a little dry, but it tastes really great all together. I, of course, added some hot sauce to each one to spice it up.

For Weight Watchers, they range from 3-4pp, which is amazing for the morning. These are quick and easy. Only for 1:30 in your microwave and you are on your way to a great breakfast full of protein. Just like the statements says, avoiding the egg yolk, isn't always necessary. The taste was fantastic.

The flat breads run around 120-160 calories.

Here is some awesome stats and where to purchase these in the future...

As with all Vitalicious’ products, the VitaEgg Flatbread Sandwich is made without preservatives or artificial coloring. Each has: • No cholesterol or low cholesterol • High protein (10g – 15g) • Lutein for eye health • Choline for brain health • Omega-3 DHA • Low Fat (1.5g – 3.5g) • High Fiber (7g – 9g) • Lower Calories (120 - 160) • Lower Sodium (325mg – 530mg) • All 9 essential amino acids Each VitaEgg Flatbread Sandwich contains a fluffy VitaEgg on a whole-grain, high-fiber flatbread and is convenient to prepare in the microwave in just over one minute.

 VitaEgg Flatbread Sandwiches are sold in a box of two and are currently available online at www.vitalicious.com and will be launching nationally at retail stores in the near future.

If you order from online, which I highly recommend, they must be frozen upon receiving.

I really love these flat bread sandwiches, compared to others in the freezer aisle, these are the best with awesome stats!!!