Monday, March 9, 2015

Finally A Facebook Page!!

Good Monday Morning Everyone!!!

Hope everyone is surviving the Daylight Savings Time change haha.

I am not one to get affected by the change, I honestly feel yesterday the day seemed to just drag on, then again I was up since 3:30 in the morning, traveling and flying and not officially sitting down until 7 that night. I made it safe and sound to my Poppy's house and to my surprise there he was waiting for me in the car.

It was by far the best surprise EVER. I thought he was going to be waiting at home, but my Uncle surprised me. My Poppy hasn't been feeling great the last month or so. Actually probably the worst sickness I have ever had him have. He is a strong man and I hate to see and hear him feeling so ill. He has gotten better the last couple of weeks, but seeing him, knowing he is okay, well that is all I need in this world. I can never imagine a life without him.

The weather is definitely colder than I am used too, but it is okay because I get to spend time with my whole family this week. I also don't have to worry about work, because my staff is amazing. No laundry or cleaning or to-do lists, just me relaxing and really doing what I want.

Such as...

Finally, setting up a Facebook Page for the blog!!!

Yes, finally after almost 2 years having my sweet, precious blog, I am finally growing and expanding it. I am not sure how to outreach and grown this baby, but I am getting there.

Feel free to please LIKE my page at

If you enjoy reading about my crazy running, eating and sparkle filled life, tell your friends, family or even enemies :0)!!!

Hope everyone has a great Monday