Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Highlights and some Goals for November

AHHHHHHH can you believe it is the last day of October. Holy Macaroni and Cheese balls where has this year gone!!! Just darn right crazy!

I have say my highlights for October are quite small, nothing really fantastic went on in my life in October. The beginning of the month I was super sick with a crazy bad stomach flu, that knocked me right on my butt for days.

I did indulge in a whole lot of pumpkin items. LIKE A LOT! And I am totally okay with it because for the month of November I will be doing EVEN more.

I really increased up my mileage this month. And really felt strong with my running and actually was able to stick to a plan and increased like I was suppose too.

I got to cooking a lot more this month and trying out lots of recipes, check out my Fab Finds and Daily Eats pages.

I actually finished and started a book and the TV series that went with it, Orange Is The New Black, I can not wait for Season 2.

At work I finally feel like I am making progress with my goals there for preparing for the holiday, which is really nice.

I finally attacked some cleaning and hording issues we had going on around here, it feels great.

Okay so with November starting tomorrow, I have to work in the morning and all day long so here are some things I would like to do in November:

First off of course run the Women's Half Marathon on November 24th
Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving
Attending my BFF's wedding, YAY!!
Celebrating my boyfriends, my moms birthday.
Tons of birthdays this month I have to celebrate too!
Getting my mind and strength ready for the holiday season to begin, BLACK FRIDAY kicks it all off.
More cooking and bring something for Thanksgiving dinner.
Even though I am tapering some with my running for the Half, making myself do more with weights and the gym.
Watch a little less of TV on my day off and read more.
Cooking at least two things a week out of a cookbook, I own tons of them and have no reason not to use them lol.
Oh and Run/walk at least 120 miles for the month of November, I joined a Challenge with Run, Eat, Repeat: Pile on the Miles, check out her blog too, AWESOME STUFF and Join the Challenge!!

What are your Goals for November?
Did you have a good October or glad it is over?

Happy Halloween


Every time Halloween comes around, I feel the need to sing the song that I learned in grade school, I am sure you know it, H-A-Double L-o-W-double E-N, Spells Halloween. Or something to that nature. I enjoy Halloween, its fun to be out of character for the day, watch Scary movies, eat lots of candy, and play tricks or treats with friends and family.

I dressed up every year, except probably the last 6 years. I don't have kids and since I live far away from my family and cousins, I don't have anyone to take trick or treating, which I LOVE to do. The mall I work at does a trick or treating and I love it, I usually never work it because it is darn zoo but it is cute to see all the little kiddies dressed up. Growing up I went trick or treating in two different areas. I lived in a small town but very fortunate enough to be by both my grandparents, so I would start the night where one lived and then end the night where my other set lived.

I made out better than Willy Wonka!

I would have two huge pillowcases full of candy! And then my Nanny would give me an even bigger basket full of goodies to go home with, which were often filled with more than candy, which was fun too. My dad was always the one who would go trick or treating with me, my mom normally stayed home and passed out candy with my grandma.

My father loved Halloween, he never dressed up with me, but he would drive me ALL over! He loved taking me up and down the streets for hours and hours, he didn't care one bit.

I loved it because I was a daddy's girl, so spending one on one time with him made it extra special. Like I mentioned in the past my father and I loved all holidays and made big deals about each of them. My father would tell a story of how I ran from a Haunted House, literally I booked it right out of there, every Halloween he would recount the story. And now as I sit here, I can recount it again and again and remember that day. I think that was the last year I trick or treated with him, before I got "too old".

Its funny, even though Halloween isn't that big of a holiday, it still really makes me miss my dad. I am an only child so I was my parents only tie really to holidays and when I moved away, I had a phone call ritual, I would call my Mom, then my Poppy and then lastly my Dad, to wish them all a happy holiday of some sort. It is just still hard to not make that last phone call. He never missed a call, he would call me for all holidays. I would give anything to just hear him tell that story about me running away one last time...

Despite it all I try to make the most out of the day. Considering tomorrow I go back to work, I wanted to make today kind of a lazy day, but I was so restless. So to clear my restless legs, not sure why they were so restless considering I ran 11 miles yesterday and then did a 2 mile walk, I went for a run today. I left my Gym Boss interval timer at home and just ran, I ran without walking for 1.50 miles, super proud of myself because I kept a 10:30 pace with that too. I ended up running to my friends house, she left some goodies for me at her house; lettuce, hemp seeds and guacamole. Trick or Treat the healthy way. I ran to and from her house, which made it 3.15 miles. It was so hot again, the heat is never breaking here I swear. It was 1:00 pm and close to 90 degrees, probably why I am not in a Halloween spirit either.

Back home it is also chilly around this time of year and you bundle up and have hot chocolate or apple cider when you get home. I wanted to jump in the ocean after this run, I was dripping with sweat, but it got rid of my restlessness. I made an awesome lunch packed with veggies and I made Pumpkin Brownies for my BF and I to enjoy tonight after dinner. I watched Hocus Pocus. I love that movie and I didn't watch it last year and I wanted to just get in that Halloween spirit more.

We wont get any trick or treaters, so no candy for me to worry about eating and eating, thankfully, but I did run today to make sure I could have a brownie or maybe two, they are only 3pp! I am going to try to get James to watch a scary movie with me, he isn't much of a fun, but we will see what kind of bewitching powers I can place on him.

Hope everyone had a fun, safe and ghoulish Halloween!!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

No Pain, No Gain

I made a big mistake in running today, a big, hot, cursed filled mistake. I had a holiday meeting at work today at 8:30 so normally that is when I am finishing my run but because of the meeting I had to start at 10:00. I thought after my 13.1 run on Saturday that I was done with long runs, but I looked at my new Women's Running Magazine and inside was a half marathon training plan and for week 9, they had a long run of 11 miles, which came after the 13.1 mile time frame. I was doomed and not ready for this run today.

I am off tomorrow also but I really wanted a day where I sleep in, wake up late and lounge on the coach for the morning and doing a run at 5:00 am was not going to let that happen. So I figured oh what the heck, how bad could 10:00 in the morning be. Well, it was hell. Pure HELL! I dressed all in black, why, I have no freaking clue or how I thought that was a good idea. I also tried a new water enhancement, which dried out my mouth and tasted horrible. And I wore a black hat, so my head was so hot, even though it was absorbing the heat, yeah I don't know either. The sun was high in the sky and literally felt like it was sitting on my shoulder.

The first 3 miles were okay because there was a slight breeze and then there was nothing, just heat. We were having such cool weather lately and today it decided to go back to pure heat!!! At mile 8, I felt like I was breaking. I was cursing, breathing heavy, I had to turn up my music so I could drown out my breathing because it was throwing me completely off. I kept thinking over and over I should quit and just go home, get cool and then maybe go back out later, but I am stubborn and kept going, even though I was in pain.

I made it through the 11 miles and actually got it done in the fastest time of that much mileage. I guess my complaining helped me in more ways, it made me push myself and go faster. And it made me think that I am a lot stronger than I thought I was. After that run I was down for the count. I could barely move when I got home. I made a nice bubble bath, yes I am 28 and love bubbles still, and just relaxed. It felt great and then I am laid down after I made lunch. I was starving and craving and wanting everything in sight, still am now as I am typing.

I tried to nap but everything was stacked against me, phone calls, plumbers and the UPS guy all came to the door when I tried to just shut my eyes. Later I went for a nice 2 mile walk with Jacke to just stretch my legs. It was much cooler and we had some great girl chatting and it felt great to just walk and stretch and get some extra exercise in. So even though I was tired, in pain and sore, I knew it was better than me just sitting around.

But now I sit and relax and catch up on the Big Bang Theory and snuggle my love, he is back from the golf trip!! yay!!!

Hope everyone had a happy hump day! And remember, push yourself, you don't know how great you are until you try!!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Weekly Weigh In: Small, Steady and Slow

Even though I am on vacation, I am still weighing in and not getting off plan this week. Actually I am doing more baking and cooking this week to keep me on plan. This morning I got a good work out in with Jacke early at the gym, it was so nice to change it up a bit. Then for the majority of the day I did little things around the apartment I have been wanting to do, especially the laundry. I watched a whole lot of SVU, god I love when there is a marathon on and I also have a new obsession of The Big Bang Theory, so I have been dvring old episodes when I see they pop up on the guide.

At 5:00, I went to my Weight Watchers meeting, I also brought my WW members some of the Almond Butter Balls as a nice little treat. Everyone seemed to really enjoy them. I weighed in and lost .8 again. Woohoo! Another loss, 2nd week in a row. It is such a great feeling, even if it is a small loss, it is a loss. I just want to keep on keeping on with this losing. I know I can get there.

I haven't done anything different this week than I normally did, I did run 13.1 miles this week and earned 54 activity points. I think what I might be doing right is eating my activity points on the days that I earn them, especially my long run days. And it seems to be working!

Here's to another successful week!!!
Last week 150.8
This week 150.0
Down .8

Baked Mexican Black Bean Spaghetti Squash from Undressed Skeleton

First off this dish was beyond delicious!! I will be making this often, and being that today normal is my Taco Tuesday day, I opted out of getting my typical Taco meal and made this instead. I am so glad that I did.

I found this recipe from Undressed Skeleton

Here is her link Undressed Skeleton

She is an awesome blogger, as I had posted earlier. I swear every day she posts new things and they are easy to make and so low in calories, which results in low plus points.

Here is her recipe for this truly amazing dish

Baked Mexican Black Bean Spaghetti Squash

Serving Size 1 cup
1pp or for 2 cups 3pp

1 extra large Spaghetti Squash
1 can of diced chili tomatoes
1 can of black beans, drained and rinsed and low in sodium
4 Tbsp of Green Chilis
1 tsp of garlic powder
1 cup of shredded Mexican Reduced Fat Cheese
1/4 tsp of black pepper
1 tsp of cumin

I microwaved my spaghetti squash because I wanted to speed up the process a bit. I knew if I roasted it, it would take more than a hour. I cut the spaghetti squash in half, scooped out the seeds and guts and then microwaved each half for 8 minutes. I placed a wet paper towel over each half. Holy heck microwaving the spaghetti squash is so easy!!! There is no excuses in this household now for cooking when all it took was 8 minutes.

After I microwaved the squash, I sprayed a 9x13 pan with Pam and pre-heated my oven to 350 degrees. Then in a large bowl I put everything together, BUT only half of the cheese. I scooped out all of the squash and mixed everything together then put in pan. Then put the remaining cheese on top and baked for 30 minutes.

Then I ate lol.

Oh man was it yummy.

I put two tbsp of salsa on top and paired it with a piece of chicken for a bit more protein.

There is so much leftovers because my boyfriend is away for a few days and I am totally okay with that because more for me and I will be eating this for lunch all week!


Fab Finds: Garden Lites Products

I really enjoy trying new foods, before my healthy eating days, weird food or things out of the ordinary,were well out of my ordinary too, I would never venture out and try new foods. Then the craziest thing happened, I started losing weight and my pallet changed. I really enjoy trying new items and new foods, especially veggies. I came across these products originally from Hungry Girl, she mentioned them in one of her emails and I take her advice pretty highly, so I knew these were going to be good.

Garden Lites are a line of frozen souffle and veggie muffins. I have only tried the souffles, but I saw in a recent magazine they now have a line of veggie muffins, which look really tasty. I love these line of products because they are made to be quick and easy. They are packed with protein and vegetables. The souffles come in microwavable bowls and take only about 4 minutes to make, something I can bring to work and eat quickly. I have had success finding these products at Target and Publix.

Click here for a line of their products, coupons and store locator's
Garden Lites

I took from the website the following pictures to show you the flavors I have tried:
Broccoli Souffle
This was the broccoli souffle. I was not a huge fan of it, the texture was a little off and it tasted like a big bowl of steamed broccoli. I love broccoli but this item needed just a little bit more too it.
Butternut Squash Souffle
This is butternut squash souffle and it is very delicious! It reminded me of Thanksgiving and it was a perfect lunch combination. Most of these souffles are 5pp and they have the points values on the box. They are perfect by themselves or a nice addition to your evening meal, such as with a salad, some pork or chicken.

Pizza Souffle
This is the pizza souffle and it is my absolute favorite. I have this bad boy at least once or twice a month for lunch. The "crust" part of it is cauliflower and the sauce and cheese, really make it seem like you are eating a personal pan pizza. I seriously never thought I would like this, but oh man is it delicious!
While the pizza one is my all time favorite, this one is giving it a run for its money. This is the veggie chili and cornbread, two of my favorite comfort foods. The veggie chili is packed with beans, peppers, onions and tomatoes and the cornbread is a perfect base. The cheese on top wasn't overpowering. I made this for dinner last night and fell in love.

I haven't tried this one yet, but I did pick it up at Target. It is the pumpkin spice souffle. It literally looks like a mini pumpkin pie, I mean who couldn't eat a whole pumpkin pie, I know if I could I would. This is a perfect portion. This flavor is ONLY sold at select Target locations and I will be stocking up for Thanksgiving, so I can enjoy the holiday but not blow my points. I read a review on another blog about this flavor and they said it was delicious, especially with a little maple syrup on top. I think I will enjoy with a squirt of Fat Free whipped cream and some cinnamon. YUM!!!

While posting these pictures from their website, I found other flavors I would love to try; loaded potato, southwestern and all the veggie muffins look great. I am glad these have been introduced into my life.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Whole Foods, Almond Butter and Pizza

I am really enjoying this staycation, the main thing I am really enjoying is the fact I have no plans for each day, except for the fact I will be working out each day and just relaxing. I am also taking on baking and cooking items I have been meaning to do, but because of work and life I am too tired to do so. This is what vacations are all about. Would I have loved to be home in New York with my family for the week, of course, but finances just aren't in the plan this time around. And when I am home, I cant really just unwind, I am contently going and going, so this is a nice change of pace.

Today, James left super early to go on his golf trip for the next 3 days. I hate to see him go and leave but I think it is a nice vacation for our relationship too, its always nice for us to have some time apart and do our own thing too. I got up a couple of hours later and might Jacke for our run. It was a bit of a struggle this morning, I really felt like I was lagging behind, but I made it through and did 4.26 miles. Of course after my run, I had my Turkey Bacon Egg Muffins, which tasted great, I am so glad I made them. Since I have no timed plans, I got caught up in a movie and then finally got ready to head to Whole Foods.

I love Whole Foods! It is a little expensive for me, but they really have some great products I cant find anywhere else. I picked up some oat flour, wheat germ, wheat bran, Kevita Probiotic drinks, Muscle Brownie Bars, Chia Bars, almond and coconut milk, quiona, creamer, veggie straws, Zico water, and some water enhancements, oh and Almond Butter, which I am now in love with.

 I love going there and just taking my time and walking around, I seriously could spend so much money there, buying everything my little heart desired, but my bank account would not like that so much, lol.

Attached to the Whole Food is my a Target and of course I had to go and check it out, plus I had to get some baby gifts for a baby shower I am attending on Sunday. I picked up a couple of things, not as much as I usually do, I did very well with self control. I am glad I brought a Quest Bar with me on the ride over because I was getting hungry and I didn't want to splurge or indulge with anything bad. By the time I was done with Target I was hungry again, damn running and working out, lol, I snacked on some Beef Jerky for the ride home. I also stopped into Home Goods and found vanilla bean paste, which I needed for a recipe I was making, woohoo.

My day was just simple and relaxing. I got a small nap in today and did some baking. I made 60 calorie Almond Butter Cookies I got off my Pinterest Board.
60 Calorie Maple Almond Butter Oat Cookies!

Here is the link for the deets:Maple Almond Butter Oat Cookies
They come out to 2pp for 1 or 3pp for 2. By the way this girl is an amazing blogger and I have found tons of her recipes to be super Weight Watcher Friendly and they fit in perfectly with my lifestyle. She is a blogger, a fun, happy, bright chick! You will love her!

Here is how mine came out...

I also made her Zucchini Pizzas tonight
Zucchini Pizza's!

Here is the link: Undressed Skeleton

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Date Night

James and I try to have at least one date night a week, sometimes it consists of just going to dinner and pigging out or dinner and a movie, either way, we try to have one night we go somewhere together besides our traditional Taco Tuesdays. It is hard for us to have time now because we both work retail and well with the holiday fast approaching, I mean really fast approaching, our schedules are becoming total opposites. Considering we both have time off this week, we wanted to do a dinner and a movie last night, but James got home late from work, we knew a movie was not going to be in our plans. So we decided to go out to dinner downtown and then grab a couple of drinks afterwards.

James and I have been together for probably 7 years, on and off. Officially as a "couple" per say for the 4 years, either way or for how long, it has been the best. We sure do have our ups and downs, sometimes the downs seem to out weigh the ups, but one thing is for sure, I love him with all my heart. He seriously is my biggest supporter and my heart. He has been with me at my heaviest and still managed to make me feel like the most beautiful girl in the world. We haven't had a downtown drinking night in a really long time. We have gotten comfortable in a routine and became very domesticated, which don't get me wrong, I love that, but sometimes we need to remember we are still in our 20's and need to have a little fun.

And so we did last night..

I LOVE this picture of us!!! We went out to dinner at the Hollander Hotel and had a great meal. James or Bubba as I refer to him as had a beer and I had a red sangria.

We split a garden salad and Bangkok Shrimp, which is similar to Bang Bang Shrimp from Bonefish Grill. It was super yummy. This meal was probably my cheat meal for the whole month.

For dinner I ordered their famous Stuffed Meatball. I love meatballs and bread and sauce and this had it all. The meatball was a bit too tough for me and the cheese was all at the bottom, but the bread was heavenly. I ate probably half of the meatball and took it home. I enjoyed a beer cocktail with dinner also, I forgot to snap a picture of it.

Look at that monster. It was good, I seriously could eat bread and sauce everyday of my life, but moderation is key for me. And its amazing how delicious it really is when you aren't abusing the flavors and experience.

After our delicious dinner we walked downtown more, thank goodness, I needed to walk off that dinner a bit. We went to one or two more bars and I just enjoyed a glass of red wine. It was so nice for us to just get out on a Saturday night and just unwind. We rarely do so and I can say since we don't do it all the time like we used too, we really enjoy it much more now.

How perfect this is...

In more ways then one...

Turkey Bacon Egg White Muffins

I am a big fan of breakfast, especially quick and easy types of breakfast. I usually never have time for a sit down one because I am on the go to work, or coming back from a run or just do not have the time, so I like food that I can grab and go or use to make something really quick. On Pinterest I have seen a lot of Egg Cupcakes or Egg Muffins and I have really wanted to try them. My friend Jacke had mentioned she had made them in the past also, so I reached out to her for suggestions on how she makes them and then used what I had in my kitchen, here ya go..

Turkey Egg White Muffins

I took 6 pieces of Turkey bacon and sliced in half. I put one half lined in the muffin pan. Then poured 3 tablespoon of All Whites Liquid Egg Whites into each muffin cup. I put 1 teaspoon of a pepper, onion and tomato mixture I got from the grocery store. It comes already diced and ready to go (see I really am that lazy). Then I sprinkled 1 tsp of Low Fat Shredded Cheese on top of each one.

I had already sprayed my muffin tin prior to the mixture with Pam and preheated my oven to 350 degrees. I baked the egg muffins for about 10 minutes, checking them at the 8 minute mark.

They look fantastic and can be frozen for future uses also.

I think this will be perfect with a light English muffin for a make sure egg sandwich. When I calculated each one individual it came to 0pp for each one. Pretty good deal, but I figure 2 would be a good serving size for 2pp!

Low point breakfast filled with power foods and filling, BONUS.

I have found this to be so quick and easy, I cant wait to try all kinds of variations. I hear they are really awesome with turkey sausage crumbles too.

Five Products I Am Loving

I think the biggest thing to my success with losing weight and sticking to it has been my desire to try new products and find new products. I am not one to make the same thing every day or stick to the same items and meals, I need variety and that is what I look for at the grocery store.

Here are 5 items I am glad I found and really loving lately:

This brand of ice cream is truly fantastic and award winning in my book. They have a huge variety of different flavors, I have tried the Chocolate Peanut Butter and this one Vanilla Maple. If you check them out online they have some many different kinds, they also have a store locator's, so you can try to find which retailers sell it. I found this one at Publix, a grocery store around here. A serving is 1/2 cup which is only 1pp, BUT the whole pint is 4 pp!! Yeah the whole thing is only 4pp!! Not that I suggest eating the whole thing, but I mean if you had a night where you may want too, this should be the first thing you grab.

Here are the stats for the ice cream!

I LOVE the Laughing Cow brand, the wedges have been a huge part of my success. I love cheese, I love cheese and crackers, I love just eating cheese, so these wedges are perfect for those cravings I might be having. I put the wedges in my Egg Mugs I make, I use them on sandwiches, on homemade pizza, or just with some reduced fat crackers. My boyfriend even loves them, oooo also they go great on apples. This is the newest flavor to their line of Wedges. It is yummy and very creamy. I put it in with my eggs and gave it a nice creamy texture and taste. Laughing Cow also makes BabyBell cheese rounds, which are fantastic. Make sure to try all these cheese varieties, there is a flavor you are sure to love.

This item can only be found at Weight Watcher store locations, but if you have one in your area that your a part of, pick this up. It has a nice lemon kick and the couscous is filling. The chicken is mixed it and when all heated up it is actually a bit creamy. It was quick and easy and perfect for at work. The picture doesn't do it justice, I sprinkled in some cayenne pepper, to give it some heat. I hope these stay around for a while at the locations.

These can only be found at WW locations also, put since your there to get the last item, get these too! I have loved these since last year and forgot about them and how much I love them. They are a fun size shaped and perfect for that sweet tooth craving you may be experiencing. It tastes like vanilla cake with icing and even sprinkles. I throw these into my purse while at the movies and for a mid afternoon sweet treat.

And of course I love my QuestBars!!! I mean I am obsessed with them. This one is the newest of the bars, Double Chocolate Chunk. It tastes like a combination of a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and a Chocolate Brownie, as if the two of them had a baby, this is what it would be...

I got mine at GNC and they were running a special of buy 3, get the 4th free, which always seems to be a special they are having. This one might be my new favorite, I cant wait to heat it up too. Look at those chunks of chocolate chips!! See I have a big obsession with them.

Eat up and Enjoy!!

Saturday, October 26, 2013


So I am on vacation for the next 6 days. I took time off this week as my last vacation and time off before the holiday season begins, seriously once November hits my life is dunzo! Every year I say I am going to and something always comes up, but this year I did it and I am thrilled. I am off today until next Friday! Woohoo. I don't have much planned, some house cleaning and rearranging and relaxing and of course getting my runs. I love that I really have no plans and can just do whatever. My boyfriend is also off this week but he is going to Orlando for a golf trip with the guys, so it is me to myself and I am very okay with that.

After my run today I planned since it was a Saturday to go back downtown to the Saturday morning market.

Like I mentioned with have finally hit 70 degrees so I can wear my cardi I bought at Target awhile ago. I loved the color and it is a medium and still big! I really wanted to pair it with my teal tank and it just felt like fall to me. I wore my gray Converses and I was on my way back downtown, looking much more refreshed and a lot fresher!

I only get one Saturday off a month and I always like to make sure I attend the market.

I can find really great produce and they have an organic coffee place that has awesome iced lattes. I of course, indulged in a White Chocolate Pumpkin one.
I forgot to take a pic, just imagine it looking delicious.

After the market, I found out they were doing the Festival of Reading at the local campus. It's a little festival where you can meet some authors and hear readings. No one there I knew, they weren't famous but usually there are some tents set up with cheap books, like paperbacks for 50 cents and hardcovers for 1.00 and then newer books for 2.50. There wasn't much of a selection like last year, but I did pick up The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Memory Keeper's Daughter, both books I had on my reading list. I didn't stay long because not much was going on, so since I was downtown I took advantage of eating downtown. Plus my stomach was rumbling.

I went to a local sandwich mom and pop type of place that I had only ate at once but remembered it being amazing. Its called Lonni's and they serve their sandwiches on rice bread which is thick and delicious. They have a sandwich called the Sunny Bird that is so yummy. I got a half of that with a bowl of Chicken and Bean Chili. The Sunny Bird is turkey, sprouts, cream cheese, tomato and sunflower seeds, it was heavenly. I took my time eating and ate outside. The 1/2 combo was just enough.

Next door to the restaurant is a Cupcake Bakery called the Cupcake Spot. They have delicious cupcakes in all kinds of fun flavors and names. I wasn't in the mood for one but I knew James would love if I brought one or two home for him. I picked up a S'Mores one, which is a Chocolate Cupcake with Marshmallow frosting sprinkled with Graham Crackers and a little Hershey square on top. And the second one with a Chocolate Elvis, which is a banana cupcake with Peanut Butter frosting and a dollop of chocolate fudge. Both are his favorites and I know he will let me sneak a bite.

Since seeing the cupcakes I then had a craving of something sweet and I knew just the place! I went to Yogurtology and got myself some pumpkin spice Frozen Yogurt. The weather heated up a bit by now and it was perfect for this frozen treat. I got pumpkin spice with some candy corn and threw in some fruit pieces that looked good. I love frozen yogurt for sure!

Since I was now full and satisfied I headed home. I had to let my friends pups out first and then I came home and crawled into bed. I was exhausted from the morning run and then walking all over downtown, I just need to lie down and well I guess I passed out for 2 hours, lol. I am now feeling refreshed and ready to have a date night with James. I would say this was a good start to my Staycation!

I think I am ready....

With all training programs I have looked up and read, I have noticed that they have you run the 13.1 mileage before the race, weeks before, to give you a feel and adjustment, primarily you will run this training run at a slower pace because come race day, your adrenaline is pumping and your speed does pick up a bit, being surrounded by 1000's of other runners. The Women's Running Half in November will be my 4th Half Marathon, but the more exciting part is it will be my 4th half this year alone. Yup, in this one year alone I will have completed 4 of them. I know to a lot of running enthusiasts that might not seem like a lot, but to someone like me, new to this whole experience and almost self taught, that is a pretty amazing thing! I know in some training programs, they have you run more than the 13.1, actually going up to 14 miles, since I am fine with just 13.1, I stick with that mileage.

Like I have said in the past, I really don't follow a strict running schedule because of work and life and I like to just go with what is right with me. The one thing I really stick with is getting in my long runs once a week. Today I took on the long run of 13.1 miles. I had planned it do it today because I am off of work, actually off for the next 6 days, it is glorious. The weather has finally cooled off here and because it is perfect timing, considering the race is now in 28 days, getting in this last long run would be essential. I know I can run 13.1 miles, I have done it 3 times before, actually 4, if we count my very first training run of 13.1, my body can handle it, but for the sake of myself I want to make sure each and every time.

Yesterday I made sure I fueled my body right at breakfast, lunch and dinner and I did. I got to bed at a decent time, I know the day before race day, I can never fall asleep right away, same with training. I had my clothes and everything laid out and I was ready to go. I got up around 430, I had set my alarm for 5 but I guess my body wanted to start a little earlier. For breakfast I had a light English muffin with one tablespoon of reduced fat peanut butter and a banana and some water. I packed my cooler with my Dark Chocolate Zico water and I wanted to try Lenny and Larry's Muscle Brownie I had received in a RunnerBox awhile ago. I knew I wanted to eat something right after.
Sorry the picture is sideways. I took this after I almost ate the wrapper haha.

I got downtown to my spot around 545. I thought for sure there was going to be tons of cars because the weather was perfect, cool 70 degrees with a great  breeze and it was dark and early. I was the only car in the parking lot!! A little bit of panic set in because god forbid something happened to me, I like to be around a lot of people, but I shook it off. I got my fuel belt ready and I was comfortable in my long sleeved shirt I had on. Yeah I had to take advantage of this cooler weather.

I had a great first mile pace. I was feeling really strong and my stride was comfortable, the walks weren't hard and each walk I transition right into my run perfectly. My ankle was bothering me, but not when I walked, only when I stepped down hard and was making turns. I have no clue what I did, but I kept chanting Mind of Matter and pushed the shooting pain out of my head. I seriously don't know where my motivation and determination come from because that hurt a lot at times.

At around mile 7 I started to feel a road block. My pace was slowing down, I was getting caught up in my head. I chewed on my Gatorade Fruit Punch chews with some water and then I got back to it. I jumped the road block for a while and then that freaking 10 mile road block came back up. I swear once I hit 10 miles, I always slow down a bit, not sure why, its like my brain says "nope we are done" I took some sport beans and really started running. I kept saying 13.1 is just a 5k with a 10 mile warm up. I was running back in Snell Isle, this really beautiful area and I was trying to make sure that I gained at least 4 miles back there before I headed back to my car because I knew from one part I would have at least a mile back, so if I went over the bridge at 12.5 I would finish the 13.1 right at my car.

Well I am horrible with direction and just was running down streets, not looking where I was going or where I have been that I got lost. My runtastic was creeping on 12 miles and I was nowhere to where I needed to be. My pace was great and the amazing thing I was running fantastic. I wasn't tired or hot or sore, I was just running. I had to pause my runtastic for a minute because I started to panic, cause I kept circling the same street, over and over, at least 4 times and I really didn't want to take on a lot of mileage, my legs were in a enough trouble. I had google maps take me home. But I ran until it said 13.1 and then walked the rest to my car, about a good 1.5 mile away, I will never do that again.

Hitting that 13 miles is still emotional moment for me. I cant believe I am on this journey and getting it done and getting better and better each time. Tears always seem to well up and I am just overcome with emotion, all kinds, happy and then sad. Sad mainly because no one in my family has seen me accomplish this except through pictures on Facebook. I would love it if just one time, they flew down when I was running to witness it. My boyfriend is always there for me at the finish line, but having my mom or Poppy there, god what a sight it would be. And of course I am overcome with emotion that my dad isn't even here to hear about my journey. You do not know how many times I wish I could just call him to tell him about my run or that I did it. I can still hear his voice at times, but it is slow starting to fade away.

I do believe he was running with me today because I accomplished this run 5 minutes faster than when I did IronGirl in April. Five minutes doesn't seem like a lot but to me, it really is everything. Walking back to my car was a bit rough, my feet and legs with heavy and super tired but I made it back and then the parking lot was full and I could see a lot of people starting or coming back from their runs, they decided to not start as early as me. I mean 2 hours of running is a lot of time, I like it early so I can enjoy the rest of my day. I stretched it out and god does that feel phenomenal and then I headed home. I cried a bit on the way home, I tell ya, I am one emotional girl when it comes to these things haha.

My freaking runtastic app and the gps didn't link up, but I did do the 13.1 haha!

I know now I am ready for this Women's Half Marathon and I also know that I am ready to take on more challenges with running from here on out. I will continue to challenge myself to be stronger, faster and better, if I can shave 5 minutes, next time I would shoot for 6 and then so on so forth. My long runs now tend to taper off a bit. I wont run the 13 miles again, but I think the next long run I do will be 8 miles, then I will do 10 or 11 then I taper off, after the first week in November, then just smaller runs.

Thanks for being apart of my journey also!!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

30 Days Until Women's Running Half Marathon

Quick post

I just realized that in 30 days I will be running my 4th Half Marathon! HOLY HECK!! 30 days and I cant believe it. I absolutely love this journey I am on and when I run one, I cant wait to run another one. The weather in Florida right now has been fantastic and has finally become fall like. The weather is around the 70's, little breezy and no humidity. I mean when I run and sweat, I no longer have puddles in my shoes, which is awesome. I love a good sweat session, but I love the cool weather so much more. I ran last night with my running bff and it was such a perfect run, we went a little slower, walked a bit more and then I finished strong, I got in a nice 4.60 miles.

Today is my rest day because I am working a longer shift and then tomorrow I am planning a 13 mile run. It will be my last big run before the half.

I have been having some ankle, lower leg issue. I think I pulled a muscle, because the pain hurts, not so much when I run, usually it hurts a bit but when I do my walk part, it isn't as bad. The next day it hurts though, so I have been wearing a Therma Care heat wrap on the muscle, which really helps. I will totally be wearing it after tomorrow's run.

I am glad I am having this issue now and not later or closer to the date.

 I prepped my meal for tonight to eat, pasta and chicken, YUM! Love carbloading time. Laying out my clothes for the morning and getting my water bottles ready and fuel. I love this, I love the organization, I love the prep and I love the final result. This is perfect timing because I am going on vacation starting tomorrow. I took 5 days off of work to have a nice little me time before the start of my crazy holiday season. I also just signed up for the Clearwater Tampa Bay Times Turkey Trot, 5k. I ran it last year and it was a ton of fun. We run through a neighborhood, people are sitting outside, cheering us on, some playing music, and it is an awesome way to kick off Thanksgiving. Plus it is a nice run to do after running the Women's Half.

That's about all I have for now, I have to start my day, 9 hour shift stands between me and my staycation!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

The joy of breakfast

So we have all heard the saying.."Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" and I never really understood how important that was until I started my healthy lifestyle journey 2 years ago. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day, it kicks my whole day off into high gear. It fuels and gets my gears in motion, before I am in moving motion.

I used to really just enjoy lunch and working in the mall you can find some really get places to have lunch. You know the places, Chinese samples, pizza, Chick Fil A, Hooters wings, Red Robin, Cheese steaks and of course Auntie Annies, with their warm pretzels. Oh I could go on and on. But I can confidently tell you I never eat in the food court anymore, not that I cant, I really just choose not too. So lunch is usually something quick for me, that I brought from home. When I am off of work, I really put together a nice lunch, but work wise, I am gobbling it down before the next customer walks in. But breakfast, oh breakfast has become my favorite now. The possibilities are seriously endless.

I can have oatmeal, my favorite overnight oats, yogurt, some fruit, egg whites, waffles, toast, cereal, you get the jiff. On days I close, which my shift normally is 1:15-9:15, I can make my breakfast and take time to really put together something great and of course enjoy my cup of coffee out of a real mug. What I want for breakfast always just depends on the mood I am in. Some days I just want yogurt and a fiber one bar, others a big bowl of cereal or like this morning, I wanted egg whites, sausage and an English Muffin. I On days I close, I like to eat higher in points for breakfast because I am not sure when I will be able to eat lunch or if I will get too, so I fuel myself.

This morning I made, egg whites, mixed with green and red peppers, diced. I took a Multi Grain Light English muffin and toasted it, and then spread one wedge of the new White Cheddar Laughing Cow Cheese on the muffin, the flavor is heavenly!

Then I sliced up some tomato and made an open faced egg white sandwich. Then I made 4 turkey sausage links and brewed my coffee. I added some sirachai to my sandwich for some kick and I started my morning off right.

It was filling and only 7pp, tons of food and tons of fuel. I have now dedicated to myself on at least one of the days I close or are off, to do this again, make a nice homemade breakfast because it makes a huge difference and I ended up having a great day at work.

So the old saying is true, breakfast is the most important meal and hey you can have it anytime of the day really, get creative.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekly Weigh In: Eat My Points

Tuesday's are sometimes one of my favorite day of the week and it happens to be my weigh in day, which can be also my least favorite day of the week, depending on the week I had, plus today was my day off, which makes for an amazing day anyway.

I slept in a bit, because I mean isn't that what days off are made of! I took my conference call from home and then went to the gym. Yup, that's right I actually made it to the gym this morning. I got on the elliptical and found SVU on a channel and worked it out for 45 minutes, I really got a sweat in and my legs were feeling great, plus it was a great SVU, so I had to finish the show, lol. After the elliptical I did some weights, working on everything, abs, legs and arms. I finally was doing weights and it felt like an awakening. I really need to incorporate that back in my life more often, at least once a week, for sure.

After my great hour work out, I did our grocery shopping, we were out of EVERYTHING! I love grocery shopping though, something about pushing the cart, finding good deals, I get a rush, probably a spending issue, but hey, I could have a worse vice I suppose, I was filling it up with healthy stuff. After spending an arm and leg, I ran a couple more errands then finally sat down and to devour some lunch. I threw together the best salad. Mixed lettuce, peppers, carrots, tomatoes, 2 tablespoons of chipotle hummus as a dressing, which by the way was the best idea ever, some roasted chick peas for a crunch and then topped it with some tuna for some protein. I ate it out of a Tupperware bowl that was big enough. YUM!!

Then after sitting down and watching some General Hospital, it runs in the family and another episode of SVU, I seriously could live off watching that show, I got ready for my Weight Watchers meeting. Weighed in at my regular time and was down .8!!!

A small victory, but a victory non the less and I believe it had a lot to do with the fact I finally ate all of my activity points. I earned 44 activity points last week and the days I ran, I made sure I ate over them, especially on my long run day, the difference, I was finally eating and snacking on the right things. Now I know I have a long way to go with my snacking habits, its my biggest downfall, but baby steps and I even indulged this week, so it bad off in a good way, a tiny way, but I good one I can smile and be happy about.

After feeling great from my weigh in, I bought my self some snacks and a lunch option they had that was new in the store front, I will report on those soon in another post. I met up with James and his family and we went to Tijuana Flats for Taco Tuesday. Get this you get two tacos, (hard or soft, chicken, beef or veggie) with a side of chips and drink for 5.00 bucks!!! And it is cheap and delicious!! And sometimes if you ask nicely they give you extra chips, which I NEVER pass up, like ever!! It is my serious weakness. But what do I care, once a week.

I definitely don't hate myself but a whole new side of me comes out. I cant stop, even James is scared of me when there are tortilla chips are around, but they are sooo good!!! I love the crunch and the salt and the salsa, total trigger food, total weakness, but only on Tuesdays and its the only time ever I order them. I mean that counts for something right?!!

After I ate my whole weight in chips and salsa, James and I made our way home, usually we go out for frozen yogurt after taco night, I mean make it a big cheat night! But it was pouring down raining so we came home got comfy and settled in to watch some of our shows and eat our own pints of ice cream. He had Ben and
Jerry's and I had Arctic Zero, yum and yum! He totally didn't want me to take this picture, but I always win. Haha.

Also I was having a semi great hair day today and I have a serious addiction with matching my headbands to my shirts...

Disclaimer..I was not driving while taking this picture!

So all in all today was a good Tuesday, the way they should be!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Yogurt

I love Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!! I seriously love it, for example my post on the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Smoothie. Last night I did a 4 mile run and it was super sweaty and hot and I was dripping with sweat and I was hungry after my dinner, so for dessert instead of something super sweet, I wanted something that would keep me full all night. It turned out to be delicious and perfect for my craving, this would also make a great overnight oats, which I think I might try soon!

Here is the yogurt...

1/2 cup of Plain Non-Fat Greek Yogurt (1pp)
2 tlbs of PB2 (1pp)
1 tsp of mini chocolate chips (1pp)
1/2 of a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bar (2pp)
Drop of Vanilla Extract
1 Sweetener of choice

Total: 5pp

Break up the Quest Bar into pieces and mix everything together! Enjoy!!

Run In The Morning..Relax At Night..

This morning I actually got up and went for a run before work, usually if I have to work at 930, I like to sleep in and then I will come home and run after work. In a perfect world that is what I would like to happen, but I usually have a crappy Monday and want nothing more than to fall asleep and just relax when I get home, so I make it a rest day, but not this Monday!!

My friend Jacke asked me if I would like to do a run with her this morning and because we haven't ran together in well over a month, I happily accepted and I am so glad that I did. The run was nice, it was a easy pace for me, we ended up getting in 3 miles. It felt awesome to run with someone else, especially someone who is one of your very best friends. We were able to catch up and work out and burn calories, all the best combinations for a Monday morning.

During the run and after, my right inside part of my ankle was super sore. I was limping and it was a pain every time I put my foot down. I don't have a job that requires me to sit, so I knew it was going to be a long day. I grabbed my Therma Care Heat Wrap and put it around the sore spot and wore it all day at work. It really helped, the heat loosened up the muscle or whatever I might have pulled or made sore. I actually got back from our run early, so I was able to have coffee at home, breakfast and actually got to watch last nights, Once Upon A Time, that NEVER happens.

After work, I rushed home because my poor boyfriend was sick. He wanted Panera, so it is my weakness also, and could resist and ordered myself some also for dinner. The Pick 2, Thai Chopped Salad and Veggie Sandwich is my favorite combo and an apple, it was delicious! For lunch I had some soup and a QuestBar, but now I am still hungry and this happens every week before I weigh in. Its like my stomach knows I want to have a good weigh in and just goes nuts.

I seriously want to eat everything in the house right now, EVERYTHING!! And unfortunately I have to go grocery shopping, so my good choices are limited. I am trying to just drink water, but that's only just making me pee more lol. Crazy time, thankfully I am going to the gym in the morning to work on my core.

So I figured it out, work out in the morning on at Monday and then you can relax the rest of the night!!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Run.Work.Sleep : My Life!!

A pretty decent Saturday today, full moon is still shining bright which is making some of my customers super crazy, but all and all a decent day.

I got up this morning and went out for a run. I got a good 4 miles in but it was a TOUGH 4 miles, I probably could have done 4.5 but once my Runtastic app said 4 miles, I stopped it and walked the rest of the time to cool down. Fall has NOT come to Florida yet, it is still so hot out! I mean like Hell heat, scorching hot. I felt like the sun was literally sitting on my shoulders while I ran. I usually don't complain about the heat, I mean I live in Florida, I should be able to deal with it, but today I was just beat, it was way to hot for even me. I even walked more seconds on my 1:00 minute intervals. But I survived and got a mileage run in, not the best pace and time but the miles got in.

After my run, I did some housework, you know the simple stuff, dishes, laundry, cleaned up a bit and a nice big cup of coffee to drag me along. Most days I take my coffee in a to go cup because of work, so it is so nice when I can just enjoy from my many coffee cups. Got showered and ready for work and then sat down for a quick breakfast, yogurt and Lemon Fiber One Bar with some granola on top. It was quick but great. I love yogurt, I get in phases and I seriously could eat it everyday.

I got caught up with my DVR; Grey's Anatomy, Big Bang Theory and Chelsea Lately. Then it was time for work, made my lunch which was a simple turkey sandwich with cheese and some pickles and cubed pineapple. I also made a pumpkin smoothie. I wont post the recipe just yet because I am still tweaking it, wasn't as good as I was hoping. Made it through my work day, but really wish I had some more fruit and snacks at work because my stomach was growling and I really didn't want to bring like granola bars, chips etc. It is a bad habit of mine, I sure do love me some carbs.

Got home from work and had a turkey chili cooking in our Crock pot. I love my slow cooker, it saves my life a lot! My boyfriend had a friend over to watch a football game so they had order pizza. I had my chili with some Way Better Black Bean Tortilla Chips, which are amazing by the way and I was still hungry afterwords. Since I still have a ton of activity points, I indulge in a slice of pizza. It tasted like heaven and so glad I indulge so I wouldn't go crazy on something else. Sometimes you just need to indulge and give in. Once in a while will not kill you and I wont kick myself for it because I know tomorrow I will run and work hard to get it off and earn more activity points.

Now is time for a little sweat dessert and bed. Up early tomorrow for work, but its a short day which is always nice. Hope your Saturday if working some uneventful and nice like mine.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Full Moon Friday

Good Friday Evening Everyone. A pretty uneventful Friday it has been over here in these parts, but I blame everything on the Full Moon. Seriously why is it crazy town when the moon is full!! So I have a bunch of random things going on today, so I figured I would just list them just for the fun of it. I am new to the whole blogging thing and each post is a little different, trying to find a rhythm. Thanks for joining the party.

Some random things about today:

I slept past my alarm just for the fun of it today because I love to rush, BUT I did take time to enjoy coffee of a coffee mug, rather than a travel one today.

I had a water globe drop on my head at work today, luckily the water didn't explode but now I have a bump on my head.

I branched out an ate a different QuestBar today, I tried the Strawberry Cheesecake, because it is only 4 points, still not my favorite.

I am trying to drink a lot of water but still love love my Diet Coke, I just cant seem to order that when I am out at dinner.

I went to Starbucks and order a tall coffee frap, made with nonfat milk and no whip and got 2 pumps of pumpkin for 2 points and then realized I could have just order a pumpkin spice frap light, even the barista laughed at me.

I stalk my GNC every day to see if they have the new Quest Bar Double Chocolate Chunk is in, they probably think I am crazy.

Coming home from work and finding my Bestowed box waiting for me is almost as good as Christmas and this month was a good one. I will post about the granola soon, it is heavenly.

I opted out of run tonight, even though I probably shouldn't have to have a date night with my boyfriend.

It was well worth it!! We had a rough week and we needed this.

Sometimes you just need a night together. We went to dinner, Ruby Tuesday's which we never go too and had a great meal, I even order a Petite Sirloin and I always order chicken.

He got a pumpkin cheesecake and I will be having a bite for sure.

We went Clearance shopping at JCPennys and Sears.

I love how simple and boring we are.

And I love we are both lying in bed right now and my life is complete!!

Happy Full Moon Friday!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Endure The Work, Love The Workout

Yesterday was kind of a busy day off for me, but I figured I could recap as much as I could.

Started my morning off with a 11 mile run downtown. Usually when I do my long runs, I wake up at 5:00 and head downtown to be there by 6:00. I like to start my morning early so I have the whole rest of the day and considering I am doing my longer runs, it usually means more time, usually the length of time is 2 hours. It is a long time to be running and exercising. I choose to sleep in a little bit longer because I just couldn't get out of bed. My bed was literally calling my name and had a grip on me. Plus the weather has been so nice, I thought a later run would be okay. So I slept in for a hour more and started my run downtown about 730.

The run was beautiful, the weather was great, there was a small breeze and be still my heart, my fuel belt was perfect. I was running slower than last time because I just did the 11 miles 4 days before, but it felt great, my legs and butt weren't as sore as before. I didn't use nunn this time just water and it was perfect. After my run I relaxed downtown just taking in all the beauty and had the best honey crisp apple and my Zico water.

I was starving when I got home so I had this for breakfast:

Very random and it was all I had and it was exactly what I wanted. A jalapeno string cheese, two turkey sausage patties and a apple cinnamon Chobani yogurt and of course some coffee! Perfection.

After I refueled, ran some errands, had quick lunch and took a 45 minute nap. Then I went downtown again to walk with my Weight Watchers group.

 My legs were pretty sore but I wanted to go downtown and spend some time with my WW group. They have supported me so much and there Wednesday night walking groups is what started it all for me. Between the running and walking I earned 27 activity points for the day, and I tried to refuel all day long.

I know now I need to eat those points, I need to keep my body moving and grooving and it is okay, as long as I am eating the right food and not junk. So I did, well most of them and I was okay and felt good all day long. Had a great dinner of chicken, acorn squash and a sweet potato.

My legs were restless for most of my sleep, so I tossed and turned a bunch to get comfortable but today is my second day off and it is rest day to the fullest. I am making my way to the couch and just laying it out and even going to take a nice long nap later!

Fab Find: Yoplait Smoothies: Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

I had seen these on Instagram and went on a search for this delicious item. I love cookie dough, in my fat days or shall we say extremely unhealthy days, I would make cookie dough just to eat the raw cookie dough. Or even worse, buy those pre done kind and just eat it out of the tub and never make the cookies, I know so sad. I can't believe I used to do that.

But even though I am out of my fat days and extremely unhealthy days, I still love Cookie Dough for sure. I especially love Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bars, holy yum! When I saw the smoothie mix I knew I had to get it. I ended up finding them at Publix. The smoothie mix makes 2 smoothies, you just blend the contents with 1 cup of skim milk and that's it. Quick and easy for me.

I blended the contents with 1 cup of Almond milk. It blended nice and smoothie but had more of milkshake texture. And who am I to complain about that. It definitely tasted like cookie dough. It was creamy and had lots of chocolate chips inside. The serving was sort of small and the points were way to high for me. 7pp for a small shake or smoothie is not worth it for me. But it was delicious.

Some suggestions I heard was to use maybe some of bag and add it to another smoothie to cut down on the points, great idea! And one person suggested taking a Quest Bar and mixing it with ice and milk to get less points, GENIUS! And  I will be trying that for sure!!

I don't think I will be buying this again because of the points value but it sure was a nice little treat.

Check it out for yourself!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Low Point Apple Crisp

At my Weight Watchers meeting yesterday, my leader told me about a low point apple crisp and I couldn't resist making it today. I love apple crisp, I don't have it often or really at all, because it can be high in points and frankly I like low maintenance  baking, so when I can find something easy and quick and low in points, well I am all game!!

This apple crisp is again so easy and quick, perfect for a craving, a family gathering, party or just to have around the house. Requires only 3 or 4 ingredients to prepare this and you might even have all of it in your house right now.

Apple Crisp
Serving Size 4
4pp for a serving

4-5 medium apples
2 packets of Cinnamon or Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal (preferably one that are 100-120 calories or 3pp)
8 oz of Diet Sprite or Diet 7up
5 sprays of Can't Believe It's Not Butter
1tsp of light brown sugar
8x8 baking pan

Here is what I used:

I actually used 5 apples because I wanted more bulk.

Cut up the apples into chunks. I didn't peel my apples because I don't have peeler and I love the skin on the apples, I enjoy more of the nutrients.

Then open the oatmeal packets and sprinkle over the apples. Sprinkle all over the apples evenly, to make sure all areas are covered.

Next pour the Diet Sprite or Diet 7up over the apples and dry oatmeal. Also sprinkle the light brown sugar and spray the dessert with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, just a couple sprays.

Preheat oven to 375 and then bake for about 20-25 minutes. The crisp will bubble and the oatmeal will have a toasted look.

To break up the 4 servings, cut the crisp into 4 and top with Fat Free Reddi Whip or Fat Free Cool Whip.

Perfect dessert for fall.