Monday, October 28, 2013

Whole Foods, Almond Butter and Pizza

I am really enjoying this staycation, the main thing I am really enjoying is the fact I have no plans for each day, except for the fact I will be working out each day and just relaxing. I am also taking on baking and cooking items I have been meaning to do, but because of work and life I am too tired to do so. This is what vacations are all about. Would I have loved to be home in New York with my family for the week, of course, but finances just aren't in the plan this time around. And when I am home, I cant really just unwind, I am contently going and going, so this is a nice change of pace.

Today, James left super early to go on his golf trip for the next 3 days. I hate to see him go and leave but I think it is a nice vacation for our relationship too, its always nice for us to have some time apart and do our own thing too. I got up a couple of hours later and might Jacke for our run. It was a bit of a struggle this morning, I really felt like I was lagging behind, but I made it through and did 4.26 miles. Of course after my run, I had my Turkey Bacon Egg Muffins, which tasted great, I am so glad I made them. Since I have no timed plans, I got caught up in a movie and then finally got ready to head to Whole Foods.

I love Whole Foods! It is a little expensive for me, but they really have some great products I cant find anywhere else. I picked up some oat flour, wheat germ, wheat bran, Kevita Probiotic drinks, Muscle Brownie Bars, Chia Bars, almond and coconut milk, quiona, creamer, veggie straws, Zico water, and some water enhancements, oh and Almond Butter, which I am now in love with.

 I love going there and just taking my time and walking around, I seriously could spend so much money there, buying everything my little heart desired, but my bank account would not like that so much, lol.

Attached to the Whole Food is my a Target and of course I had to go and check it out, plus I had to get some baby gifts for a baby shower I am attending on Sunday. I picked up a couple of things, not as much as I usually do, I did very well with self control. I am glad I brought a Quest Bar with me on the ride over because I was getting hungry and I didn't want to splurge or indulge with anything bad. By the time I was done with Target I was hungry again, damn running and working out, lol, I snacked on some Beef Jerky for the ride home. I also stopped into Home Goods and found vanilla bean paste, which I needed for a recipe I was making, woohoo.

My day was just simple and relaxing. I got a small nap in today and did some baking. I made 60 calorie Almond Butter Cookies I got off my Pinterest Board.
60 Calorie Maple Almond Butter Oat Cookies!

Here is the link for the deets:Maple Almond Butter Oat Cookies
They come out to 2pp for 1 or 3pp for 2. By the way this girl is an amazing blogger and I have found tons of her recipes to be super Weight Watcher Friendly and they fit in perfectly with my lifestyle. She is a blogger, a fun, happy, bright chick! You will love her!

Here is how mine came out...

I also made her Zucchini Pizzas tonight
Zucchini Pizza's!

Here is the link: Undressed Skeleton