Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween


Every time Halloween comes around, I feel the need to sing the song that I learned in grade school, I am sure you know it, H-A-Double L-o-W-double E-N, Spells Halloween. Or something to that nature. I enjoy Halloween, its fun to be out of character for the day, watch Scary movies, eat lots of candy, and play tricks or treats with friends and family.

I dressed up every year, except probably the last 6 years. I don't have kids and since I live far away from my family and cousins, I don't have anyone to take trick or treating, which I LOVE to do. The mall I work at does a trick or treating and I love it, I usually never work it because it is darn zoo but it is cute to see all the little kiddies dressed up. Growing up I went trick or treating in two different areas. I lived in a small town but very fortunate enough to be by both my grandparents, so I would start the night where one lived and then end the night where my other set lived.

I made out better than Willy Wonka!

I would have two huge pillowcases full of candy! And then my Nanny would give me an even bigger basket full of goodies to go home with, which were often filled with more than candy, which was fun too. My dad was always the one who would go trick or treating with me, my mom normally stayed home and passed out candy with my grandma.

My father loved Halloween, he never dressed up with me, but he would drive me ALL over! He loved taking me up and down the streets for hours and hours, he didn't care one bit.

I loved it because I was a daddy's girl, so spending one on one time with him made it extra special. Like I mentioned in the past my father and I loved all holidays and made big deals about each of them. My father would tell a story of how I ran from a Haunted House, literally I booked it right out of there, every Halloween he would recount the story. And now as I sit here, I can recount it again and again and remember that day. I think that was the last year I trick or treated with him, before I got "too old".

Its funny, even though Halloween isn't that big of a holiday, it still really makes me miss my dad. I am an only child so I was my parents only tie really to holidays and when I moved away, I had a phone call ritual, I would call my Mom, then my Poppy and then lastly my Dad, to wish them all a happy holiday of some sort. It is just still hard to not make that last phone call. He never missed a call, he would call me for all holidays. I would give anything to just hear him tell that story about me running away one last time...

Despite it all I try to make the most out of the day. Considering tomorrow I go back to work, I wanted to make today kind of a lazy day, but I was so restless. So to clear my restless legs, not sure why they were so restless considering I ran 11 miles yesterday and then did a 2 mile walk, I went for a run today. I left my Gym Boss interval timer at home and just ran, I ran without walking for 1.50 miles, super proud of myself because I kept a 10:30 pace with that too. I ended up running to my friends house, she left some goodies for me at her house; lettuce, hemp seeds and guacamole. Trick or Treat the healthy way. I ran to and from her house, which made it 3.15 miles. It was so hot again, the heat is never breaking here I swear. It was 1:00 pm and close to 90 degrees, probably why I am not in a Halloween spirit either.

Back home it is also chilly around this time of year and you bundle up and have hot chocolate or apple cider when you get home. I wanted to jump in the ocean after this run, I was dripping with sweat, but it got rid of my restlessness. I made an awesome lunch packed with veggies and I made Pumpkin Brownies for my BF and I to enjoy tonight after dinner. I watched Hocus Pocus. I love that movie and I didn't watch it last year and I wanted to just get in that Halloween spirit more.

We wont get any trick or treaters, so no candy for me to worry about eating and eating, thankfully, but I did run today to make sure I could have a brownie or maybe two, they are only 3pp! I am going to try to get James to watch a scary movie with me, he isn't much of a fun, but we will see what kind of bewitching powers I can place on him.

Hope everyone had a fun, safe and ghoulish Halloween!!!