Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Weekly Weigh In: Eat My Points

Tuesday's are sometimes one of my favorite day of the week and it happens to be my weigh in day, which can be also my least favorite day of the week, depending on the week I had, plus today was my day off, which makes for an amazing day anyway.

I slept in a bit, because I mean isn't that what days off are made of! I took my conference call from home and then went to the gym. Yup, that's right I actually made it to the gym this morning. I got on the elliptical and found SVU on a channel and worked it out for 45 minutes, I really got a sweat in and my legs were feeling great, plus it was a great SVU, so I had to finish the show, lol. After the elliptical I did some weights, working on everything, abs, legs and arms. I finally was doing weights and it felt like an awakening. I really need to incorporate that back in my life more often, at least once a week, for sure.

After my great hour work out, I did our grocery shopping, we were out of EVERYTHING! I love grocery shopping though, something about pushing the cart, finding good deals, I get a rush, probably a spending issue, but hey, I could have a worse vice I suppose, I was filling it up with healthy stuff. After spending an arm and leg, I ran a couple more errands then finally sat down and to devour some lunch. I threw together the best salad. Mixed lettuce, peppers, carrots, tomatoes, 2 tablespoons of chipotle hummus as a dressing, which by the way was the best idea ever, some roasted chick peas for a crunch and then topped it with some tuna for some protein. I ate it out of a Tupperware bowl that was big enough. YUM!!

Then after sitting down and watching some General Hospital, it runs in the family and another episode of SVU, I seriously could live off watching that show, I got ready for my Weight Watchers meeting. Weighed in at my regular time and was down .8!!!

A small victory, but a victory non the less and I believe it had a lot to do with the fact I finally ate all of my activity points. I earned 44 activity points last week and the days I ran, I made sure I ate over them, especially on my long run day, the difference, I was finally eating and snacking on the right things. Now I know I have a long way to go with my snacking habits, its my biggest downfall, but baby steps and I even indulged this week, so it bad off in a good way, a tiny way, but I good one I can smile and be happy about.

After feeling great from my weigh in, I bought my self some snacks and a lunch option they had that was new in the store front, I will report on those soon in another post. I met up with James and his family and we went to Tijuana Flats for Taco Tuesday. Get this you get two tacos, (hard or soft, chicken, beef or veggie) with a side of chips and drink for 5.00 bucks!!! And it is cheap and delicious!! And sometimes if you ask nicely they give you extra chips, which I NEVER pass up, like ever!! It is my serious weakness. But what do I care, once a week.

I definitely don't hate myself but a whole new side of me comes out. I cant stop, even James is scared of me when there are tortilla chips are around, but they are sooo good!!! I love the crunch and the salt and the salsa, total trigger food, total weakness, but only on Tuesdays and its the only time ever I order them. I mean that counts for something right?!!

After I ate my whole weight in chips and salsa, James and I made our way home, usually we go out for frozen yogurt after taco night, I mean make it a big cheat night! But it was pouring down raining so we came home got comfy and settled in to watch some of our shows and eat our own pints of ice cream. He had Ben and
Jerry's and I had Arctic Zero, yum and yum! He totally didn't want me to take this picture, but I always win. Haha.

Also I was having a semi great hair day today and I have a serious addiction with matching my headbands to my shirts...

Disclaimer..I was not driving while taking this picture!

So all in all today was a good Tuesday, the way they should be!