Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Highlights and some Goals for November

AHHHHHHH can you believe it is the last day of October. Holy Macaroni and Cheese balls where has this year gone!!! Just darn right crazy!

I have say my highlights for October are quite small, nothing really fantastic went on in my life in October. The beginning of the month I was super sick with a crazy bad stomach flu, that knocked me right on my butt for days.

I did indulge in a whole lot of pumpkin items. LIKE A LOT! And I am totally okay with it because for the month of November I will be doing EVEN more.

I really increased up my mileage this month. And really felt strong with my running and actually was able to stick to a plan and increased like I was suppose too.

I got to cooking a lot more this month and trying out lots of recipes, check out my Fab Finds and Daily Eats pages.

I actually finished and started a book and the TV series that went with it, Orange Is The New Black, I can not wait for Season 2.

At work I finally feel like I am making progress with my goals there for preparing for the holiday, which is really nice.

I finally attacked some cleaning and hording issues we had going on around here, it feels great.

Okay so with November starting tomorrow, I have to work in the morning and all day long so here are some things I would like to do in November:

First off of course run the Women's Half Marathon on November 24th
Turkey Trot 5k on Thanksgiving
Attending my BFF's wedding, YAY!!
Celebrating my boyfriends, my moms birthday.
Tons of birthdays this month I have to celebrate too!
Getting my mind and strength ready for the holiday season to begin, BLACK FRIDAY kicks it all off.
More cooking and bring something for Thanksgiving dinner.
Even though I am tapering some with my running for the Half, making myself do more with weights and the gym.
Watch a little less of TV on my day off and read more.
Cooking at least two things a week out of a cookbook, I own tons of them and have no reason not to use them lol.
Oh and Run/walk at least 120 miles for the month of November, I joined a Challenge with Run, Eat, Repeat: Pile on the Miles, check out her blog too, AWESOME STUFF and Join the Challenge!!

What are your Goals for November?
Did you have a good October or glad it is over?