Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Reflections

Just got done accomplishing 5 miles this morning! It was great, I tried using my old fuel belt because I just wanted to use 2 water bottles but I think it is time to get rid of completely because I couldn't even make it two steps without the bottles falling out. I decided to just run without the water, there are water fountains all over so I knew I would be okay. I only stopped once anyway, but I did start to get a slight feeling of indigestion, oh well, something to learn from. It was nice to not run with a little added weight on a longer run, something I might train for the next half marathon. While running this morning I had lots of thoughts going through my brain, all random, here are some:
I love running with the sunrise, it really is the essential start of a new day.
The Pandora station, 60, 70, 80's hit mix is the absolute best, reminds me of how open minded I am with music.
I think I startled a homeless person when I busted out Anyway You Want It
Saddened me when I ran by a person, clearly not homeless sleeping on a park bench, rough night!!
Then I laughed because I remember lots I nights like that... Not the whole bench thing but the whole hungover Sunday thing..
Miss those days at times but glad I have choose another way to spend my days off and Sunday mornings
I miss New York this time of year but I really love the fact I can go to the pool later today to lay out and not freeze
I really wish my family visited more often
I wish I could just call my Dad and tell him about my run and the sunrise I experienced...but then I know he experienced the same thing... With me..

It was great seeing lots of ladies out running this morning, all training for the women's half marathon in 6 weeks! It is so motivating! As I sit here, writing this a gentlemen who was overweight ran by me, he didn't look like he was struggling, he was moving at his own pace, BUT he was doing it and it overwhelmed me with emotion, I was so proud of this complete stranger! And assured me what I am doing in my life is exactly what I should be doing! My Sunday mornings aren't spent in a church, they are spent on the road, running, clearing my mind, my own spirtiual awakening!! 

Have a happy Sunday!!!!