Thursday, October 3, 2013

Fab Finds: Weight Watchers Chili Lime Multigrain Crisps

Anytime I  go into my meeting and I see a "New" product sign, I feel obligated to try that product and some I have really, really loved, example Celebration Bars, if you go to meetings, you so know what I am talking about. Just thinking about them as me wanting to go to the store and pick up a new box. And well some ideas or products I have bought, the egg omelet microwave thing, not such a great idea. Now these chips are on the really good idea spectrum. They are 2pp, which already as sold me, and they have a big crunch, says so right on the box. They taste similar to a flavor that they had before, a salsa one, but they were 3pp. The serving in the bag as a ton of chips and they are super tasty. I paired it with some chili the other night and with a sandwich. I even caught my boyfriend enjoying them with his Subway last night. I have to watch him with those things, he will eat them all before I do.

These are definitely an item I will purchase more of, because they settle my craving for crunch and don't allow me to use all my points. Another reason why you should go to meetings, the locations have items you can only buy there, they are not sold in stores. Plus, while at the meetings you get such a support group and awesome ideas. Try these today, you won't be disappointed or join today, Believe me you wont be disappointed!