Saturday, October 19, 2013

Run.Work.Sleep : My Life!!

A pretty decent Saturday today, full moon is still shining bright which is making some of my customers super crazy, but all and all a decent day.

I got up this morning and went out for a run. I got a good 4 miles in but it was a TOUGH 4 miles, I probably could have done 4.5 but once my Runtastic app said 4 miles, I stopped it and walked the rest of the time to cool down. Fall has NOT come to Florida yet, it is still so hot out! I mean like Hell heat, scorching hot. I felt like the sun was literally sitting on my shoulders while I ran. I usually don't complain about the heat, I mean I live in Florida, I should be able to deal with it, but today I was just beat, it was way to hot for even me. I even walked more seconds on my 1:00 minute intervals. But I survived and got a mileage run in, not the best pace and time but the miles got in.

After my run, I did some housework, you know the simple stuff, dishes, laundry, cleaned up a bit and a nice big cup of coffee to drag me along. Most days I take my coffee in a to go cup because of work, so it is so nice when I can just enjoy from my many coffee cups. Got showered and ready for work and then sat down for a quick breakfast, yogurt and Lemon Fiber One Bar with some granola on top. It was quick but great. I love yogurt, I get in phases and I seriously could eat it everyday.

I got caught up with my DVR; Grey's Anatomy, Big Bang Theory and Chelsea Lately. Then it was time for work, made my lunch which was a simple turkey sandwich with cheese and some pickles and cubed pineapple. I also made a pumpkin smoothie. I wont post the recipe just yet because I am still tweaking it, wasn't as good as I was hoping. Made it through my work day, but really wish I had some more fruit and snacks at work because my stomach was growling and I really didn't want to bring like granola bars, chips etc. It is a bad habit of mine, I sure do love me some carbs.

Got home from work and had a turkey chili cooking in our Crock pot. I love my slow cooker, it saves my life a lot! My boyfriend had a friend over to watch a football game so they had order pizza. I had my chili with some Way Better Black Bean Tortilla Chips, which are amazing by the way and I was still hungry afterwords. Since I still have a ton of activity points, I indulge in a slice of pizza. It tasted like heaven and so glad I indulge so I wouldn't go crazy on something else. Sometimes you just need to indulge and give in. Once in a while will not kill you and I wont kick myself for it because I know tomorrow I will run and work hard to get it off and earn more activity points.

Now is time for a little sweat dessert and bed. Up early tomorrow for work, but its a short day which is always nice. Hope your Saturday if working some uneventful and nice like mine.