Thursday, October 3, 2013

This stomach bug is for the birds...

Not exactly sure what has been going on with me lately but my stomach and body are super mad at me. Monday, I got hit with by far the worse stomach bug/flu I have ever had in my life. I come down with the sniffles, coughs and etc, a couple of times a year, due to the fact I work in the general public, especially during the holidays, BUT I never get a stomach issue. Well that never became a reality this past week. Monday I was hit so bad, I was down for the count all day, literally head in bowl for the whole day. Tuesday, I started to feel a little bit better, but was so weak, I slept for most of the day and that was it, but I had to admit, the rest was nice. Yesterday, I went to work and actually put in a 10 hour day because I felt I had so much to catch up on because I was out for all of Monday. I woke up yesterday with the idea I was going to do a short run, I am stubborn and believed I was okay and it was a phase, everyone told me just rest, its okay to rest. When I got up yesterday, I was still not right. My stomach was in pain, felt tight, and just was queasy, so stomping my feet like a child on the inside, I stayed indoors and didn't run.

All day at work, I felt just off. My stomach really was bothering me. I wasn't even hungry. All I ate at work was a Questbar and a Bottle of Ginger Ale, not diet either, which killed me. The Questbar was all I had and was able to get down. I didn't even eat it, until almost 6:00 o'clock, something is really off. I got home and the pain was settling in even more. My amazing boyfriend, picked me up the biggest bowl of chicken noodle soup with some saltines. How lucky am I??!! I ate it slowly and it seemed to help for a bit. But the pain was there and I just wasn't myself. I went to bed and as per a lot of peoples request was to use my day off today as another rest day, not the 10 miles I had previously planned.

So here I am, not running, and resting.

I hate the fact that is my day off and I wasn't up at 5 to go run 10 miles. I know physically I probably couldn't do it. My stomach is still queasy, I still feel very low on energy and my appetite is still not there, I truly feel out of it. But mentally I am there, mentally I am putting on my shoes, running those miles, feeling the sun and the wind, taking it all in, but I know my body needs it, the rest that is, but my pride not so much. I pride myself that I run at least 3-4 sometimes 5 times a week and in my training I have moved up to 10 miles, but this week has been such a slap in the face. I have never gone a week without running 4 days in a row, this is all new to me, this eager feeling but in my gut knowing  I shouldn't.

Running is my passion and it does take a toll on your body. So when the time is needed and right a rest day is well needed. I never want to do this to my body again, yes, this is all out of my control, this stomach bug came out of nowhere and I want it to remain out of a sight forever. I can tell you though, I can not wait to lace up my running shoes and go. I'm hoping today is the last of this horrible bug and I am fully 100% back to normal tomorrow.

So this sounds like a baby rant, but I had to get it out there. I am usually a strong person, but when I get sick, everything goes down the drain and I am a total baby.

How do you handle rest days??