Wednesday, October 30, 2013

No Pain, No Gain

I made a big mistake in running today, a big, hot, cursed filled mistake. I had a holiday meeting at work today at 8:30 so normally that is when I am finishing my run but because of the meeting I had to start at 10:00. I thought after my 13.1 run on Saturday that I was done with long runs, but I looked at my new Women's Running Magazine and inside was a half marathon training plan and for week 9, they had a long run of 11 miles, which came after the 13.1 mile time frame. I was doomed and not ready for this run today.

I am off tomorrow also but I really wanted a day where I sleep in, wake up late and lounge on the coach for the morning and doing a run at 5:00 am was not going to let that happen. So I figured oh what the heck, how bad could 10:00 in the morning be. Well, it was hell. Pure HELL! I dressed all in black, why, I have no freaking clue or how I thought that was a good idea. I also tried a new water enhancement, which dried out my mouth and tasted horrible. And I wore a black hat, so my head was so hot, even though it was absorbing the heat, yeah I don't know either. The sun was high in the sky and literally felt like it was sitting on my shoulder.

The first 3 miles were okay because there was a slight breeze and then there was nothing, just heat. We were having such cool weather lately and today it decided to go back to pure heat!!! At mile 8, I felt like I was breaking. I was cursing, breathing heavy, I had to turn up my music so I could drown out my breathing because it was throwing me completely off. I kept thinking over and over I should quit and just go home, get cool and then maybe go back out later, but I am stubborn and kept going, even though I was in pain.

I made it through the 11 miles and actually got it done in the fastest time of that much mileage. I guess my complaining helped me in more ways, it made me push myself and go faster. And it made me think that I am a lot stronger than I thought I was. After that run I was down for the count. I could barely move when I got home. I made a nice bubble bath, yes I am 28 and love bubbles still, and just relaxed. It felt great and then I am laid down after I made lunch. I was starving and craving and wanting everything in sight, still am now as I am typing.

I tried to nap but everything was stacked against me, phone calls, plumbers and the UPS guy all came to the door when I tried to just shut my eyes. Later I went for a nice 2 mile walk with Jacke to just stretch my legs. It was much cooler and we had some great girl chatting and it felt great to just walk and stretch and get some extra exercise in. So even though I was tired, in pain and sore, I knew it was better than me just sitting around.

But now I sit and relax and catch up on the Big Bang Theory and snuggle my love, he is back from the golf trip!! yay!!!

Hope everyone had a happy hump day! And remember, push yourself, you don't know how great you are until you try!!