Saturday, October 26, 2013


So I am on vacation for the next 6 days. I took time off this week as my last vacation and time off before the holiday season begins, seriously once November hits my life is dunzo! Every year I say I am going to and something always comes up, but this year I did it and I am thrilled. I am off today until next Friday! Woohoo. I don't have much planned, some house cleaning and rearranging and relaxing and of course getting my runs. I love that I really have no plans and can just do whatever. My boyfriend is also off this week but he is going to Orlando for a golf trip with the guys, so it is me to myself and I am very okay with that.

After my run today I planned since it was a Saturday to go back downtown to the Saturday morning market.

Like I mentioned with have finally hit 70 degrees so I can wear my cardi I bought at Target awhile ago. I loved the color and it is a medium and still big! I really wanted to pair it with my teal tank and it just felt like fall to me. I wore my gray Converses and I was on my way back downtown, looking much more refreshed and a lot fresher!

I only get one Saturday off a month and I always like to make sure I attend the market.

I can find really great produce and they have an organic coffee place that has awesome iced lattes. I of course, indulged in a White Chocolate Pumpkin one.
I forgot to take a pic, just imagine it looking delicious.

After the market, I found out they were doing the Festival of Reading at the local campus. It's a little festival where you can meet some authors and hear readings. No one there I knew, they weren't famous but usually there are some tents set up with cheap books, like paperbacks for 50 cents and hardcovers for 1.00 and then newer books for 2.50. There wasn't much of a selection like last year, but I did pick up The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Memory Keeper's Daughter, both books I had on my reading list. I didn't stay long because not much was going on, so since I was downtown I took advantage of eating downtown. Plus my stomach was rumbling.

I went to a local sandwich mom and pop type of place that I had only ate at once but remembered it being amazing. Its called Lonni's and they serve their sandwiches on rice bread which is thick and delicious. They have a sandwich called the Sunny Bird that is so yummy. I got a half of that with a bowl of Chicken and Bean Chili. The Sunny Bird is turkey, sprouts, cream cheese, tomato and sunflower seeds, it was heavenly. I took my time eating and ate outside. The 1/2 combo was just enough.

Next door to the restaurant is a Cupcake Bakery called the Cupcake Spot. They have delicious cupcakes in all kinds of fun flavors and names. I wasn't in the mood for one but I knew James would love if I brought one or two home for him. I picked up a S'Mores one, which is a Chocolate Cupcake with Marshmallow frosting sprinkled with Graham Crackers and a little Hershey square on top. And the second one with a Chocolate Elvis, which is a banana cupcake with Peanut Butter frosting and a dollop of chocolate fudge. Both are his favorites and I know he will let me sneak a bite.

Since seeing the cupcakes I then had a craving of something sweet and I knew just the place! I went to Yogurtology and got myself some pumpkin spice Frozen Yogurt. The weather heated up a bit by now and it was perfect for this frozen treat. I got pumpkin spice with some candy corn and threw in some fruit pieces that looked good. I love frozen yogurt for sure!

Since I was now full and satisfied I headed home. I had to let my friends pups out first and then I came home and crawled into bed. I was exhausted from the morning run and then walking all over downtown, I just need to lie down and well I guess I passed out for 2 hours, lol. I am now feeling refreshed and ready to have a date night with James. I would say this was a good start to my Staycation!